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Canadian Bacon (1995)

The U.S. President, low in the opinion polls, gets talked into raising his popularity by trying to start a cold war against Canada.

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The Synopsis for Canadian Bacon (1995) 720p

The US economy is in a rut, and so is the president's approval rating. What we need is a good war, but the Russians aren't interested. Hey -- how about that big polite country to the north? Niagara Falls Sheriff Bud B. Boomer takes this all a bit too seriously, though.

The Director and Players for Canadian Bacon (1995) 720p

[Role:Director]Michael Moore
[Role:]Rhea Perlman
[Role:]John Candy
[Role:]Alan Alda

The Reviews for Canadian Bacon (1995) 720p

Funny, but typically anti-American Michael Moore movieReviewed byav1611baptistVote: 3/10

John Candy is always funny to watch, but Michael Moore's anti-Americanism was really coming to the fore in this movie. This was released after Candy's death, and so Canadian Bacon is notable for his fans in that regard. Dan Aykroyd's cameo appearance as an RCMP trooper is priceless and other parts of the movie are well done. Stomaching Moore's tripe is another matter. From his typical military-bashing (embodied in Rip Torn's General Panzer) that he refers to these days as "supporting the troops" to mocking the Western position against Commumism (of which Canada was a fully-supporting member in the fight), Moore hasn't changed much. His premise that the good old USSR wasn't so bad (note the "Peace through Fear Since 1947" signs in the factory the President visits) runs parallel to his position today that Al Qaida isn't such a bad bunch of chaps and that, in Moore's words, "there is no terrorist threat." Moore has since "graduated" to creating fictional movies disguised as documentaries in order to profit from the suffering of others (Columbine, 9/11). In retrospect, perhaps Moore should have stuck to comedy.

Somebody has a great understanding of cultureReviewed bymikekandersonVote: 7/10

As a person who has spent half his life on each side of the 49th parallel, I was delightfully impressed with this movie. There were countless cultural statements and innuendos that were absolutely hilarious. I can certainly see how someone unfamiliar with Canadian tradition and culture might not 'get' this movie. However, if you've lived in, visited, or known someone from Canada, this movie will provide non-stop laughs. Canada was certainly slapped in the face a number of times, but the balance was fair, with the Canadians scoring a number of blows against the Americans. Definitely worth the watch if you've got ties to Canada, otherwise it may seem silly and pointless.

The joke is on you...Reviewed byUngoliants_Burning_BellyVote: 8/10

I don't usually write reviews, but I feel compelled. Just read through the user comments on Canadian Bacon here and I'm chuckleing. Not only is this movie subtly hilarious, its nearly perfect as so many people are only contributing to the joke.

I recall sitting in a hostel in Switzerland on a trip across Europe, and listening to two American guys drinking and talking to two Austrailians. They were telling them about this hilarious movie called Canadian Bacon that did such a great job of making fun of how stupid and dumb Canadians are.

Which only makes the movie better, because it is so obviously, once you are in the know, a satire of America and particularly it's arrogant/ignorant (take your pick) stereotypes of Canada.

Truly, with every scathing review stating "This movie is a waste of time as it makes obvious stabs at Canada. That country should be insulted and the joke gets old." No, the joke only gets better with every American reviewer who doesn't get it, pushing it that much closer to a truly inspired masterpiece.

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