Deadly Whispers (1995) 1080p YIFY Movie

Deadly Whispers (1995) 1080p

Deadly Whispers is a TV movie starring Tony Danza, Pamela Reed, and Ving Rhames. When Kathy Acton is found dead, her parents, Tom and Carol, swear they will find her assailant. But as the investigation gets under way, it appears...

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  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 
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The Synopsis for Deadly Whispers (1995) 1080p

When Kathy Acton is found dead, her parents, Tom and Carol, swear they will find her assailant. But as the investigation gets under way, it appears that the only remaining suspect is the girl's father. Carol is torn between the love for her husband and the story the police tells.

The Director and Players for Deadly Whispers (1995) 1080p

[Director]Bill Norton
[Role:]Tony Danza
[Role:]Pamela Reed
[Role:]Ving Rhames
[Role:]Heather Tom

The Reviews for Deadly Whispers (1995) 1080p

Complete codswallopReviewed byimdb-10138Vote: 1/10

Hilariously bad. Everything you'd expect from a film which starts with the advisory phrase "Suggested by actual events". Not 'Based on actual events', you notice - just 'Suggested by'.

Which is an indication of what a complete load of codswallop this straight-to-video nightmare really is. Tony Danza displays all the emotional breadth and depth of a soap dish, leaving Pamela Reed acting against herself for most of the film - a challenge she meets by putting in a performance so over the top that you constantly feel you've missed some major plot point. Ving Rhames spends most of the film looking as confused as you as to why he's actually turned up at the set.

Complete codswallop. But worth a look if you want a laugh.


Tony Danza (Tom Action) surprised me with his complete change of character from anything he has ever performed, he gave up his NY(Brooklyn) accent for a real down to earth SOUTHERN DRAWL!! If you liked him in "Who's The Boss", get ready to completely hate the role he plays. If you had any doubts about Tony Danza as an actor, his junkyard character will change your mind completely. His wife Pamela Reed(Carol)("Proof of Life" '02 and "Standing on Fishes" '99) played a great supporting role as a very simple minded down to earth good mother and wife who depends completely on her husband Tom and looks up to him NO matter how he seems to ACT at TIMES!! Ving Rhames (Detective Jackson)("Sin" '03) was fantastic in his role trying to figure out this crazy household and just what happened to the missing daughter Kathy Action,(Heather Tom)"Young & The Restless'73 TV series) This is a great film to view the next time it is on the TV Screen.

A murder in West Virginia....based on a true storyReviewed byMarieGabrielleVote: 8/10

this film was based on a true story and Pamela Reed is excellent; Tony Danza as Tom Acton; who has 3 children and is a good family man. Or is he? This film is good because while there are a few stereotypes, it is not over the top. Pamela Reed is the mother trying to protect her children, and loses her oldest daughter to an abductor. She excels in this role, especially during the scene where social services takes custody of her other children.

No one except Ving Rhames, as the local detective, seems to know who the culprit is. While the initial disappearance of the daughter seems strange, you should watch the movie in its entirety. There are a few twists, and while I was never a Tony Danza fan (and his accent is still too close to Brooklyn, NY!) the story is still interesting and worth watching. 8/10.

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