Dear Albania (2015) 720p YIFY Movie

Dear Albania (2015)

Eliza Dushku takes on her homeland of Albania.

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The Synopsis for Dear Albania (2015) 720p

In the past few years, American actress Eliza Dushku, who is of mixed Danish and Albanian ancestry, has become passionately interested in and connected to the country of her father's ancestors. In Dear Albania, Eliza and her brother Nate travel to Albania where they explore 15 unique cities throughout the country. They discover Albania's present, its past and hear about its hopes for the future. For the siblings, the voyage to their ancestral home becomes a cultural, historical and personal discovery. Dear Albania tells two stories: the journey of Albania through centuries of oppression, conquest, and civil strife to triumph over Communism and its emergence as a vibrant modern state; and the journey of one family, the Dushkus.

The Director and Players for Dear Albania (2015) 720p

[Role:]Fadil Berisha
[Role:Director]Nate Dushku
[Role:]Nate Dushku
[Role:]Eliza Dushku

The Reviews for Dear Albania (2015) 720p

Being proud of your roots is decent, showing it to the world makes you a class act, Miss Dushku!Reviewed byabas-50892Vote: 10/10

First of all this isn't a movie as a previous reviewer sees it, it is a documentary about Albania and Albanians. Surely it is to not everyone's taste and knowing Balcans it could possibly offend someone here or there however let us not take away the fact that it is a historic journey covering the main corners where today's Albanians live, looking and feeling the old traditions and traits of this pretty unique place. And you can clearly see the connection that Eliza feels throughout the documentary with her parents and grandparents past and her own present. Now, it is not an easy task to encapsulate the true Albania, its incredible landscape in just over an hour documentary but she makes a pretty good attempt at it. All topics covered are factual and historical and this documentary gives the viewer an insight to this mysterious hidden jewel of Europe. Great work Eliza!

Make a movie about your mother (... tu nonen)Reviewed byKarl SelfVote: 3/10

It would seem that few are less suited for making an intriguing documentary about an entire country and an entire people than a US-American actress who is shooting a docu pic on her first voyage there whilst trying to "rediscover her roots" on her "Albanian pilgrimage". Albania is a fascinating country, but anyone who has ever been to Durres would be hard pressed to call its beaches "untouched by tourism". And if you're describing the kanun as "vigilante justice", it just means that ou have a lot to learn. And you may end up regurgitating trite fluff about Albania being one of the "oldest Western civilisations". Portraying an entire country, it turns out, is no trivial task.

PS: And I've never before heard Prishtina described as "vibrant".

Boring, self indulgentReviewed byplon31Vote: 1/10

According to this "Documentary" Albania is a fantasy land of milk and honey with an abundance of everything!And the people are amazingly happy and content and sing,dance drink and eat all day. Wow!Miss Dushku also finds time in her hectic schedule of self indulgence for an "impromptu" photo shoot in a bikini. Very cultural indeed.More like shameless self promotion mixed with historical inaccuracies and political propaganda.Nowhere does this B grade Hollywood celebrity talk about the poverty, corruption, crime, ethnic hatred or fleeing refugees.

Its easy to see and find the beauty in everything when you're a pretentious celebrity with lots money, VIP connections and an entourage of butt kissers.

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