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CrissCross (1992)

CrissCross is a movie starring Goldie Hawn, Arliss Howard, and James Gammon. Set in 1969, a twelve-year-old grows up in Key West with his mother, who is paying the bills by stripping at the local topless bar. The boy finds out about...

IMDB: 5.81 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 100
  • IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 33 / 54

The Synopsis for CrissCross (1992) 720p

Set in 1969, a twelve-year-old grows up in Key West with his mother, who is paying the bills by stripping at the local topless bar. The boy finds out about her activities and tries to convince her to stop, to no avail. A local restaurant owner hires him to collect fish from a boat out in the bay, and the boy discovers that the restaurant owner is using the fish to bring drugs in to shore. He steals one load and goes about selling it so his mother can afford to quit her job.

The Director and Players for CrissCross (1992) 720p

[Director]Chris Menges
[Role:]Arliss Howard
[Role:]Goldie Hawn
[Role:]David Arnott
[Role:]James Gammon

The Reviews for CrissCross (1992) 720p

A pleasant little diversion.Reviewed bykm004a5534Vote: 7/10

This is one of those movies where the user rating seems strangely out of step with the comments on it. With one, barely worth the mention, exception, all those who have commented liked the film. I too found it a very pleasant diversion and a film that I have happily watched several times.

To my way of thinking young David Arnott does a terrific job and is absolutely charming. He plays Chris, a completely innocent kid who gets on the wrong side of the law, when he sees an opportunity to get enough cash to rescue his mother, Goldie Horn, from her new job as a stripper. It is a big ask to take a 12-year old lad with no acting experience to play what amounts to the lead in a movie and to narrate it too. It is also asking a lot for him to have to be filmed briefly in the buff in one scene. If he had a problem or two, it is hardly surprising. Nevertheless, it is his innocent charm which carries the film. There is also a nice chemistry between David Arnott and Goldie Horn.

I sincerely hope that this was not another case of the critics massacring a movie and with it a promising kid's career.

Delicate, evocative, and full of quiet contemplation...Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 7/10

Young boy in the Florida Keys in late 1969 keeps tabs on his exotic dancer mom while mourning their separation from his Vietnam-scarred father. A curious choice for star Goldie Hawn, who must've seen this as an opportunity to stretch a little bit without verging too far from her proved persona; newcomer David Arnott is well-cast as Hawn's son and has an amazingly deep voice, a forthright manner and an easy gait (he's really the star who is born here). The script, which is likably littered with beach bums and hotel-residing characters, isn't particularly pointed, nor does it leave us with much at the end, but Chris Menges' direction pulls every ounce of beauty from it. When Goldie's car breaks down, it's on a concrete bridge overlooking a melancholy stretch of ocean; when Hawn and sports-writer Arliss Howard have a heart-to-heart, it's on the beach during a brilliant red sunset. This great-looking picture is a real beauty, although it is lackadaisically paced, extremely low-keyed and takes a while to expose its heart and reach its audience. *** from ****

Slice of life movieReviewed byHorrorweenComposerTonyVote: 7/10

Slow paced as mentioned in another comment like a sleepy summer afternoon, the depiction of life in Key West in the late 60's rings true. It isn't polished and glitzy or glamorous. You can see this play out in your life or the life of friends.

the film centers around young David Arnott in the title role. The awkwardness and naturalism works in making it more real.

If you are looking for whizbang Hollywood value type of action here, this isn't the place. what you get is a true to life drama that can happen anywhere, at any place. David's moral choices are based on how he sees things as a real kid.

As a movie, it works well.

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