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Desire (2011)

In a social context deteriorated by a countrywide economic crisis, the life of several people will be turned upside down after they meet Cecile, a character who symbolizes desire.

IMDB: 5.67 Likes

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  • Language: French
  • Run Time: 103
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Desire (2011) 720p

In a social context deteriorated by a countrywide economic crisis, the life of several people will be turned upside down after they meet Cecile, a character who symbolizes desire. Amorous 20-year-old girl sets the French countryside ablaze by taking a series of lovers while attempting to recover from the recent death of her father.

The Director and Players for Desire (2011) 720p

[Director]Laurent Bouhnik
[Role:]Gowan Didi
[Role:]Hélène Zimmer
[Role:]Déborah Révy

The Reviews for Desire (2011) 720p

Reviewed byBinoy Santhakumar (bonzybino)Vote: 6/10/10

Its hard to make a drama erotic, the more complex if its the other wayaround. Q is an erotica at its dramatic best, a distant topper in thegenre. The plot evolves with lives of some characters revolving aroundCecile, the protagonist in the drama, and how she change their lives.Too much subtle the screenplay at times, that we tend to lose it quiteeasily. And thankfully, the erotic scenes never shadows the feel of themovie which makes it engaging throughout.

The creditable performances from the cast imprints the quality of thedrama, and quite deceitfully we get obsessed with the protagonistplayed by the gorgeous Déborah Révy - a rare breed of voluptuousnessand acting prowess. The movie for all its sensuousness should beindebted to some unseen good locale, complemented well by goodcinematography. A must stop port this for the erotica lovers, and agood watch for other movie goers. Its an erotica at its dramatic best.6.5/10

Reviewed bythucy1Vote: 6/10/10

This movie is very daring because showing many unsimulated sex scenes,what is not frequent in mainstream movies. Some young actors are goodand promising. The first one is Deborah Révy who plays the leadingrole. Even if her character is not very credible (a girl obsessed bysex and greedy to make love with many people, just because her fatherdied recently), she plays it well, with a provocative and naturalattitude. She's pretty convincing even if the storyboard is ratherawkward.

Hélène Zimmer who plays, on the opposite, a shy girl frightened to makelove with her boyfriend for the first time, is touching and veryconvincing too.

In that kind of movie showing explicitly physical love, I preferred "9songs" by far, because in "Q", one has often the feeling that theexplicit sex scenes are shown for themselves and don't really serve thestory. so, watching the movie, one have an embarrassing feeling to be avoyeur.

that's pity, it could have been far better. But I enjoyed it anyway.

Reviewed byRockMollanVote: 10/10/10

I love this film! It is honest and beautiful, and I actually liked howall the sexy scenes never stopped surprising you. Very sincere and Ialso love the storyline. There is nothing about this movie that feelsfake, and yes, maybe it was not what I expected but it was...fascinating. It also contains some great acting.

More films out there should be this honest and real! And also, I likeCecile's and Chance's relationship, it is just so interesting... Youcan really see from the beginning how they care for each other, and yetthey do not make any promises or expect anything from each other.

The shooting and conversations in the movie is what I feel makes it sohonest. Absolutely wonderful.

I would totally watch it again. And again.

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