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Deathtrap (1982)

A Broadway playwright puts murder in his plan to take credit for a student's script.

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The Synopsis for Deathtrap (1982) 720p

To make Sidney's slump all the more painful, Clifford Anderson, a student of one of Sidney's writing seminars, has recently sent his mentor a copy of his first attempt at playwrighting for Sidney's review and advice. The play, "Deathtrap," is a five character, two act thriller so perfect in its construction that, as Sidney says, "A gifted director couldn't even hurt it." Using his penchant for plot, and out of his desperate desire to once again be the toast of Broadway, Sidney, along with Myra, cook up an almost unthinkable scheme: They'll lure the would-be playwright to the Bruhl home, kill him, and market the sure-fire script as Sidney's own. But shortly after Clifford arrives, it's clear that things are not what they seem! Indeed, even Helga Ten Dorp, a nosey psychic from next door, and Porter Milgram, Sidney's observant attorney, can only speculate where the line between truth and deception lies.

The Director and Players for Deathtrap (1982) 720p

[Director]Sidney Lumet
[Role:]Christopher Reeve
[Role:]Michael Caine
[Role:]Dyan Cannon

The Reviews for Deathtrap (1982) 720p

Sleuth slayersReviewed byLejinkVote: 5/10

Enjoyable if forced murder mystery whodunit kind of thing played to the max and beyond pretty much as a two-hander by Caine and Reeve. "Deathtrap" seems to try to send up every Agatha Christie - type concoction there's ever been, throwing in more twists than a Chubby Checker revival show, but seems to forget that Peter Schaffer's "Sleuth" got there before it a decade earlier.

Caine's in on this of course, he now playing the Olivier role as the ageing dominating schemer of the two, with Reeve as the initially submissive but later resistant junior partner in the former's nefarious, ingenious if somewhat far-fetched plan to bump off ailing wife Dyan Cannon (who couldn't look healthier, as a matter of fact) and get his hands on her massive fortune.

The initial twist is well staged and does come as a big surprise but subsequent events fail to repeat the trick and the insertion of the ludicrous Scandanavian medium Helga Ten Dorp (there must be an in-joke anagram in her name I've not yet deciphered) to sweep up the pieces with her thick-as-Nordic-snow accent takes it just too far over the top.

For all that, it's directed at pace with no let up on the camp factor from the normally straight-arrow Sydney Lumet and features a slightly awkward full-on kiss between the leads with a complete lack of conviction on either side. It's one of perhaps too many unintentional comical scenes in this play within a play get the idea, but you sense that no-one minds too much in any case, so irreverent is the whole concept and execution here.

Reviewed byLawsonVote: 9/10/10

Deathtrap runs like a play within a movie about who did what to whom, as itprimarily takes place on one set. The premise is that an accomplishedplaywright, whose star is falling, receives a magnificent manuscript from aformer student and so he plans to off his protege and appropriate his play,to the (loud) protests of his wife. Or so you think, for the first half ofthe movie. Past the halfway mark, Deathtrap begins to throw in twists andsurprises that turn its premise on its head, then right around, and then ina mad spin, all the time keeping its title appropriate. It's an excellentmystery movie soaked in wit.

Michael Caine, as the senior playwright, plays himself in this movie - aslightly loony and very dramatic Brit. No surprises here - he does his usualgood work. He gets the best line of Deathtrap, which he executes perfectly:"What is your definition of success, being gang-banged in a statepenitentiary?"

Christopher Reeve, on the other hand, juggles comedy and drama in asurprisingly strong performance playing the ambitious (and psychopathic)young playwright. He also gets to show off his very toned body, which hemust've retained coming off the Superman movies.

Caine and Reeve have collaborated in another movie that's one of my favoritecomedies - Noises Off. It similarly revolves around a play as well, althoughthis time Caine is the director and Reeve is an actor. They are joined bycomic veterans Carol Burnett, John Ritter, Marilu Henner (Taxi) and MarkLinn-Baker (Perfect Strangers). Together, they demonstrate the calamitiesthat befall the bed-hopping cast and crew of a play. On the surface, themovie looks to be mostly slapstick but upon watching you find that they aremany subtle jokes that require more than one viewing to catch. Wish thisunderrated movie was available on DVD.

Huh?Reviewed bybobnewbie2Vote: 3/10

I do not believe all the praise for this movie. The play and movie were a ripoff of Sleuth. Michael Caine wishes he were Olivier, and Reeves wishes he were Caine. Caine even had the nerve to do a remake of Sleuth with Jude Law playing his original part. Jude Law? You mean the one that did the remake of "Alfie"?

This movie was made during a period of Caine's career when it was obvious he needed to pay off gambling debts. He would do anything for money. He would star in such award winning movies such as this, and "Beyond the Poseidon Adventure". What seems to be driving the praise for this movie is Reeves death. He deserves better than to be remembered for this lousy movie. And so does Caine. This movie can be found in the $5.97 bin at Walmart. Along with gems like "The Island", and "Blame it on Rio".

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