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Cry of a Prostitute (1974)

Quelli che contano is a movie starring Henry Silva, Barbara Bouchet, and Fausto Tozzi. Thriller Starring Henry Silva and Barbara Bouchet. She Left Prostitution only to find Murder! Shes a former prostitute, now married to a gang...

IMDB: 6.42 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Quality: 720p
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  • Language: Italian
  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 9 / 29

The Synopsis for Cry of a Prostitute (1974) 720p

Thriller Starring Henry Silva and Barbara Bouchet. She Left Prostitution only to find Murder! Shes a former prostitute, now married to a gang boss dealing in black market currency and illicit drug traffic. He is a cold-blooded killer: a 'mob hitman' sent to Italy to pacify rival gangs impeding on Mafia operations, when the ex hooker falls for the underworld assassin all hell breaks loose as the rival gangs turn the tables & make him their target.

The Director and Players for Cry of a Prostitute (1974) 720p

[Director]Andrea Bianchi
[Role:]Barbara Bouchet
[Role:]Henry Silva
[Role:]Vittorio Sanipoli
[Role:]Fausto Tozzi

The Reviews for Cry of a Prostitute (1974) 720p

Simply awfulReviewed bybillcr12Vote: 7/10

Where do I begin? Horrendous acting, bad story, amateur directing, and some of the worst editing and cinematography in the history of movie making are the only ways to describe Cry of a Prostitute. The Godfather, this is not. Henry Silva is the lead, and he will not be compared with Brando. He is Tony, a guy who has moved to Italy from Brooklyn with some unknown score to settle. In between, we get several shootouts which result in a lot of dead bad guys. The title refers to a hooker played by Barbara Bouchet; and my two points are for Barbie's naked body; clearly the high point in this horrible film; avoid this like the plague.

Henry Silva Can Make Anybody CryReviewed byWitchfinder-General-666Vote: 8/10

Director Andrea Bianchi is probably best known for the nauseatingly brutal Zombie Gore flick "Le Notti Del Terrore" (aka. "Burial Ground", 1981) and the super-sleazy Giallo "Nude Per L'Assassino" ("Strip Nude For Your Killer", 1975), so it is not surprising that his contribution to the Italian Crime genre, "Quelli Che Contano" aka. "Cry of a Prostitute" of 1974, (which he co-directed with his brother) is one of the most brutal and misogynist films in a genre that generally isn't for the squeamish. This might be seen as a warning for the sensitive, faint-hearted and politically correct, but it definitely serves as a word of recommendation for my fellow fans of Italian Exploitation cinema from the 70s.

Genre icon Henry Silva stars as Tony Aniante, a super-tough mob hit-man (who is sort of a more exaggerated double of Silva's absolute greatest role of hit-man Lanzetta in Fernando Di Leo's masterpiece "Il Boss" of 1973). The film already starts out intensely brutal when an apparent family has a fatal car crash in gory detail. The autopsy makes it clear that the kid was already dead before the crash, and just transported by mob-related drug-dealers who use children's corpses (!) as means for heroin production. Since such depraved methods are even despicable by organized crime standards, and furthermore bad for business, the dons of the Sicilian mafia assign Tony Aniante to clean up among the dirtiest of their own...

The violence in this film is very intense, even by brutal Italian 70s crime standards, and the degree of political incorrectness is as high as it gets. The great Henry Silva is super-tough, super-cool and cold as ice as always; whenever he offs someone in this flick he whistles a cool tune. The man simply is the best guy ever to play mafia hit men. Period. Cult-goddess Barbara Bouchet is ravishing as always in the role of a nymphomaniac ex-prostitute turned mob-boss' wife, who enjoys getting raped and severely beaten. Fausto Tozzi plays her perverted mafia don husband, who gets off on hearing his wife talk about her extramarital activities. Between macho talk, revenge-vows and mafia conspiracies, the film features brutalities such as rape, people being beaten to a bloody pulp, decapitation and autopsies and dozens of bloody gunfights. The storyline isn't the most intriguing in Italian crime cinema, and the film has some minor logical flaws, but these are secondary to the tons of gritty and hard-boiled entertainment that it provides. Definitely one to watch for my fellow Italian Crime / Poliziotteschi fans.

A fistful of Silva .......Reviewed bymerklekranzVote: 6/10

If you are a big fan of "spaghetti westerns" then I highly recommend "Cry of a Prostitute" as a mafia version of "A Fisful of Dollars". Instead of Clint Eastwood playing both families against each other, you get a brutal Henry Silva. Barbara Bouchet taking milk baths isn't a bad thing to see either. Like the Italian Westerns the plot is secondary to style, and the outstanding soundtrack is an integral part of the story. The editing is choppy and the dubbing atrocious, but this violent film has definite entertainment value. The closeups of Henry Silva's cold black eyes certainly elicits thoughts of Lee Van Cleef, and Silva is every bit as evil as "angel eyes" ................. - MERK

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