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Cry of a Prostitute (1974)

Quelli che contano is a movie starring Henry Silva, Barbara Bouchet, and Fausto Tozzi. Thriller Starring Henry Silva and Barbara Bouchet. She Left Prostitution only to find Murder! Shes a former prostitute, now married to a gang...

IMDB: 6.42 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.18G
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  • Language: Italian
  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 9 / 29

The Synopsis for Cry of a Prostitute (1974) 720p

Thriller Starring Henry Silva and Barbara Bouchet. She Left Prostitution only to find Murder! Shes a former prostitute, now married to a gang boss dealing in black market currency and illicit drug traffic. He is a cold-blooded killer: a 'mob hitman' sent to Italy to pacify rival gangs impeding on Mafia operations, when the ex hooker falls for the underworld assassin all hell breaks loose as the rival gangs turn the tables & make him their target.

The Director and Players for Cry of a Prostitute (1974) 720p

[Director]Andrea Bianchi
[Role:]Barbara Bouchet
[Role:]Henry Silva
[Role:]Vittorio Sanipoli
[Role:]Fausto Tozzi

The Reviews for Cry of a Prostitute (1974) 720p

Not bad, Sergio Leone styleReviewed byrodrig58Vote: 7/10

This film is obviously inspired by A Fistful of Dollars directed by Sergio Leone. Henry Silva is not by far what is Clint Eastwood but, he is doing his best. Andrea Bianchi, the director, the same, is not bad. The other actors are also at height. True, the whole movie is a series of clichés and deja-vu but, even so, it manages to captivate, you can follow it to the end, it's not boring. The music signed by Sante Maria Romitelli is very good. The cinematography of Carlo Carlini is also good. And, the presence of the sex symbol Barbara Bouchet(who looks like a twin sister of Jill Ireland, once the wife of Charles Bronson) is the hot spice of everything, her white panties have a role by itself...

Godfather-like Italian movie without good acting, directing...Reviewed bydwpollarVote: 4/10

1st watched 4/5/2003 - 4 out of 10(Dir-Andrea Bianchi): Godfather-like Italian movie without good acting, directing or writing. The title will fool you(at least the U.S. released video title-Cry of a Prostitute) because this movie has very little to do about a prostitute except that she is a minor character that pretends to be the wife of one of the many `Don's' in this movie. This is just a way to get people in the U.S. to rent the video. The story is actually about a man who plays the game with many mafia-type gangs and ends up being the top honcho in the end. It's very obvious where this movie is going, but there was some interesting things like seeing the actual reason for the family feuds(centering around the mis-treatment of a handicapped boy in one family) that became mafia's and seeing the reality of their real business's that become crooked by entering drugs into the business. The emotionless Henry Silva does an ok job in his part but most of the acting was not memorable. Watching this makes me want to see the Godfather, to see how much better it is in it's storytelling and acting. Not a good reason to give this a thumbs up, though.

Boring poliziotteschi, only notable for its horrific treatment of womenReviewed byjadavixVote: 7/10

"Cry of a Prostitute" is a typically boring and colourless poliziotteschi flick, perhaps only notable for its (also fairly typical) attitude toward women, who get slapped around a lot. One even has her face shoved in a hog's guts as punishment for trying to seduce the manly hero.

I didn't pay close enough attention to work out the plot. It is impossible to pay close attention to 99% of poliziotteschi flicks because they are so boring and badly structured. You want to pay attention but then you're faced with a stretch of film about as exciting as staring at a wall for half an hour.

There are, of course, some violent moments: the movie opens with a ridiculous car crash-decapitation scene, with what looks like a mannequin's head falling out of a car window. There's also an autopsy scene where a dead body has stitches in the chest which are cut open, revealing canisters of heroin.

Anyway, main man Henry Silva, one of my all-time favourite actors, is a mafia don from the US who comes to Italy to investigate the situation. Once he's there, the other don's slutty wife immediately starts coming on to him, so Silva sticks her face in hog guts, and in another scene, slaps her down and attacks her with a belt. That'll show her!

The only other woman in the movie I remember gets similar treatment.

I remember reading that, unlike The Godfather, Italian mafia movies show the criminals for what they are: scum. There's no honour among them because the Italians had first hand experience of this type of scumbag and knew they were exactly that: human garbage.

This is not true of "Cry of a Prostitute". You are obviously positioned to think that Silva is the "hero" of the story, despite his appalling treatment of women. In the end he is clearly positioned as the better man among his criminal cohorts, which is weird. He's a woman abusing criminal scumbag, after all?

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