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Deepwater Horizon (2016) 1080p

A dramatization of the April 2010 disaster when the offshore drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon, exploded and created the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

IMDB: 7.4123 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 107
  • IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 42 / 434

The Synopsis for Deepwater Horizon (2016) 1080p

In April 2010, there is no oil exploration operation in the Gulf of Mexico to compare with the Deepwater Horizon oil rig with its size or sheer depth of its drilling. However, the project for the BP oil company is beset with technical difficulties to the point where the general operational supervisor, Jimmy Harrell, and his Chief Electrical Engineer, Mike Williams, are concerned potentially dangerous trouble is brewing. Unfortunately, visiting BP executives, frustrated by the project's long delays, order curtailed site inspections and slanted system tests to make up for lost time even as Harrell, Williams and his team helplessly protest for the sake of proper safety. On April 20, the workers' fears are realized in the worst possible way when the rig's various structural and system flaws spark a catastrophic cascade of failures that would create a massive blowout and explosion that threatens them all, even as it also begins the worst environmental disaster in US history.

The Director and Players for Deepwater Horizon (2016) 1080p

[Role:]Douglas M. Griffin
[Role:Director]Peter Berg
[Role:]Kurt Russell
[Role:]Mark Wahlberg

The Reviews for Deepwater Horizon (2016) 1080p

Reviewed byrgkarimVote: 8/10/10

What is it about disasters that we enjoy watching? I could come up witha number of reasons, but the bottom line is that Hollywood has shiftedto dramatizing former events as a means for more movies. Hi, Robbie Khere bringing you another review of the latest films to grace thescreen. Tonight we hit Deepwater Horizon starring Mark Wahlberg, KurtRussell, and a handful of other actors. Let's get started.

LIKES: • Great acting • Over the top graphics • Emotionally stimulating

You might be thinking that I have gone crazy, after all Wahlberg hasn'thad the greatest roles. Deepwater Horizon breaks the mediocre streakand drops him into a position that may net him an Oscar nomination.Wahlberg's portrayal of Mike Williams is certainly a heroic one filledwith wisdom, strength, and a calm edge that sets the stage for anatural leader. But there is also a realistic side brought out near thesecond half the screen that balances out the heroic theatrics ofHollywood. Kurt Russell no surprise plays his usual rugged role, makingsure to add the hard edge testosterone rush all older actors need tobring. Hudson and Malkovich get A's as well, each bringing the neededinvolvement to round out the cast. All the extras and lesser billedroles complete the picture as a close oil crew, but much of their timeis spent standing around or ducking from fire.

Speaking of fire, the visual effects are top notch in terms of computergraphic imaging. Deepwater Horizon's reconstruction of an oil rigsuccumbing to its doom is very realistic. For you technical folks, thedirectors have crafted scenes to mimic the daily operations involvedwith pumping oil, from watching gritty mud flow through the pipe to thecracking foundation floor. That sound boring? Well those looking for alittle more suspense will be impressed when the whole operation blowsto pieces…literally. You might be amazed seeing the rig, and its crew,get covered in oil before erupting into a fiery inferno you've seen inthe trailers. My friend described the visuals being so good, he feltimmersed into the disaster, wanting to duck or dive as explosionsrattled the screen.

Of course the real magic to the visual effects are the emotions itbrings with it. The various sequences and montages of the explodingmetal certainly paints a terrifying picture as you wonder how much timeis left until something falls. Now add our characters trying totraverse the obstacle course from heck, feeling horrifying chills runthrough your body as you watch human bodies hurled through the air anddisturbing injuries protruding in gory details. However, it is not alldismay and dread, no Deepwater Horizon has plenty of sequences andmontages of heroism that will make you a little proud to be a human…nomatter how overly theatrical it could be.

DISLIKES: • Overdramatic at times • Already know the ending • Editingneeds work

I'm probably sounding overcritical or nonsensical, but here it goesanyway. Deepwater Horizon is at times a bit on the overdramatic side.As I said, much of the movie will light a fire in your soul that willhave your patriotism in full force. Unfortunately, some of thesemoments are a bit too fake and in your face to get my full backing,primarily making an effort to pan on the American flag flapping in theflames. Even the more heroic moments sometimes get a bit too corny, theoverdramatic focus on the camera amid a symphony soundtrack blaringpride. Again, they get the message across and deliver the emotion, itjust sometimes gets a little too Hollywood for me.

The special effects and the noble protagonist will certainly spreadsuspense and awe, but it doesn't help that you know the ending. If youpaid attention to the news, you know all about what happens to the rig,and if you choose to ignore history take a look at the trailer. Theopening sequence doesn't help things either by telling you the fate ofa certain character that further adds predictability to the mix. Whatdoes leave in terms of suspense and surprise? Pretty much it is thefate of the crew that held any mystery to me, and that was scarce attimes. Perhaps another minor dislike, but still one nonetheless.

