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Cléo from 5 to 7 (1962) 1080p

Cleo, a singer and hypochondriac, becomes increasingly worried that she might have cancer while awaiting test results from her doctor.

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The Synopsis for Cléo from 5 to 7 (1962) 1080p

Two hours from 17:00 to 19:00h on the longest day of the year in the life of a young Parisienne is presented. Florence Victoire, who is better known by her stage name Cléo Victoire (as in Cleopatra), is a singer with three hit singles to her name, and as such some renown. Two days ago, she went in for some tests for abdominal issues to see if it is cancer. She will be getting the results today at 18:30h. She is certain that it will be a terminal cancer diagnosis, her mind fixated on that outcome and what it actually means. This belief affects how she approaches the day, from her encounters with friends and acquaintances to what she observes in total strangers around her. It could be as simple as how she views the lyrics to new songs presented to her from her songwriting team, to her feelings about a conversation she overhears in a café between a couple having relationship problems, to the typical sweet nothings spoken to her from her lover, José. There are certain things that do ...

The Director and Players for Cléo from 5 to 7 (1962) 1080p

[Director]Agnès Varda
[Role:]Dominique Davray
[Role:]Antoine Bourseiller
[Role:]Corinne Marchand

The Reviews for Cléo from 5 to 7 (1962) 1080p

A film of style and substanceReviewed byWilliamCKHVote: 10/10

I have to say that I never tire of watching this film. It is one of those films where form and content, style and substance, merge to form a great work of art.

The character of Cleo, a beautiful young singer forced to accept a possible diagnosis of cancer, is both iconic and true to life. I love the shots of her walking the streets, shot from a birds' eye view and you hear the comments of men as she's walking by. Varda's objectifies her from this angle as she pops out from the scene with her puffy wig and polka dot dress, and in the background is just this incredible music. The camera-work is so varied and so strong throughout the film. There are objective angles, subjective angles, there are playful movements of the camera to go with the music, a back and forth with the mirrors in the cafe, in the hat shop, slow, soft, out of focus movements in bed as she waits for her lover, zoom transitions as she sings her song, Slow pans in the art studio. One scene I liked especially was the scattering of the birds as she's walking down the street. It seems to signify, so well, to me a sign of a bad omen tied to almost a mythological scale.

These are my scattered impressions of this film, a perfect film in my opinion.

Life and Movement in the shadow of DeathReviewed byJediclampettVote: 8/10

"Cleo from 5 to 7" tells the story of a young French singer, who fears that she may be seriously ill. What could have been maudlin "movie of the week" soap opera, is transformed by Agnes Varda into a unique movie experience.

The film contrasts Cleo's fear of death with the teeming life of the Paris streets, where street entertainers swallow live frogs and puncture their biceps; and the more normal members of the crowd busy themselves with the usual affairs of business and the heart. A large amount of the film takes place outdoors, with Cleo and the people in her life always walking, running or driving. There is a wonderful scene of Cleo-Distraught over an ominous tarot reading by the fortune teller- descending a circular staircase, her shoe heels clicking out a counterpoint to Michel Legrand's pensive music.

Sometimes just watching the way someone moves is very revealing. Director Varda has a fluid camera style which enlivens every scene. As often happens in European art films the story unfolds in a slow undramatic fashion, but their is so much going on in the image and the text, that you don't mind. Essential viewing.

Narcissism and paranoia from 5 to 7Reviewed bypeapulationVote: 7/10

Yet another good Nouvelle Vague film. What makes them so good is that they are so fresh, so full of new ideas that even watching a film from the 60s nowadays makes it a refreshing and new experience.

This one had a tricky premise, though. Director Agnes Varda set about showing us two hours of the life of a fairly-successful singer, Cleo. The trick here was to make us sympathise with her while portraying only two hours of her life. To do so, we understand from the beginning that she is waiting for medical examinations, and she fears she has cancer. Also, before the first half of the film, we realize that she is not happy, as she says that everyone spoils her but nobody loves her.

In fact, to make us like the character, Varda shows us how lonely she is. Her boyfriend never sees her, even though he supposedly loves her, because of work reasons. Her songwriters only pretend to admire her, but really, it's quite clear that they are only using her as a tool for their songs to go around the world. Even her best friend, as they talk, is thinking about other things, has to go places and do things in the real life, and although shaken by the news that Cleo might have cancer, she has other problems on top of that.

Really, the on-screen presence helps of Corinne Marchand really helps. She is truly beautiful, with or without a wig! And that leads to the other issue about the character; narcissism. She believes that everyone turns to look at her when she crosses the road. She looks at herself in the mirror quite a lot, and repeats to herself that she is beautiful. She is so narcissist that we actually come to doubt that the people the look at her are actually really looking at her, or is Varda playing with us. However, this narcissism of Cleo is not exactly a good thing, as it leads to paranoia. She tells her friend Dorothee, who is a nude model for art students, that she could never do her job, because she would be too afraid that the people would find imperfections in her body. We also see that she is paranoid about what other people think about her when she goes to a bar and puts on one of her songs in the jukebox, to see the people's reactions. When the song is over, she just walks away, disappointed at the fact that there basically were no reactions.

To move the story forward, the character of Cleo moves too, constantly. Whether walking, on a bus, on a taxi, there is always movement, which gives us another chance to take a look at Paris, as we do in many films of the Nouvelle Vague. But the film really becomes charming when Cleo meets Antoine. We know that when she meets him, and the two like each other instantly, we might not have enough time to see their first kiss, because our time is nearly up. In fact, by the end of the film, when we see the word 'fin' prop up on the screen so suddenly, we are left with a sort of frustration. That means that the film worked, we were drawn into it, hence, Varda really does a good job.

There are a few imperfection, speaking of narcissism. The voice-overs don't work, they slow down the whole movie. Sure, there is something witty about the fact that we are hence able to understand exactly what each character really thinks about Cleo, but that looks more like a cover up for something that lacked in the footage shot than an artistic choice. It is always much to easy to have voice-overs to portray emotions.

But apart from that, it's really quite a good movie not to be missed for the fans of this french New Wave.

WATCH FOR THE MOMENT - The very end, as Antoine and Cleo walk towards the camera, and she finally says that she is happy...

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