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Courier X (2016) 1080p

Courier X is a movie starring Udo Kier, James C. Burns, and Bron Boier. A surreptitious smuggler gets solicited by the CIA to help cover-up the Nicaraguan blackmail attempt on the CIA, after the release of "Dark Alliance", by...

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  • Run Time: 138
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The Synopsis for Courier X (2016) 1080p

A surreptitious smuggler gets solicited by the CIA to help cover-up the Nicaraguan blackmail attempt on the CIA, after the release of "Dark Alliance", by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Gary Webb.

The Director and Players for Courier X (2016) 1080p

[Director]Thomas Gulamerian
[Role:]Richard Gleason
[Role:]James C. Burns
[Role:]Udo Kier
[Role:]Bron Boier

The Reviews for Courier X (2016) 1080p

Imagine being dragged backwards by your ears for 100 yards, inch by inch...Reviewed byBoristhemoggyVote: 2/10

...that's how I felt watching this film. At the outset I thought Bron Boier's character was insignificant as the diminutive, thin lipped, double chinned is about as menacing as Mr Tumble, has the acting ability of a Queen Anne chair, the personality of a large beach rock and the presence of the Invisible Man. His face never changed throughout the entire film: no expression, no emotion, just deadpan looks throughout from someone as threatening as the paper boy. The direction was dire, the pace of the movie going at such a snails pace that at times I had to rewind to pick up a lost plot point. I'm still unsure of what I watched even by the end. The only one who seemed to know how to act was Ben van Bergen who played Ivan. However he wasn't on screen enough to make a big difference. The tagline is "The film the CIA tried to stop." I am very sure that the CIA had no interest at all in this film and if they even knew it existed the tagline should read "The film the CIA tried to stop laughing at." Once again I'm disappointed at wasting so much of my precious time on garbage.

Worth watching but rather longReviewed byinnperuVote: 6/10

I like long movies but this was ridiculously slow or just padded out with people walking very slowly and the leading actor was like a piece of wood with hardly any expression or personality The best actor was the mafia boss and he had it nailedLow budget movie that could of been brilliant but the money was spent on the extra 30 minutes of film which chewed into the small budget

Intense, Intelligent, IntriguingReviewed byroot-76791Vote: 9/10

Ignorant and Impatient would be the words to describe individuals who do not like this movie. Why do I say this?, because this movie is very, very slow in contrast to all the hyper-cut Hollywood horseshit that is being cranked out by the major studios. And since I am an older audience member (57 years old) I appreciate a slower paced movie that actually has very intelligent dialog and a lot of information. And this movie certainly has a lot of information, to the point that the average person is not going to have the bandwidth to keep up with it. This is simply a function of all the Hollywood movies being written at an 8th grade level, which is grooming society to be ignorant.

I read numerous reviews, many of which said the acting was bad, but I adamantly disagree. I found all the performances in this film to be very 'genuine'. But again, everyone is so accustomed to all the bad acting and over-acting in Hollywood (and TV for that matter) that people are now getting so accustomed to these sub-standard performances that they actually think it is good acting.

This film is very robust, from modern day crime figures (who act with intellect and reason) versus the 'bada-bing' Jersey type mob figures we always see, along with extremely calculating, manipulative and underhanded CIA agents, who exercise with cunning tactics, intellect and leverage against one another (versus violence) to accomplish their task. All of this is how it actually happens in real life (as a retired FED I know this) versus the guns and car explosions that Hollywood continues to use as a crutch.

There are many, many colorful characters in this film, all of whom have their own individual personalities and subtle nuances that keep them distinct from one other. And with the exception of some seriously drab, lackluster CIA offices; the other locations (many more than most indie films) are extensive and very good.

At the end of the day this movie is only for a very mature and educated audience (over 55) who are going to appreciate a film with a real story, with very sensitive material that is handled in a professional manner, without all the gratuitous sex, violence and explosions, which seems to be the only thing Hollywood can do. For future watchers of this film, I must warn you that this film is very much an indie-flick with an ultra-low budget, so you should not expect anything 'slick'. Be prepared to sit in a quiet room and pay very close attention; otherwise you will get lost and then frustrated. This movie will not spoon-feed you information like Hollywood does to keep you engaged. Even I had to watch it, twice, to fully grasp the breadth of information. And a little on-line research, after you watch the film, will help you put the elements into perspective as well. It will be interesting to see what these filmmakers can do when they actually get a real budget to work with.

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