In regards to the editing, this one is a tough call to make. On the onehand I appreciate the details they provide about the incident, from thedevelopment of the disaster to how they faced the inferno the rigbecame. And yet, I felt some of it was elaborated too much for myliking. The build up was a little too long and drawn out, making itslightly boring as we waited for the dirt to hit the pipe. As the oilbegins to bloom into a fountain the pace picks up, but then hits a veryslow, somewhat pointless, standstill at the aftermath of the situation.Yes, it provides realism and rounding out of the characters, but againis a little too extended after all the excitement. They probably couldhave spared about fifteen minutes, but hey that's just me.


Despite this being the third historical event to get a movie thismonth, Deepwater Horizon will provide the emotional thrills you want. Afantastic CGI design that's brimming with emotion and suspense.However, the predictability and overdramatic moments fall in line withHollywood's magic and takes away from the message of the movie. I haveto recommend this one for the theater though, primarily for thetechnological achievements it brings.

Overall my scores are:

Action/Drama/Thriller: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0

Reviewed bybob-the-movie-manVote: 6/10/10

"Full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing" could be a summary of thismodern-age disaster movie. In 2010 the "Deepwater Horizon" drilling rigoff the coast of Louisiana failed in spectacular fashion, bursting intoflames and spewing millions of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf ofMexico in what was the worst oil-spill in American history. MarkWahlberg plays the well-respected electrical 'Mr fixit' Mike Williamson the rig, reporting to the Operations Manager Jimmy Harrell (KurtRussell).

The exploratory project is way-behind and BP are not happy. Big-wigsfrom the company add support to Donald Vidrine, the BP site leader, inapplying mounting pressure on Harrell to press on regardless withoutall the necessary and time-consuming tests by Schlumberger beingcompleted. Rogue numbers in further tests are waved away as 'glitches'.A familiar story of corporate greed and pressure overriding theexpert's better judgment.

When disaster strikes it strikes quickly, with some spectacular andexciting special effects that leave the audience especially hot underthe collar. Female support is provided by the comely Andrea Fleytas(Gina Rodriguez), given the almost impossible job of keeping thefloating bomb on station as chaos reigns about her. As an audience weare back on familiar ground here from classic Irwin Allen disastermovies such as "The Towering Inferno" and "The Poseidon Adventure". Whowill make it, and who won't?

A more telling question here is "Do we care?" and unfortunately for thefilm, the answer is "Not really". This feels a callous thing to saywhen this was a real and recent event and eleven people and – astouchingly illustrated at the end of the film in tribute – many of themfamily men with young kids, never went home again. But film-wise, weonly really get bought into the fate of Williams, whose back-story,with cute wife (Kate Hudson) and cute daughter (Stella Allen) we get tomeet and sympathize with.

We get a minimalist view of Fleytas's backstory, but only enough toprovide a recurring "Mustang" reference. And that's it. All the othercharacters are just two-dimensional "rig crew": cannon-fodder for thespecial effects team. The screenplay by Matthew Sand and MatthewCarnahan really doesn't deliver enough heft to get us bought in.

While the special effects are good, the sound design isn't, with muchof the dialogue being incomprehensible.

All the acting is fine, with the ever-watchable John Malkovich nicelyportraying the corporate head you love to hate. Wahlberg as welldelivers enough range to make you forget in this "action mode" that hewas also in "Ted". And Rodriguez as a junior lead holds her own againstthe big guns in what is a creditable performance in a big film role forher.

While "Lone Survivor"/"Battleship" director Peter Berg neatly providesan insight into life on and around rigs, and (via subtitles)descriptions of the drilling process which I found interesting, thiscomes down to the sum of a tense build up, an hour of freneticdisaster, and then a whimper of an ending. Where were some of thedramatic scenes of conflict in the congressional hearing that thefilm's opening implies might come? Where are the scenes of ecologicaldisaster and local financial ruin to add emotional angles to the story?None of this is really exploited and the whole concoction comes acrossa bit "meh" as a result. Not a bad film by any means. But not one Iwill remember in a month or two's time.

(Agree? Disagree? For the graphical version of this review and tocomment please visit Thanks.)

Reviewed byaudiodave_82Vote: 9/10/10

I usually don't write reviews but saw mostly negative reviews on hereso far and that ain't right.

It is not a perfect movie and it's not artsy, or profound. However itis very entertaining, has wide appeal, will make you laugh, have you onthe edge of your seat and might even make you cry. It's a slow build atthe beginning but the tension soon rises and you will then be hooked.The effects appear to be realistic and mostly practical made with aproduction value that appears to be one of the most expensive filmsever made (which alone is impressive given it is not a sequel orsuperhero movie).

Mark Wahlberg works as an everyman lead, but it is Kurt Russel whosteals the show. Maybe the performance of his career, and the strongestaspect of the film in my opinion. Malkovich is also amazing as thevillain, stealing every scene he is in. The two of them along with theincredible story done with top notch sets, effects and sound is exactlywhy you have to pay the money to see this on the biggest screenpossible.

If you need a film to be a character study or you want senseless actionfrom start to finish then you might be one of the people who isdisappointed. But if you are looking for a gripping story with greattension and action that can be enjoyed by a wide range then go see thisfilm.

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