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D-Tox (2002)

Stallone plays a cop who comes undone after witnessing a brutal scene on the job. He checks into a rehab clinic that specializes in treating law enforcement officials. Soon, he finds that his fellow patients are being murdered one by one.

IMDB: 5.34 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Horror
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  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 
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The Synopsis for D-Tox (2002) 720p

FBI agent Jake Malloy just can't nail a serial killer who's been targeting cops. The killer has already killed nine cops. Not only does the killer despise policemen, but he also has a grudge against Malloy for pursuing him during a string of prostitute murders four years ago. The killer finally decides to hit Malloy where it hurts, killing one of Malloy's friends on the force, and brutally killing Malloy's fiancé Mary. The grief sends Malloy off the deep end and causes him to become alcoholic, forcing Malloy's colleague, Detective Hendricks, to sign Malloy up at a remote detox clinic in a snow-covered part of Wyoming. The clinic specializes in rehabilitating alcoholic cops. But the killer murders another patient and assumes the patient's identity at the clinic. While Malloy participates in group therapy sessions, the killer starts killing the patients. Among the endangered patients are Jaworski, Slater, Noah, Conner, and a dozen others, one of whom must be the killer. One by one, the ...

The Director and Players for D-Tox (2002) 720p

[Director]Jim Gillespie
[Role:]Charles S. Dutton
[Role:]Sylvester Stallone
[Role:]Polly Walker

The Reviews for D-Tox (2002) 720p

Under Appreciated Murder Mystery!Reviewed bybsmith5552Vote: 6/10

The real mystery of D-Tox (hereinafter referred to by its video tile, "Eye See You") is why it never found a distributor in North America. I thought it was a good movie. You have to give star Sylvester Stallone a little credit for trying to shed his Rambo he-man image and playing a distraught and tragic hero.

The story involves a serial killer who has been murdering cops and whose murders will be investigated by FBI agent Jake Malloy (Stallone). When the killer murders Malloy's girlfriend Mary (Dina Meyer) he goes into a funk and finds solace at the bottom of a bottle to the point of contemplating suicide. Malloy's friend and partner Hendricks (Charles S. Dutton) convinces him to go to an isolated D-Tox center in Wyoming run by shrink Kris Kristofferson.

Malloy is thrown in with other cops from various locations who also have demons to exorcise. Among them are Christopher Fulford as Slater who tries to befriend him, Noah (Robert Patrick) who has a chip on his shoulder, McKenzie (Robert Prosky), Jones (Courtney B. Vance), Brandon (Mif) and Lopez (Angela Alvarado) among others. Polly Walker plays Jenny a sympathetic nurse and Tom Berenger and Stephen Lang as two suspicious workers at the facility.

It turns out that the serial killer that Malloy thought he had killed earlier, has in fact infiltrated the D-Tox Center and has begun systematically murdering the people there. But who is he or she?

Director Jim Gillespie gives us a murder mystery rather than an action film. It has the isolation and claustrophobic feeling reminiscent of John Carpenter's "The Thing" (1982) except in this case the killer is human and not alien.

Stallone is good in the lead role experiencing a wide range of emotions. Its one of his better performances in recent years. Of the supporting players, Patrick stands out as well as Fulford, Dutton, Prosky, Vance, Alvartado and Lang. Berenger hardly has anything meaningful to do and is wasted here. And watch for Ron Howard's dad Rance Howard as the proprietor of the lodge that Dutton stays at. "Eye See You" is an under appreciated film and deserves a chance to find an audience. It is hoped that the video release will give it proper visibility.

Crime is a disease ... but where′s the cure ??Reviewed bymario-cobrettiVote: 1/10

Lets start by saying that i′m a Stallone Fan since his early movies (Rocky , Rambo , Cobra , Over the top , Tango & Cash and more) and havent missed a film so far (exept for his soft-porn stuff and crap like Stop or my mommy shots) but this one i better shouldn′t have watched. If you look up information about this movie, you′ll find that it has been finished for nearly 3 years and now i know why they havent released it for so long. Its sucks. * SUCKS * I wasnt impressed with "Get Carter" either , but at least that movie had some cool One-Liners and Stallone played a bit more like he used in movies like Cobra. Back to "D-Tox" (as it is called here in Europe) and why it sucked:

1. The Cast - What idiot did the casting ? Why do you take actors like Robert Patrick, Sean Patrick Flanery , Tom Berenger, Dina Meyer etc. and give them the worst parts ever ? I bet they all hoped that this crap was not gonna be released. Robert Patrick looked like a Fag , Tom Berenger played a stupid janitor , Dina Meyer had a 20sec role and Sean Patrick Flanery? I remember seeing him in one scene and in the next he was dead. Great stuff Casting-Einstein. Why didnt you take crap actors for these parts and give the "better" (i dont use the word "good" here) parts to the known actors. At least it would be more fun to watch.

2. The Script - Written by First-timer Ron L.Brinkerhoff which is based on some book (i doubt that the book was a hit). It feels like a Scream-S*** alike only with older actors and different setting. The dialogues are boring, have no depth and theres nothing memorable at all. A script like can be made it into direct-to-video movie with z-grade actors but not into a 60mio budget thriller starring stallone. I think they took 3 scream-a-like scripts and probably some treatments for "I know what you blabla 3" and re-wrote it into one. I can′t imagine the book was anything near to this.

3. The Director - You know, its really a bad sign when the tagline of a movie goes like "From the Director of I know what you did last summer" and its no wonder that this genius hasnt made a movie since this masterpiece. I think i dont need to mention that his previous (and only) effort "I know....." was crap as well. He has no own style at all , the scenes have no real tension and everyhing looks cheap. I′m really curious where the whole budget went.

4. STALLONE - well .. he tries .. its sad to see him in a movie like that. He′s not bad, he tries to act and stands out in the movie but that doesnt help much. In fact it even makes the movie worse because its painful to watch him go further and further to the bottom of his career by choosing crap like that to do.

I can′t recommend this movie to anyone, not even to the scream-fags .. aehh.. i mean scream-fans. There′s no real action, the "twist" at the end where they reveil the murder is a joke and whole story (does that "mini-alcatraz" really exist ?? haha) is laughable.

Sly, if you read this - you should have listend to Emmerich (he sucks at movies, but even he did know what kind of crap this movie would be) when he was about to helm this masterpiece but jumped off. Quote : "If you′re going to do this movie, you′ll ruin your career"

Couldn′t have said it better.

C′mon , get back to the roots , next time, chose a kick ass - filled with one-liners - action-script and please look who′s the director first. If you continue to make movies like that you end up in history as a guy who made "forgettable movies" - try to make the movies that made you big because nearly all of your fans want to see you kick ass like in Cobra & Rocky and Rambo. At least give us some Demolition Man ...

Eye See YouReviewed byDAVEVote: 9/10

This just got released to U.S. theaters in Detroit and Dallas and I liked it! I don't see why it couldn't get a full release. Im sure it would of made no less than Daylight or Judge Dredd.

Sly is Jake Molloy a fed who loses his wife to a cop killer then is haunted by the same killer in a D-Tox center in the middle of nowhere. In it's release here it's titled Eye See You, which I like better.

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