Careful What You Wish For (2015) 720p YIFY Movie

Careful What You Wish For (2015)

A guy gets more than he bargained for after entering into an affair with the wife of an investment banker. Soon, a suspicious death and substantial life insurance policy embroil him in a scandal.

IMDB: 5.162 Likes

  • Genre: Thriller |
  • Quality: 720p
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 91
  • IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 
  • MPR: R
  • Peers/Seeds: 10 / 98

The Synopsis for Careful What You Wish For (2015) 720p

A guy gets more than he bargained for after entering into an affair with the wife of an investment banker. Soon, a suspicious death and substantial life insurance policy embroil him in a scandal.

The Director and Players for Careful What You Wish For (2015) 720p

[Director]Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum
[Role:Angie Alvarez]Kandyse McClure
[Role:Doug Martin]Nick Jonas
[Role:Lena]Isabel Lucas
[Role:Unknown]Dermot Mulroney

The Reviews for Careful What You Wish For (2015) 720p

Doug Martin a young college hopeful, finds himself captivated and involved with the young wife of a new next door neighbor, soon their lovers tryst turns in to a scandal.Reviewed bythesouthafricanreviewVote: 5/10

This thriller stars Isabel Lucas, Nick Jonas, Dermot Mulroney, Paul Sorvino and Kandyse McClure. In short, this is another "someone's a murderer" movie + a Jonas brother. I'm not a Jonas brother fan, but Nick did surprise me, he wasn't great but he wasn't as awful as I expected him to be. That being said, it's a good thing that Dermot Mulroney wasn't present in most of the movie because the six time award- winning actor might have out shined his co-star Nick Isabel Lucas, although stunning, looks a little strange and unnatural with Nick. Regardless of this, she does have the voice, emotionless expression and body language of a classic James Bond girl in the beginning. This works for her as it suits the character she portrays but also might make it look like she cannot act. It would be interesting to see her in something else. I should also mention that the plot is unfortunately un-original and somewhat predictable through half the movie. The acting of certain co-stars such as Kandyse McClure also leaves much to be desired. Maybe that's why this site and other sites, don't even mention her. That said if you're a Jonas fan you'll like this.

colossal waste of timeReviewed bytommeier-71120Vote: 1/10

ultra lame dialogue, wholly implausible but predictable plot & characters combined with anorexic female leads ... the film manages to be neither suspenseful nor funny and lacks any potential to be even slightly charming. the attempts at eroticism fail utterly due to the bland visuals - and the participants remain seriously overdressed for the occasions(they probably thought it inadvisable to show more than a glimpse of the female's emaciated shoulders and legs, let alone much else) - that set up leaves not much for actors to act in any meaningful sort of way, which they really do splendidly; this film gives bad story telling as well as bad film making a bad name ...

A young soon to be adult on summer vacation sees a girl that he desires, little knowing that he's going to wish he didn't.Reviewed byJulian KeownVote: 1/10

This is a typical movie with a typical plot line that won't surprise you. It's a sad day when a singer tries to become an actor because they rarely get it right. It's a good thing Dermot Mulroney doesn't appear much or Nick Jonas wouldn't stand a chance against him. Also, did Dermot have to downplay his acting skills just to accommodate Nick? Nick Jonas seems like he's expecting a fan girl to jump out at any moment right through this movie. Malnourished but beautiful Isabel Lucas's acting is just about as dull as her expressions. Looking like she's on the runway instead of on a set. This is why I'm not a fan of starring models. The other actors and actresses were also bland and un-impressionable. And the ending? Is as predictable as the sun coming up the next morning. The only thing that sets this movie apart from all the others of it's kind is, you guessed it! A Jonas brother.

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