Desire for Beauty (2013) 720p YIFY Movie

Desire for Beauty (2013)

Four people undergo plastic surgery. Their appearances will change, but will their lives?

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The Synopsis for Desire for Beauty (2013) 720p

The first ever Polish documentary on the issues of beauty and self-perception. It follows the winding journeys of four people who turn to plastic surgery as the last resort in their search for perfection. Aside from the obvious dilemmas, Desire for Beauty addresses numerous hidden questions, and reveals things that neither the makers nor the heroes of the film really expected. The making of the film attracted a number of renowned members of Polish social scene, and found solid support in the professional opinions of the country's top experts in various fields - from psychology to the fashion industry. However, more importantly, the film will take its spectators on a breathtaking emotional ride, and trigger a wave of discussion about one of humankind's most unquenchable desires...

The Director and Players for Desire for Beauty (2013) 720p

[Director]Miguel Gaudêncio
[Role:]Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz
[Role:]Agata Kulesza
[Role:]Maria Czubaszek

The Reviews for Desire for Beauty (2013) 720p

Reviewed byBronislawa SzczesnyVote: 9/10/10

This is my first review here on IMDb, and I am not a film critic, alsonot with the best English. I was looking more information on this filmafter having the chance to see it in one screening. This is a film thatwill make you think a lot, and question yourself a lot, and this is oneof the very good things but they are much more. I couldn't take my eyesof the screen, expect on some moments of the surgeries (they are crueland real). The way all is filmed and presented, colors, the mood, verysensitive, very beautiful. The Rhythm is great, you just cant stopfollowing the story. A mix of fiction fragments, that cut with the realstory of this four people that we follow, and a after filming event(making of dinner), more the interviews. Seems a lot but its not. Allis very well balanced and only makes you want to see what happens next.Then a especial word on the guest list. Brilliant idea of having suchinteresting Polish personalities touching the subject in a differentmanner. Maria Czubaszek, Piotr Najsztub, Lew Starowicz and KatarzynaMiller bring to the conversation very interesting point of views on thebeauty theme. I liked particularly the fact that the film doesn't takea part with any side of the debate, just shows the reality. But is nota "reality show" reality, this one is comes on a different way, andhere its where I think is so important that the direction and music ofthe film are done by Portuguese men. For sure It's another flavor onthe over talked subject of plastic surgery, and definitely a originalone to come up with. I can't wait to see the final version, and Irecommend people that read this to keep this title in mind. A greatmovie for everyone to see.

Reviewed bytom tankVote: 9/10/10

Such a beautifully shot film. This film blurs the borders betweendocumentary and feature film with "talking head" interviews, obs-docand docu-drama sequences, all beautifully rendered on the screen.

The real-life characters are presented in a warm and empathetic manner,with their anxieties about the way they look explored in a multitude ofways.

What is most interesting about the film is the neutral tone in whichthe story is presented. We are made to empathize and understand thesubjects of this film, we understand their need and can rationalize itas human. But cosmetic surgery is not a black and white subject, andfrom one moment to the next the audiences judgments might waver fromunderstanding to dismay. We realize the physical pain and the dangersinvolved in these procedures, and we wonder why any person would putthem through such an ordeal.

Ultimately, the quest for physical perfection is seen as a basic humandesire, but we are all too human for it.

Reviewed bysamozwaniecVote: 9/10/10

I had the privilege to see the film more than once, so I have nointention to repeat what was already said. What I would like to shareis a bit of my observations while some teenage friend of mine wasseeing the 'Pragnienie Piękna' for the first time. Not only had sheremained silent for the whole movie but also I could see that she wenton a journey with all of the main characters, trying to find a bit of'herself' in those stories. When the operation frames had started shenearly covered her face with a blanket – not feeling ready to see therest of the action and was likely to burst into tears when they weretaking off the plaster from Kamila's face after the nose correctionsurgery. The film occurred to be emotionally appealing towards nearly18 years old, sensible, teenage girl as well as to her 'older' friend.At the very end she said: 'Yes that kind of things really happen ineveryman life's'.

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