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Damn Yankees! (1958)

Damn Yankees is a movie starring Tab Hunter, Gwen Verdon, and Ray Walston. A frustrated fan of the hopeless Washington Senators makes a pact with the Devil to help the baseball team win the league pennant.

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The Synopsis for Damn Yankees! (1958) 720p

Film adaptation of the George Abbott Broadway musical about a Washington Senators fan who makes a pact with the Devil to help his baseball team win the league pennant.

The Director and Players for Damn Yankees! (1958) 720p

[Director]George Abbott
[Role:]Gwen Verdon
[Role:]Tab Hunter
[Role:]Ray Walston
[Role:]Russ Brown

The Reviews for Damn Yankees! (1958) 720p

Very enjoyable.Reviewed byMartinHaferVote: 8/10

Perhaps I liked this film a bit more than a lot of folks because I grew up cheering for the hapless Washington Senators--a team that hadn't been in the World Series since 1933 (and they lost!). All I know is that I enjoyed the film.

The film begins with middle-aged Joe Boyd doing what he loves most--watching his beloved Senators on television. Like any Senators fan, he's miserable because, as usual, the team's losing and they haven't a prayer. Out of frustration, Joe blurts out that he'd sell his soul if the team could win the American League pennant. And, just like that, the Devil (Ray Walston) appears and offers him just that. He'll make Joe the greatest player in history for only a minor price...his soul! But Joe is too smart to just agree to this and negotiates an escape clause--a clause his new friend has no intention of honoring. Although Joe (now called Joe Hardy and is played by Tab Hunter) IS a sensation and the team does seem destined to win it all, this is when the dirty tricks begin--and the first dirty trick is Lola (Gwen Verdon)--a vamp who will destroy him. Can Joe survive with his soul intact and/or the team win it all?

The plot of this musical is a reworking of the old Faust story (by the likes of Marlow and Goethe). And, if you're familiar with these tales, you might anticipate how it all ends. Regardless, the film is a lot of fun with a silly and enjoyable performance by Walston (who not once is referred to as Satan--just Mr. Applegate). The musical numbers are mostly very good, though several of the singers really could not sing--and is a bit reminiscent of "Paint Your Wagon" in that department. While most of the songs are great, "Who's Got the Pain" is irrelevant to the plot--completely irrelevant. "Two Lost Sheep" is not as irrelevant but a bit weak. Better songs are "Whatever Lola Wants" and "A Little Brains, A Little Talent" (both by Gwen Verdon). Overall, a very enjoyable film that kept me entertained from start to finish. Not great but very good.

Damn yankees as a film is not so strongReviewed byrodgailesVote: 5/10

the late 50's was a weird yet interesting time for the musical film genre. after 25 years musicals hadn't really advanced very much. and this is apparent in damn yankees. there are some excellent fosse dance numbers, and gwen verdon is great, and the guy who plays the devil (cant remember his name) is great too. Jean stapleton (edith in "all in the family") is awesome. Its just the jokes are too far and few between and i sometimes get the feeling that the main actors would rather be elsewhere and are in their own different movie. There aren't enough show stopper dance numbers and the ones they have are just half way there..'whatever lola wants number' just doesn't do it all the way but the drunken club number at the end is pretty cool in a tongue and cheek sorta way. But the best number by far is Gwen Verdon and Fosse doing the mambo number. That is HOT!! But on the whole, the film just feels like it's over itself..been there done that..and if you're a purveyor of musicals, you'll have the same feeling as well.

A Man DOES KnowReviewed byhmsboston-838-948825Vote: 8/10

A nearly perfect movie musical with one flaw that brings my rating down to an 8. Several songs were omitted or shortened from the Broadway version, mostly because they were too long for a movie or too risque for a 1950's audience. One number, however was dropped because it was out of Tab Hunter's vocal range: "A Man Doesn't Know." In my opinion this was the best song in the Broadway musical. The reprise was a powerful closer for the show. Sheldon Harnick wrote the replacement, "There's Something About an empty Chair," solo (collaborator Jerry Bock had died a few years earlier), and the difference was painfully obvious. Abbot, Donen and the producers made a grave mistake in not retaining the original song for the reprise which would have been sung by Robert Shafer, not Tab Hunter.

Whenever "Damn Yankees" is staged these days (it's less dated than most musicals of its day) "A Man Doesn't Know" is in its proper place and "Empty Chair" is justifiably and mercifully forgotten.

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