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Canadian Bacon (1995)

The U.S. President, low in the opinion polls, gets talked into raising his popularity by trying to start a cold war against Canada.

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The Synopsis for Canadian Bacon (1995) 720p

The US economy is in a rut, and so is the president's approval rating. What we need is a good war, but the Russians aren't interested. Hey -- how about that big polite country to the north? Niagara Falls Sheriff Bud B. Boomer takes this all a bit too seriously, though.

The Director and Players for Canadian Bacon (1995) 720p

[Role:Director]Michael Moore
[Role:]Rhea Perlman
[Role:]John Candy
[Role:]Alan Alda

The Reviews for Canadian Bacon (1995) 720p

Very straight-faced political satireReviewed byElectrified_VoltageVote: 5/10

Political activist Michael Moore made his film debut with the documentary, "Roger & Me" in 1989. During his long career, he has raised tons of controversy with his documentaries, especially during this decade, with the likes of the widely seen films, "Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 9/11". A few years after making his debut, Moore made this fictional piece, which is his only non-documentary film to date. "Canadian Bacon" is a comedy film, one which unfortunately didn't turn out so well.

The U.S. President is currently doing very poorly in the opinion polls, with the country's economy dropping very low. To raise his popularity, the President is convinced that he must start a war, something which he has never done before during his time in the White House. So, he decides to conduct a cold war against Canada. He uses the media to lie and do everything else he can to make Canada look bad and manipulate the American public into believing that their northern neighbours are their enemies. Bud B. Boomer, the Sheriff of Niagara Falls, crosses the border with Deputy Honey, Kabral Jabar, and Roy Boy, where they all intend to attack!

As you would expect from Michael Moore, this movie is very political, and if you're familiar with his political views, it shouldn't surprise you that this movie bashes the White House and the American military, whether you like it or not. Neither Americans nor Canadians are portrayed in a positive manor in the film, as neither are portrayed as very bright. Some Canadians have been offended by this movie, due to all the stereotypes, but personally, I'm not. In fact, I think one of the only remotely funny parts is the one where Sheriff Bud B. Boomer causes a riot at a hockey game in Canada when he says that Canadian beer sucks. I think the part where the RCMP Officer says "I don't know what you're talking aboot, eh?" gave be a bit of a snicker as well. However, most of the jokes, whether they're jabs at Canadians OR Americans, are simply not funny.

Comedian John Candy, a Canadian, starred in "Canadian Bacon" as Bud Boomer. The movie was released after his tragic death in 1994 from a heart attack, and his role in it was the last role he ever completed (he died during the filming of "Wagons East"). I was only about 7 1/2 years old when he died, and had never heard of him during his life. However, I have since discovered how great a comedian he was by watching "SCTV", a classic sketch comedy show, as well as the hilarious slapstick comedy "Planes, Trains & Automobiles". "Canadian Bacon", however, is not a highlight of Candy's career, though he might add something to the film. R.I.P.

A comedy movie about a war between America and Canada sounds like a good idea, but Trey Parker and Matt Stone did a MUCH, MUCH better job with it when they made "South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut"! In "Canadian Bacon", the jokes are mostly mediocre, and the movie may start out SLIGHTLY promising, but just drags for most of its approximate ninety-minute run. It appears that many have enjoyed this movie much more than I have, so I won't say avoid it like the plague, but I wouldn't expect a classic piece of political satire, and if you have high expectations, don't be surprised if they are not met.

Not great but it has some excellent momentsReviewed bydavidrshannonVote: 7/10

John Candy was and still is one of my favorite comedians. He knew the art of comedy...and it didn't have to be laced with profanity.

One of the reviews suggest it is offensive to Canadians...what??????

In the film Canadians are portrayed as polite, clean and somewhat naive...Americans are portrayed as violent, dirty and somewhat naive.

For every joke aimed at Canadians is aimed back at Americans...that's what makes the film funny is much like the actual relationship between the countries.

For Canadians...hearing John Candy respond to the capital of Canada being Ottawa was priceless..."What do you think were stupid?", hilarious. :)

Also funny...the streets of Toronto being bare!! Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America. Suddenly...everyone disappears...

Candy will be missed! RIP John!

Brilliantly Funny Film On Canada/Us QuirksReviewed bygavinw33Vote: 7/10

First of all I'd like to correct those who have claimed this film was written by a Canadian. Michael Moore wrote, produced and directed this film and he was born in Flint, Michigan. In fact his much acclaimed earlier film Roger & Me was all about his hometown and its unfortunate plight.

With that out of the way I'd like to say that Michael Moore did a wonderful job capturing the humour in the quirky traits and differences that separate Canadians and Americans whether that be Canada's pride for hockey and their beer or America's ignorance of Canada as a whole. The film is filled with funny little political hints and satire of the typical Moore fashion that helped make his last film Bowling For Columbine the best selling documentary of all time.

This movie is not a documentary but rather a witty story that brings forth the same concept of a president creating a fake conflict to boost poll ratings that Wagging The Dog was to later use more seriously.

Some of the comments made in this film show eerie foreshadowing to what has happened in the world since it was produced.

No matter what your motivation for watching this film you can expect to get the same formula of political commentary delivered with wit and humour that you get in all of Michael Moore's Films, TV Shows, and novels.

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