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Christmas Eve (2015)

Hilarity, romance, and transcendence prevail after a power outage traps six different groups of New Yorkers inside elevators on Christmas Eve.

IMDB: 5.03 Likes

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  • Language: Portuguese
  • Run Time: 95
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The Synopsis for Christmas Eve (2015) 720p

"Christmas Eve" is the dramatic, comedic story of six different groups of New Yorkers who get stuck inside elevators overnight on Christmas Eve. With nowhere to go and no one to interact with but each other, all of them are transformed by the events of their long night together.

The Director and Players for Christmas Eve (2015) 720p

[Director]Mitch Davis
[Director]James Roday
[Role:]Jon Heder
[Role:]Patrick Stewart

The Reviews for Christmas Eve (2015) 720p

Reviewed byLars-Toralf StorstrandVote: 8/10/10

I guess that this is as short a summary as I can write. And it doeshave certain of the same qualities as Love Actually has, which makes mewonder why people don't like it much.

A philosophical high strung bunch of people stuck together, and how thestory develops. Now what makes the story lacking a little bit, are thequestions we are stuck with. You'll figure them out too, if you see thefilm.

Christmas Eve has potential to being somewhat more, though.

What about a Directors Cut? There has to be a few more questionsanswered in other footage that wasn't used in this cutting?

Let's see that, next Christmas.

Reviewed byquincytheodoreVote: 3/10/10

Patrick Stewart is a diverse and lovable actor, one that can fit anyrole and be endearing to audience. The first flaw of many this moviehas is secluding him form the rest of cast and makes him recites dullversion of A Christmas Carol. The other plots are different groups ofsimilarly pretentious characters trying to be humorous and deliveringsome warm message, all of which fail to do so.

This is several short stories woven together with one underlying theme;finding solace in unfavorable situation of confined in elevator. Thereare so many noises and gibberish, it just doesn't feel authentic in anyway. Most of these characters speak and do things no ordinary personwould even consider normal. Perhaps the movie would like audience tosuspense judgement to these supposed colorful characters, but they aresimply revolting.

Maybe only one or two of them are decent, and that's already anoverstatement considering they rely so heavily on terrible script. Ifthis is an attempt to build any connection then it's a misguided one.The photographer and random lady subplot is superbly awful, almost rudeeven. They are just silly in an attempt for mild romance whicheventually ends up creepy and inauthentic.

There is actually a good cast here, they are just trapped in situationor company no one would like to see, let alone experience. Theorchestra assembly stuck in one elevator is just too much, too crudeand with no real focus. Jon Heder is pretty good, although he mustcontent with horrible boss cliché. The one elevator that has some kindof heart is the hospital one, it sometimes looks real enough, howeverit's still lacking depth to present a drama of faith.

With so many angles and good cast, it's actually surprising that everysingle one of them is flawed. Having insipid script and appallingcharacters, it's better to be stuck on an elevator in real life thantrapped watching this.

Reviewed byjoshterry-56397Vote: 10/10/10

This movie has a really cool indie vibe, which is something not oftenseen in family Christmas movies. Very cool style. Also, the acting wasawesome! A really diverse cast. Steven John Shepherd in particularstood out. It was a thoughtful film that the whole family can enjoy.The music was also great. The film contains some very cool renditionsof Christmas classics. I haven't seen a Christmas movie this unique ina long time. Because of the way it was advertised I thought it would bea lot like love actually or valentines day, but it wasn't at all. Itwas also nice to see a Christmas movie with normal people. It was anoverly dramatic dysfunctional family Christmas movie, but it alsowasn't an overly sensitized hallmark Christmas movie. It is a verybroad film. The comedy is broad, as is the drama, as is thespirituality. It gives everything a fair shot, and you should too. Hopeyou love it as much as I did!

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