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Cop Land (1997)

The sheriff of a suburban New Jersey community populated by New York City policemen slowly discovers the town is a front for mob connections and corruption.

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The Synopsis for Cop Land (1997) 720p

Sometime in the 1970's, police officers from New York wanted a safe haven to live, away from the dangers of the streets of New York, this is when they established a "Cop Land" in the small New Jersey town of Garrison. Freddy Heflin who was always admired by the New York cops wanted to become one, but because he was deaf in one ear this prevents him from achieving his goal, but has become sheriff of Garrison. Recently there have been a dark omen surrounding the NYPD, and Freddy is now investigating on this case, then Internal Affairs officer Mo Tilden is also on the case and asks Freddy for help, but Freddy could not. Now Freddy suspects that a New York cop named Ray Donlan might be one of the many cops who is corrupted by the mob and other criminals. Now, Freddy must find a cop who is nicknamed "Superboy" who can testify against Donlan and protect him, before Donlan finds Superboy and kills him.

The Director and Players for Cop Land (1997) 720p

[Director]James Mangold
[Role:]Harvey Keitel
[Role:]Sylvester Stallone
[Role:]Ray Liotta

The Reviews for Cop Land (1997) 720p

Reviewed bybob the mooVote: /10

Freddie Heflin is a sheriff in a New Jersey suburb mainly populated by NYPDcops seeking a break from the big city. Freddie lives in awe of the cops,unable to join due to deafness in one ear. However he is forced to confrontDonlan and his colleagues when an IA officer Tilden begins to investigatethe killing of two unarmed black men by, and subsequent suicide of Donlan'snephew Murray Babitch.

This `independent' thriller boast a deep cast and certainly had a lot toshout about in the run up to it's release. The problem is with the actualstory that the film has to work with. The start is exciting with Babitch'skilling of two black motorists but it is also quite stretched. Similarlythe denouncement is exciting but is quite easy to see it coming. Howeverthe middle section is good, as it relies on the characters and the actors todevelop the story - although there is probably too much history to squeezeinto a short time.

Stallone proves that he can act, being excellent in a particularlyunglamorous role, carrying extra weight for the part and looking like hetook lessons from De Niro. The rest of the cast would find it hard to bebad - De Niro and Harvey Keitel rekindle their Scorsese partnership and bothare good here. Liotta, Rapaport, Patrick and Sciorra are all excellent insmaller roles. Even small roles are played by heavyweights - Emmerich,Moriarty, Spencer, Vincent and Garofalo (who only seems to have 2scenes!)

Overall the film benefits from a fantastic cast but needed a much strongerplot to justify the depth of the performances.

Reviewed byGuardiaVote: 8/10/10

This movie was always going to be interesting because it involves somany sides to the one story. There is an excellent balance establishedbetween all the factions involved in the case of a missing/dead policeofficer.

The characters for this sort of movie are very original, and theirflaws are revealed just as much, if not more so than their strengths.This has to be Sylvester Stallone's career highlight, and goes to showthat his talents are not necessarily best for action movies. And DeNiro's understated but excellently played "Moe Tilden" leaves youwishing he was featured more. The scenes between these two charactersare worth the viewing alone. Harvey Keitel as well, plays an excellentcop/quasi-crime boss.

It's a little soppy at times but overall a stand-out in it's genre.

Reviewed byHunterDK ([email protected])Vote: 7/10/10

I didn't really know what to expect from "Cop Land".

You have some expectations when actors like Sylvester Stallone, Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel star in this movie - but could Stallone be the quietSheriff? The answer is yes, Stallone did well in this movie, he showed thathe isn't just an action star, he is a great actor.

"Cop Land" had a nice story, but I think it had more potential. The moviecould have lasted for 20-30 minutes more. It was a nice movie anyway, I willrate it 7/10.

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