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Cash on Demand (1962) 1080p

Cash on Demand is a movie starring Peter Cushing, André Morell, and Richard Vernon. A charming but ruthless criminal holds the family of a bank manager hostage as part of a cold-blooded plan to steal 97,000 pounds.

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The Synopsis for Cash on Demand (1962) 1080p

A ruthless crook apparently abducts the wife and child of a bank manager and then masquerades as an insurance company detective while scheming to rob the institution in this crime drama. Unfortunately, some of the manager's employees learn about the plot and the terrified manager must beg them to remain silent. Fortunately, the police have been on the case all along.

The Director and Players for Cash on Demand (1962) 1080p

[Director]Quentin Lawrence
[Role:]Andre Morell
[Role:]Peter Cushing
[Role:]Norman Bird
[Role:]Richard Vernon

The Reviews for Cash on Demand (1962) 1080p

Fantastic thriller from Hammer studios!Reviewed byThe_VoidVote: 10/10

If you think of Peter Cushing in a Hammer production, it will be his roles in the colourful and camp horror films that will spring to mind first, and for good reason as it's those performances that defined the great actor; but Cushing and Hammer also combined on some non-horror films, and Cash on Demand is surely one of the very best of them; both in terms of the film itself and the performance from the great Peter Cushing. This is an absolutely brilliant thriller that works thanks to its simplicity, commanding and intriguing performances and well written script. The film focuses on a bank in a small town which is managed by the dedicated Mr Fordyce. His bank is disturbed one day by a caller who introduces himself as a man from the bank's insurance company, who has come to test the security. However, it transpires that the man is actually a bank robber, who has come to rob the bank, and he's got an associate in Fordyce's house ready to kill his wife and kid if he does not allow the robbery to take place!

Peter Cushing's performance in this film is absolutely immense and undoubtedly one of the best of his career. He gets his character spot on and is completely believable throughout the film and this is one of the main reasons Cash on Demand is such a success. He is joined by André Morell who is equally brilliant in his role as the debonair bank robber. Every scene in the film takes place either in the bank or just outside of it, and most of it takes place in Forsyce's office where we get to watch Cushing and Morell play a game of cat and mouse, which is always fascinating to watch. The film remains simple throughout and director Quentin Lawrence keeps his audience interested through the various elements of the plot. The film does have a few twists and turns, and of course the best of these is saved right up until the end. Overall, this is an absolutely great thriller that is well worth seeing and comes highly recommended! Unfortunately, the copy I saw was rather poor, which makes this a prime candidate for a pristine release on DVD!

Brilliant performance by Peter CushingReviewed byblanche-2Vote: 7/10

From Hammer Films, "Cash on Demand" is a good thriller from 1961.

It's Christmas week, and in the office of City & Colonial Bank in Haversham, it's a quiet day. The small staff is managed by Harry Fordyce (Peter Cushing), a business-only nerd who exudes no warmth, no holiday spirit, and does not fraternize with the help. He won't even let the staff put up Christmas decorations.

Today there is a ten pound discrepancy and he's making a big hullabaloo about it, even though the error was spotted.

In walks Colonel Gore Hepburn (Andre Morrell), who represents the bank insurance company. He is doing a surprise inspection of the security. When he's alone with Fordyce, he informs him that he's a thief, there to steal the bank's money, and that he's holding Fordyce's wife and child hostage. One signal from the window, and they're done with.

Hepburn has the robbery planned down to the second, and Fordyce must play along. In the outer office, Hepburn acts like an efficient man, checking out the floor signals. Fordyce is a wreck but tries not to show it. He carries out all of his instructions, which include putting the money into suitcases (Hepburn's "luggage").

Very suspenseful film, and one wonders if Hepburn will be able to get away with the robbery, and if Fordyce will be implicated in any way.

Peter Cushing is tremendous in the role of Fordyce, cold, stern, and highly disciplined, living a life where there are no shades of gray and mistakes are not permitted. As Hepburn, Andre Morell is excellent, charming even when he's talking about the most deadly things.

The ending is a little rushed and a tiny bit confusing, but the story is a nice little take on "A Christmas Carol" with Scrooge Fordyce learning a few life lessons. Highly recommended. I saw this on a double disc with "Stop Me Before I Kill."

Morrell doesn't examine banks, he robs themReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 6/10

Cash On Demand is a story about a home invasion/bank robbery. Peter Cushing is almost Dickensian like in his portrayal of the stuffy branch manager who seems to have been modeled on Ebenezer Scrooge.

The first 10 minutes or so set the tone for the film as we see all the employees scurrying about doing their best to avoid coming under Cushing's withering glance. But his attention is drawn to Richard Vernon who he suspects of sloppy bookkeeping at best and embezzlement at worst. He's telling this Bob Cratchit that he'll be hitting the bricks soon.

At that point Andre Morrell comes in and says he's a bank examiner from some insurance company. But when he's alone he reveals to Cushing that he doesn't examine banks, he robs them. And he further reveals that Cushing's wife and daughter are being held hostage and he's going to empty the vault and leave within an hour unobstructed lest they be killed by his accomplices.

Cash On Demand is a real sleeper with most of the action focusing on the scenes between Cushing and Morrell. Even a ruthless crook takes down Cushing's character and from what we see the man has some shrewd observations. Cushing though understandably frightened summons up some inner resources here. It's a wonderful contrast in characters.

Try to catch this one if TCM runs it.

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