Critters 2 (1988) 1080p YIFY Movie

Critters 2 (1988) 1080p

Critters 2 is a movie starring Scott Grimes, Liane Curtis, and Terrence Mann. Eggs of the small, furry alien carnivores are left behind on Earth and, after hatching, again set their appetites on the town of Grover's Bend.

IMDB: 5.42 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Horror
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.63G
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 86
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 1

The Synopsis for Critters 2 (1988) 1080p

A batch of unhatched critter eggs are mistaken for Easter eggs by the country-folk inhabitants of Grover's Bend and, before long, the ferocious furballs are on the rampage again.

The Director and Players for Critters 2 (1988) 1080p

[Director]Mick Garris
[Role:]Don Keith Opper
[Role:]Liane Curtis
[Role:]Scott Grimes
[Role:]Terrence Mann

The Reviews for Critters 2 (1988) 1080p

Reviewed byGL84Vote: 8/10/10

With the news of more aliens still on Earth, the bounty hunters set offto find the lone human they can trust to help them corral the beingsbefore they spread throughout the town and become too much for them tohandle.

This here turned out to be quite an exciting and enjoyablehorror/comedy that has so much going for it that there's just noshortage of fun to be had here. The fact that this one decides to getthe creatures out quite early with the discovery of the eggs and thetown becoming aware of what's going on with his reappearance to theirtotal dismay and a series of isolated attacks that clearly signal thecreatures are back and ready to continue their rampage as before, onlymaking the creatures as completely oblivious to the others around themmakes for a rather fun time with the different attacks not beingrecognized until the mid-way point results in some nice fun. With thedifferent tactics of trying to get the creatures under control stillproviding a lot of laughs as well, it makes for much more fun to be hadwhen it plays off the previously established guidelines for the seriesas well as injecting a lot of clever and sometimes creepy points inthis to add in a horror angle when all is said and done makes this onea lot more entertaining and enjoyable. There's enough gore in this toappeal to the more traditional horror fans with their attacks on thetownspeople in the diner, the church and the final attack in thestorage locker not only provide some fun moments throughout with theirfun combination of mixing light-hearted action with some rathergruesome moments to add up to a bunch of fun times. While there's someflaws here in that the continuous jokes about the events in the firstfilm are used to make it appear that he's just insane and should knowbetter about spreading such information around get tiresome quitequickly, there's enough to like here that it's enough to overcome thefew flaws.

Rated PG-13: Language, Violence and Nudity.

it's better then the firstReviewed byosuch01Vote: 10/10

This critters is better then the first. It's great when all the critters join up to turn in to a ball and when they go into the easter bunny's pants and the easter bunny's screaming. It has lots of bad words but is awesome, extremely funny and very gory. I love this movie. The critters in critters 1 escaped from an alien jail and start growing, eating and shooting poison spikes at everyone. In fact they eat lots of stuff like dynamite. Critters 2 is a different experience, the critters, in Critters 2 turn in to balls and roll more then they did in the first and when the critters come back it is Easter. There are lots more explosions in this one. If you are a horror movie fan you should watch this movie it is very cool. I suggest you by it now.

Good old fashioned fun.Reviewed bypaulclaassenVote: 4/10

Not as good as the original, but still good old-fashioned fun. This was very Gremlins resemblance comedy-ish, but nevertheless still entertaining. The film picks up where the original left off, with Scott Grimes returning to town to fight more fur balls.

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