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Dark Waters (2019)

Dark Waters is a movie starring Anne Hathaway, Mark Ruffalo, and Tim Robbins. A corporate defense attorney takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company that exposes a lengthy history of pollution.

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The Synopsis for Dark Waters (2019) 720p

A corporate defense attorney takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company that exposes a lengthy history of pollution.

The Director and Players for Dark Waters (2019) 720p

[Director]Todd Haynes
[Role:]Tim Robbins
[Role:]Bill Pullman
[Role:]Anne Hathaway
[Role:]Mark Ruffalo

The Reviews for Dark Waters (2019) 720p

An obvious Oscar nomination for Mark Ruffalo.Reviewed bygcsmanVote: 9/10

Every year we seem to get a pretty high-profile movie or two in the genre of "crusading, righteous (lawyer, doctor, journalist -- fill in the blank) played by big-name star takes on nasty (mega-corporation, government, the law - fill in the blank) ". Top examples include All The President's Men (1976), The Insider (1999), Erin Brockovich (2000), Fair Game (2010), Concussion (2015), Spotlight (2015), On the Basis of Sex (2018) -- the list goes on an on, and you probably have your own favorites. Dark Waters fully earns its place on this list for quality and impact, not least because of Mark Ruffalo's performance.

One thing I like a lot about this film is precisely that it's not flamboyant. It's slow-burn but easy to watch even though the subject material (uncovering a legacy of synthetic "forever chemicals" in our environment) is not a happy one in any way. The pacing is steady and deliberate, and it's the kind of role that I think Ruffalo is well suited to. Not that he isn't pretty versatile (compare what he did in Spotlight as a gonzo journalist) but this just seems to be more centered for him, playing real-life lawyer Rob Bilott as a low-key but dogged guy who just can't give up on his pursuit of the trail. An Oscar nom is sure to come next year.

All the other roles are secondary. Anne Hathaway is stuck with playing the Loyal Wife with only a few excursions into a bit of character development. And Victor Garber is stuck with being the evil DuPont CEO. But I thought in a way that the most interesting role of all was played by Tim Robbins, as the head of Bilott's law firm. He starts out grudgingly allowing Rob's crusade, but instead of staying in this stereotypical high-priced-lawyer persona he gradually turns into a staunch supporter for (wow!) reasons of right and truth.

Too bad this one isn't doing well at the box office --- everyone should see it. I give it 9/10.

Footnote: About chemicals. The subject of the movie is "forever chemicals" (in this case, C8) that are synthetic and never break down in the environment or the human body. But it would be easy to come out of the movie thinking that "chemicals are bad". Everything around us in this complex world is chemical and you have to ask what each one does. There's one small moment in the movie where a chemist consultant is talking to Rob about fluorides. He says (correctly!) that SMALL doses in the public water supply are good (and in fact a lot better than nothing at all) because they harden teeth and reduce decay. But BIG doses are bad. It's all a matter of finding what the right level is. The old saying is that "the dose makes the poison" -- not the chemical itself.

Really strong and powerful film.Reviewed byprberg2Vote: 8/10

Really interesting and scary movie. Was alot more interesting than I thought it might be.. and really kept things interesting all the way though the film. Strong story and really great characters.

Shaking with rageReviewed bydiffguyVote: 9/10

In terms of storytelling, Dark Waters' most close associate that I've seen is The Big Short. Tonally, these two are polar opposites, but they both illustrate their convoluted and complicated stories of corporate corruption well. Well enough for any non-chemist, non-lawyer, non-doctor to understand the injustice that corporate overlords have exacted upon the public.

The film is constantly tearing down the spirit of Mark Ruffalo, followed by brief, hopeful moments that Dupont will be held accountable for poisoning tens of thousands of people. These hopeful and demoralizing notes begin small. The idea that the EPA will help Wilbur Tenant, the farmer who had his cattle herd die from poisoned drinking water, is followed by Ruffalo realizing that report was written in part by Dupont scientists who will, of course, be corrupt. And that demoralizing note is followed by bestowing the hope that Wilbur Tenant will finally get his long sought chance for a $ settlement, and that's followed by the soul crushing scene of his entire family drinking water out of the tap, still poisoning themselves with no other means to change their fate.

That was the scene that made me cry with rage. That nothing could be done to escape their death. What could they do without water? They're thirsty, and stressed, and their kids just want to come home from school and live normal lives. All I could do was cry tears of rage. Wilbur was not being served justice.

The notes continue swooping from high to low. Ruffalo is served mountains of paperwork during the lawsuit against Dupont. Like, a laughable amount that no one could ever finish reviewing. But he sets to work anyway and finds the smoking gun: Dupont has known about the poison for decades. The film makes the audience believe we have Dupont dead to rights, but they wiggle out of it with legal maneuvering. When it has been years after the public blood testing, and no answers are given as to whether Dupont is at fault, the public gets angry at Ruffalo. All this pressure builds into him having a mental breakdown/siezure, and we all feared he would quit. Then, after he recovers, the call finally comes from the science panel that he was right. Dupont absolutely poisoned these people and must pay for their health damage. This movie is like an emotionally abusive boyfriend.

Finally, we won, right? No. Dupont rips up the mediation contract (one would think this illegal) and now says anyone who health problems cannot take part in a class action lawsuit, but can do so individually.

And that's when we finally leave on the highest of high notes that makes you curse with joy and unleash primal, guttural screams of victory: Mark Ruffalo starts representing each of those West Virginians individually, wins tens of millions of dollars in the first 3 cases, and DUPONT GIVES UP. THEY PAYOUT THE BETTER PART OF A BILLION DOLLARS. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAAAH SUCK IT.

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