Come September (1961) 1080p YIFY Movie

Come September (1961) 1080p

Come September is a movie starring Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, and Sandra Dee. Younger generation vs. "older" folks on vacation at an Italian villa.

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  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
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  • Run Time: 112
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The Synopsis for Come September (1961) 1080p

Wealthy industrialist Robert Talbot arrives early for his annual vacation at his luxurious Italian villa to find three problems lying in wait for him. Firstly, his long-time girlfriend Lisa Fellini has given up waiting for him to pop the question and has decided to marry another man. Secondly, the major domo of his villa, Maurice Clavell, has turned the estate into a posh hotel to make some easy money while the boss isn't around. And, finally, the current guests of the "hotel" are a group of young American girls trying to fend off a gang of oversexed boys, led by Tony, who are 'laying siege' at the outer walls of the villa. Talbot, to his own surprise, finds himself becoming an overprotective chaperone.

The Director and Players for Come September (1961) 1080p

[Director]Robert Mulligan
[Role:]Bobby Darin
[Role:]Gina Lollobrigida
[Role:]Sandra Dee
[Role:]Rock Hudson

The Reviews for Come September (1961) 1080p

Come on-a my houseReviewed byshrine-2Vote: 8/10

Stanley Roberts came up a winner with this story about a rich American executive who breaks his routine of spending September in his Italian villa by coming in July and discovers his major-duomo has been running it as a five-star, world-class pensione. The idea runs toward the conventional with Robert Russell's treatment of it; a band of schoolgirls headed by every American father's idea of the perfect daughter, Sandra Dee, puts a damper on the amorous pursuits of the villa owner who has his sights set implacably on the generous endowments of Gina Lollabrigida. By the time the American played by Rock Hudson in what is arguably his sexiest performance is left to propose driving a truck full of squawking, crated ducks, the comedy loses any chance it had of evoking sophisticated laughter.

The dumb guffaws abound, nonetheless, mostly over the competition sparked between Hudson and a group of college students who want to do to the schoolgirls what the American wants with his amply-hipped Italian. It's Lollabrigida who lifts this picture out of the commonplace. Her Lisa Fellini is ashamed of the arrangement. The funniest line in the movie comes with her needing to discuss it in a room full of workmen within earshot of her conversation with a friend: "Speak English. I don't want them to hear." When Lisa finally sizes up the situation and realizes what the American really thinks of her, the fireworks go off, and Lollabrigida propels this movie forward single-handedly. She has never been this fascinating a mix of sensual and moral confusion ever again. When she rolls her R on the name Robert, she might as well be whispering in every one's ear "Remember September."

There's more than enough sneakiness to go around with Walter Slezak and Bobby Darin heading the den of deceivers, and Stanley Shapiro and Maurice Richlin keep the dialogue--if not always witty--lively. If only they could have thought of a send-off that didn't involve a house full of nuns. How droll!

"Teenagers are like the don't wanna be around when one goes off!"Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 3/10

Rock Hudson plays a millionaire American businessman who returns to his Italian villa only to find that, in his absence, his valet has turned the palace into a hotel--and it is currently overrun with college kids on holiday. Lushly-produced tedium aimed squarely at the youth market; Hudson is portrayed as a stuffed-shirt who needs humanizing, when actually anyone in their right mind would want these juveniles to vanish. Bobby Darin falls for Sandra Dee, on-screen as in real-life, but neither gives a charismatic performance. Joel Grey, some 11 years before "Cabaret", shows up as an annoying pre-law student, while Gina Lollobrigida is mostly used for her fiery temper--she has no character to play and ends up shouting at everyone in Italian. *1/2 from ****

HilariousReviewed byv4aholmVote: 10/10

I loved this movie. I have watched it over and over again . Rock,Gina,Sandra and Bobby were all fantastic. They don't make movies like this anymore. The countryside where it was filmed was beautiful. The chemistry between Sandra Dee and Bobby Darrin was exciting. A lot of fun!

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