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Class Trip (1998) 1080p

A schoolboy Nicholas always worries about something. When he goes on a school skiing trip, all his visions and nightmares take him over.

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  • Genre: Drama | Mystery
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  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 
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The Synopsis for Class Trip (1998) 1080p

A schoolboy Nicholas always worries about something. When he goes on a school skiing trip, all his visions and nightmares take him over.

The Director and Players for Class Trip (1998) 1080p

[Director]Claude Miller
[Role:]Clément van den Bergh
[Role:]Emmanuelle Bercot
[Role:]Yves Verhoeven

The Reviews for Class Trip (1998) 1080p

The complexity of plot versus sub-plotReviewed byDuncanGVote: 10/10

This is an investigation of the journey into puberty for the young Nicolas set in the clear, fresh surroundings of the French Alps. The casting is as well crafted as the direction, performances and music; as soon as we see him we know that Nicolas is a shy, sensitive boy and that such physical and psychological changes which happen at his time of life will have melancholy and confusing effect. This is portrayed finely.

The sub-plot, I believe, is the murder and its outcome, the conclusion of which sums up Nicolas's history.

Cinematographically, the effect is as cool and crisp as the alpine air itself as is the choice of music. We are led in to the mind of Nicolas through the music and the elegant flashback, nightmare and daydream sequences some of which verge on the intensity of the Hitchcock-Dali connection.

This is a film of opposites; the new-found friendship between the shy Nicolas and the class rebel and between both of these boys and the sympathetic teachers. We grow to know and like all of these characters.

Isn't it true that the character of a nation can be seen in its children. This could only be a French film; it is realist, humanist.

A Little Psychological Mystery Seen And Felt By A ChildReviewed bymuseumofdaveVote: 7/10

Much of the advance publicity for this quiet little slice of a child's life seem as if it's going to be sadism in the school and kids doing cloak and dagger work; neither is really true of this film, although there is a major discovery to be made as the main character (subtly etched by a preteen with an appealing sensitivity) negotiates his way among the strangers he is suddenly stuck with when his parents pop him down in a children's winter camp.

The lad has visions, but not without reason, and once seen, all the disparate pieces fit very nicely indeed; there is a fascinating music score that ranges from Rock to Rossini, and if I haven't said a good deal about what happens, it's because what happens to the boy is a mystery: the wish bracelet he wears tells the story. This is not a fast-paced thriller, but a contemplative voyage into a child's mind, crossed with elements of a classic mystery.

Nicely modulated mood piece, if not quite as disturbing as the bookReviewed byChris KnippVote: 7/10

Screenplay coauthored by Miller and Emmanuel Carrière from the latter's successful and disquieting little mystery-thriller novel about an overprotected, highly sensitive boy whose dreams and fantasies of danger while on a stay in the mountains with his school may or may not presage real events.

Such a movie has plusses and minuses: it allows the filmmakers to bring the feverish visions of young Nicolas (Clément ven den Bergh) to vivid life, but it somewhat undermines the sense of uncertainty about what is real or imagined that makes the book effective.

The boy is stronger than I imagined him reading the story. Let's say that the actor puts on a face of shyness and gloom but I don't quite believe it. Still, as a viewer commented on the French website Allociné, "I feel this film does not betray the book." Apparently not shown widely or at all in the US. Beautifully done with excellent restraint, true to the book's muted style, a minor triumph for the underwhelming Miller, whose last admired film was The Little Thief/La petite voleuse with Charlotte Gainsbourg in 1988. Tied for Jury Prize at Cannes, nominated for Golden Palm.

I wanted to see this because I'd read the book. Easy French. This brought it all back, but wasn't quite as disturbing because you know the fantasies are fantasies, every time. In the book it's from the boy's point of view and you aren't always so sure. Lots of closeups of ven den Bergh's face don't make us see entirely through his eyes. It's all more externalized. Still, a nicely modulated mood piece, an excellent evocation of the darker side of childhood imagination. It's not so easy to be a kid. We forget that sometimes.

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