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Desire (2011)

In a social context deteriorated by a countrywide economic crisis, the life of several people will be turned upside down after they meet Cecile, a character who symbolizes desire.

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The Synopsis for Desire (2011) 720p

In a social context deteriorated by a countrywide economic crisis, the life of several people will be turned upside down after they meet Cecile, a character who symbolizes desire. Amorous 20-year-old girl sets the French countryside ablaze by taking a series of lovers while attempting to recover from the recent death of her father.

The Director and Players for Desire (2011) 720p

[Director]Laurent Bouhnik
[Role:]Gowan Didi
[Role:]Hélène Zimmer
[Role:]Déborah Révy

The Reviews for Desire (2011) 720p

Reviewed byRockMollanVote: 10/10/10

I love this film! It is honest and beautiful, and I actually liked howall the sexy scenes never stopped surprising you. Very sincere and Ialso love the storyline. There is nothing about this movie that feelsfake, and yes, maybe it was not what I expected but it was...fascinating. It also contains some great acting.

More films out there should be this honest and real! And also, I likeCecile's and Chance's relationship, it is just so interesting... Youcan really see from the beginning how they care for each other, and yetthey do not make any promises or expect anything from each other.

The shooting and conversations in the movie is what I feel makes it sohonest. Absolutely wonderful.

I would totally watch it again. And again.

Reviewed byTdSmth5Vote: 7/10/10

Cecile is a desirable girl. She knows it and uses herself as a weapon.Even though she has a boyfriend she flirts and leads on every man sheruns into. Once she has their attention and their sex drive on full shegoes away leaving them with her panties or her phone number. She has agroup of girl friends that get very little attention. They hang aroundand worry about the future, their relationships and their unhappinesswith men. Eventually they take on a new career.

Cecile's boyfriend is some little thug as are all his friends some ofwhich are involved with Cecile friends. They commit crimes, talk abouttheir sexual conquests, whine and cry about their girlfriends. Becauseof tough economical times they have no jobs.

Matt is perhaps the main male character here. He's a mechanic and atthe beginning of the movie has a run in with Cecile, a frustrated onewhich is her specialty. He has a girlfriend, Alice, but she won't putout. When her mom catches the young couple walking around, Alice getsin big trouble. Apparently wherever this is taking place, the harbortown still has some Victorian small town morality.

An older couple is significant for these people's lives because, likeeveryone else here, they aren't getting any, but devise a plan tochange that, a plan the will involve Cecile who in turn will involveAlice. It all ends on a happy note.

In Q you get to witness all these frustrated people-frustratedfinancially, frustrated sexually-going about being frustrated andhaving frustrated sexual encounters and quickly it frustrates you too.Cecile is an interesting character. She's a free spirit, sexually open,and very attractive. She too is mighty frustrated sexually and looksfor thrills by using, abusing, and manipulating people. She and mostother women in this movie tell men some very hurtful things, when menare at their most vulnerable. This movie ought to have been a moredetailed exploration of that kind of woman who delights in arousing menfor kicks. But this movie doesn't do that, it goes for the easy andnice solution. In meantime one has to put up with all the drama withthese relationships among characters that are never clearlyestablished. And I use "drama" in the worst sense possible, as used byyoung people today. People are constantly crying, when they are alone,when they are with their loved ones. It's a bit too much. All the menhere are weaklings and whiners- an easy target for Cecile. We know nextto nothing of the other males or Cecile's friends, but when one of themwhines about sex or a partner, the camera is there.

Thankfully, this movie shows plenty of skin nicely filmed which keepsyou entertained in between scenes that have you throwing up your armsin the air in frustration. There is some XXX activity going on, but Iwouldn't even call them "scenes," they are just a few frames really.Nothing that should outrage anyone. Appropriately, there's a certaintimelessness in this movie. We have no idea how much time transpires inpart because some scenes in the future are interspersed throughout themovie and also because these people are stuck in some very oldfashioned way of looking at things. Still, Q is watchable, it is notlike some Brisseau movie that puts you to sleep even as women aretaking their clothes off. Q does feature the best opening credits everunfortunately filmed in black and blue coloring though. Not to mentionthat Deborah Revy and Helene Zimmer are very attractive in a normalsort of way without being fake bombshells. Q has a couple of good ideaand some excellent talent, it could and should have been so much more.

Relationships as portrayed in this movie make you almost long for thenew American transactional type of relationship among the sexes.

Reviewed byDavid HabifVote: 4/10/10

Director Laurent Bouhnik had an interesting idea, but it didn'ttranslate well on screen. I consider almost every aspect of this film avery rough draft.

1. Character development is almost non-existent. 2. The narrative ischoppy and many scenes are unnecessary. 3. The plot lacks direction. 4.The acting is okay at best. 5. None of the characters are particularlylikable.

Bottom Line: I've read several reviews that praise this film for it'ssuccess in it's depiction of eroticism, however, Bouhnik's overly-heavyfocus on sex and erotic behavior doesn't leave enough room for thecharacters or the story to develop properly. I will admit that thereare several (individual) scenes that are strong--diamonds in the rough,if you will--but when the film was over, I had taken nothing from it,felt nothing during it, and was generally uninterested in the story andthe characters.

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