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Deadly Blessing (1981)

After her husband dies of mysterious circumstances, a widow becomes increasingly paranoid of the neighboring religious community that may have diabolical plans for her.

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The Synopsis for Deadly Blessing (1981) 720p

A former Hittite (a member of an Amish-like sect) dies in a mysterious tractor "accident", and his widow is left to face the frightening Hittites who view her as "the incubus" and may have sinister designs on her.

The Director and Players for Deadly Blessing (1981) 720p

[Director]Wes Craven
[Role:]Sharon Stone
[Role:]Susan Buckner
[Role:]Maren Jensen

The Reviews for Deadly Blessing (1981) 720p

UnderratedReviewed bymichellegriffin-04989Vote: 7/10

Good female friendships on screen are hard to find and Deadly Blessing does a great job of this. Makes me care a lot more when these characters are put in harm's way. The scene with Sharon Stone in the barn is pretty scary, too.

A recently widowed young woman takes on a strict religious community where occurs dreadful murdersReviewed byma-cortesVote: 7/10

This slasher film efficiently directed by Ohio-born Wes Craven ,is a spine-tingler shocker that contains grisly horror, suspense,terrifying screams,tension and great loads of blood, guts and gore . A previous Hittite ,a member of an Amish-like sect, dies and his widow is left to confront the rigid Hittites who view her as "the incubus" and may have dark projects on her. The widowed woman (Maren Jensen)is visited in her rural Pennsylvania house by two friends (Sharon Stone , Susan Bluckner). She becomes especially suspicious after meeting her very religious in-laws family (Ernest Borgnie and his son Jeff East). Nearly her house live a stranger mother (Lois Nettleton) and her painter daughter (Lisa Hartman).The astonishing things go wrong and the killer goes on terrorizing the hapless travelers. Since the sinister presentation a mysterious murderous executes a series of body-count in that some people turn out to be scabrously and cruelly assassinated , as the first of them in a tractor accident .

This gruesome chiller contains grisly killings, disturbing horror, scabrous violence, shocking,some nudism and lots of blood and gore. The horrible assassinations are extremely gory and nauseatingly violent with abundant shots showing stabbing, hanging, and gruesome deeds.The film displays thrills, chills, shocks, cardboard horror,tension and lots of blood and gore for nauseating execution. The grisly murders are extremely scary and eerie with abundant stabbing shots. From the beginning to the amazing ending the horror and eerie deeds are continued and varied. James Horner musical score is electrifying and frightening .

The motion picture is professionally written and directed by the shock-master Wess Craven . Brought up by strict Baptist parents , Craven didn't even see a movie until he was in school , then he revenged directing ¨Deadly blessing ¨ dealing with an implacable denounce against the rigid religious rules . Becoming an University professor Craven shocked his parents by switching careers at 30 and turning into filmmaking . He realized his first film ¨Last house on the left¨ in 1972 that had graphic torture scenes on adolescents and ran into censorship problems . He went on with ¨The hills have eyes¨ and its sequel , about hillbillies (one of them results to be Michael Berryman who acted in Deadly blessing) horrifying hikers , subsequently directed for TV ¨Summer of fear¨ and ¨Deadly blessing¨ and ¨Swamp thing¨ , ¨until his successful ¨Nightmare on Elm Stret¨ that created the known franchise of seven episodes that would eventually be terminated by Craven himself . And , of course , the popular ¨Scream¨ saga in which Craven directed the first and second part , achieving mainstream success again . Rating : Acceptable and passable horror film realized by Craven in a cunningly stylish way .

A MASTERPIECEReviewed byzeu69Vote: 7/10

This is one of Wes Craven's best movies. Its suspensful, eerie, unpredictable and involving all at once. Its about a woman (Maren jenson) whose husband is killed in an accident, her two friends Vicky (Susan Buckner) and Lana (Sharon Stone) arrive in town and are stalked seemingly by the neigbouring religious cult led by Ernest Borgnine. I cant see why people are saying on IMDB that Sharon Stone, Lois Nettleton and Ernest Borgnine would want to bury this film. If i was in it i would be damn proud of it and would declare it to the whole world. Loook out for the scenes with Sharon Stone in the barn, with Maren Jensen in teh bathtub and the funny catfights at the end! Go rent it, you wont be disappointed!

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