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Can't Stop the Music (1980)

Can't Stop the Music is a movie starring Ray Simpson, David Hodo, and Felipe Rose. A pseudo autobiography of disco's The Village People.

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The Synopsis for Can't Stop the Music (1980) 720p

In this pseudo audio biography of the Village People, Jack Morell (a thinly disguised caricature of the group's founder, Jacques Morali) is a struggling composer desperate to gain fame with his songs, but all he needs is a group to sing them. With the help of his roommate Samantha and a lawyer named Ron, Jack forms a group of six "macho men" from his Greenwich Village neighborhood, and the rest of the film details their rise to fame from New York City to a climatic concert in San Francisco.

The Director and Players for Can't Stop the Music (1980) 720p

[Director]Nancy Walker
[Role:]Randy Jones
[Role:]Felipe Rose
[Role:]David Hodo
[Role:]Ray Simpson

The Reviews for Can't Stop the Music (1980) 720p

Geriatric meets Disco...Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 1/10

Ex-model in Greenwich Village helps put together a music act that turns out to be novelty disco-ers The Village People. This movie is a novelty: as directed by Nancy Walker (of all people), it's a hoary, old-fashioned, "let's put on a show!" extravaganza done up in polyester and gold chains. By the time it was released, the Village People were already passé, and the film looked like a dated relic only a year or so later. Is anything good in this film? Yes, Valerie Perrine is good. Her character and most of her dialogue are trite, but the nonchalant, wiseass-yet-sunny manner of her delivery nearly saves the day. Perrine, not a trained actress, does as much for this part as anybody possibly could, and she looks great to boot. Athlete Bruce Jenner is amiable as an uptight square who gets involved (he has lines like, "your friends a little far out for me!") and Marilyn Sokol does a sex-obsessed best friend bit that gets some laughs, but hyped-up Steve Guttenberg is nerve-wracking and The Village People (each dressed as a separate gay fantasy figure) are mediocre in both acting and music. * from ****

Very Camp!Reviewed byclive-13Vote: 7/10

This film is pure camp from start to finish. All during the late 70's people of the"Gay persuasion" wondered how the Village People, with such an obvious gay subtext, could be accepted as such popular main stream rock heros. Well, when this film came out in 1980, the straight and gay world generally said "Whew, something stinks". This film, with its then very popular stars, the Village People, Guttenberg, Perrine, and, yes, Bruce Jenner, bombed big time at the box office. Now, nearly a quarter of a century later, I saw this film at a friends and I must say, the sexual innuendoes, the absurd plot lines, the hysterical cameos of Tammy Grimes, and the outrageous music videos of the People themselves had me rolling on the floor. Very Funny! This may have bombed back then because the straights finally saw how queer it was and the gays were embarrassed at how silly it was. Also, one remembers that shortly before this film hit wide release in 1981, the "Gay Cancer" showed up in New York and L.A. Suddenly "Gay" was not so funny. Whatever the reason it did not make a hit back should be seen now for its very entertaining smaltz and great, but where else can you see a young and luscious Valerie Perrine and a hot and studly Bruce Jenner in SHORT SHORTS dancing in a YMCA with the Village People. "Oh the Humanity"

So bad it's BAD!!!Reviewed bypreppy-3Vote: 7/10

Fictional tale of how the Village People got together. An annoying man (Steve Guttenberg) and his sexy roommate (Valerie Perrine) try to sell his music and get a group together. "Hilarious" complications ensure.

This is just a plain disaster. It fails almost completely. Nancy Walker may have seem a weird choice for the director but she had directed some TV shows and she was very comfortable with gay men (for instance, her and Montgomery Clift were the best of friends). The studio obviously wanted a director who would be comfortable with the gay subtext AND keep it PG! Well...she DID try!

It all starts out great with Guttenberg skating around NYC, a good song on the soundtrack and nice use of multi-screens. Then it quickly falls apart. The dialogue is truly atrocious (the actors deserve credit for saying their lines with a straight face); there are the horrendous 70s styles and fashions; dreadfully unfunny comedy; trying to sell the Village People as a straight group--come ON!; Felipe's bird call gets annoying after EIGHT renditions and totally unneeded romance between Perrine and Bruce Jenner! Also WAY too long (2 hours). However there ARE some good things about this.

The songs aren't bad and the production numbers are certainly elaborate; there's a nice sequence with Perrine "recruiting" 3 of the Village People; a beautiful rendition of "Danny Boy"; a truly hysterical song and dance number about MILK!!!!; and the YMCA number. It comes in too late (over an hour in) but it's just great--full of action, hunky men and frequent glimpses of full frontal male nudity! Also female (Perrine in the whirl pool).

The acting wavers: Guttenberg is WAY too hyper--I kept wanting to throw a few Valium in his mouth. Poor Valerie Perrine! She went from "Lenny" to THIS??? She's a wonderful actress and certainly beautiful and she REALLY tries--but the script is terrible. Bruce Jenner--don't get me started. Just one word comes to mind--hopeless. Tammy Grimes and June Havoc overact and underact and are just horrid. Worst of all is Marilyn Sokol as Lulu--she looks like Tim Curry from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and is truly astounding (I mean that in a bad way). You just watch her attempts at acting and comedy in utter disbelief.

The main problem with this movie is they tried to whitewash the Village People. They were a big GAY group--that's totally ignored here. There IS a big gay subtext though. However by the time this movie came out, the Village People were old news and disco was dead. And the script needed a serious rewrite. Some people think this so bad that it's good. Production numbers aside I was bored silly with an occasional stupid line or performance to pick me up. Sadly this is just a dull, bad movie. Still--I DO love the YMCA number:):)

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