Christmas Spirit (2011) 720p YIFY Movie

Christmas Spirit (2011)

A cynical youth whose mother is about to lose her job right before the holidays is visited by a magical Christmas spirit.

IMDB: 3.80 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Family
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 811.77M
  • Resolution: 1280*714 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English 2.0  
  • Run Time: 88
  • IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 
  • MPR:
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 8

The Synopsis for Christmas Spirit (2011) 720p

A cynical youth whose mother is about to lose her job right before the holidays is visited by a magical Christmas spirit.

The Director and Players for Christmas Spirit (2011) 720p

[Director]David DeCoteau
[Role:]Jason Brooks
[Role:]Aaron Jaeger
[Role:]Alexandra Paul

The Reviews for Christmas Spirit (2011) 720p

Fun movie!!Reviewed byjtomlinson-48204Vote: 10/10

It has 2 titles I noticed. It is too bad that some Scrooge slammed a perfectly good movie because he got his panties in a wad over a title. This movie is respectfully accurate for the genre, even if not so much about the dog's age. The dog is an integral part of the movie though.

I enjoy curling up in bed with the dogs and taking in a few of these movies this time of year.

The guy who plays the husband is gorgeous. I kept trying to place the house in Malibu and I think I do know which one it is. That makes it fun too. It's a quirky romantic, fantasy Christmas movie.

Merry Christmas!

Saw it on Netfilx under the title "Christmas Puppy"Reviewed bymella527Vote: 2/10

My family and I watched this movie on Netflix where it was called "A Christmas Puppy" and had a picture of a lab puppy with a bow around it. My daughter loves puppies so we went ahead and turned this on. About 20 minutes into the movie we kept asking ourselves, "where is the puppy"? The movie itself featured a bad story, bad acting, bad writing, and laughable special effects; all this would have been forgivable if it had entertained our children but alas it did not. I can't recommend this movie unless you and your friends want to have a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" type of experience. Taken in that context these types of movies can be very enjoyable.

Television Budget / Running Time Ruined ThisReviewed byChristmas-ReviewerVote: 6/10

The gem of an idea get ruined in this television production. In this film a teenager gets visited by a "Christmas Spirit". This kid is not exactly full of "Christmas Cheer" but he isn't a bad kid. He is an only child to a single mother.

One day he gets a visit from a spirit that he MUST show another family the joy of Christmas. Not knowing how to do that he must wing it. THe spirit tells him to "follow the signs" and he will find the destination! She then hands him a fortune cookie that helps lead the way! Sounds great right. The kid must travel and look for signs. What a great funny set up. Can imagine the stranger on the bus looking at him. He getting the signs wrong. Great Right! Well it never happens. The TV Budget limits this film to just one location.

We go from his home to his destination. The film took too many short cuts. The film could of been great, But it becomes predictable and boring. Kids might like this but adults will just be bored. What could of been a funny and heartwarming story becomes another forgettable Christmas movie.

This film had a great and funny idea. This however a film with an idea that should be re-explored. A bigger budget would help. A longer journey for Riley should be on the agenda if someone does remake this.

If you come across this film pass on it!!

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