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Destination Tokyo (1943)

In order to provide information for the first air raid over Tokyo, a U.S. submarine sneaks into Tokyo Bay and places a spy team ashore.

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The Synopsis for Destination Tokyo (1943) 720p

Made during World War II, this chronicles a voyage of a U.S. submarine on a secret mission to the very shores of Japan. Much of the film is spent developing the cast of characters that populate the sub.

The Director and Players for Destination Tokyo (1943) 720p

[Director]Delmer Daves
[Role:]John Garfield
[Role:]Cary Grant
[Role:]Alan Hale

The Reviews for Destination Tokyo (1943) 720p

Solid but also better seen from its original contextReviewed bysecondtakeVote: 7/10

Destination Tokyo (1943)

While not officially a propaganda film (it's not endorsed or paid for by the government), this is one of many films the studios put out to basically join the effort, putting their shoulder to the wheel. It's not a great film for our times mostly because it's overflowing with lessons, with the propagandistic style of persuading us the Japanese were bad and the U.S. soldiers, with all their wonderful flaws, were out to save us.

I say this first because it's a lot of baggage to wade through. The other side to this coin is an adventure war movie where Cary Grant is in charge of a submarine out for a special mission. It's well paced, generally well acted (the cast is filled with lesser actors along with the main three). John Garfield is an average sailor with a big role, and big ego that grates on some of the other sailors. But he tells ribald stories that they can't help listening to. The one older actor is the cook played by character actor Alan Hale, who is appropriately comic.

So, what you get is some very talented people explaining the current events, including lots of anti-Japanese chat. The interior shots in the sub are fairly realistic (though from what I read, an actual sub is far more cramped). The outside stuff varies a lot in quality. The shots of the sub underwater are painfully crude models in water tanks. Some of the landscapes are also invented in the studio and you can tell.

What carries it at all is a sense of danger and necessity. These men have to succeed to defeat evil. Remember (of course) the audience at the time had a very black and white view of the war, and of the enemies. They were anxious for confirmation that we were capable of such things, and that the enemy (Japan, but also Germany is discussed) is fundamentally wrong—they lack freedoms, the woman are simply alive to bear children, no free press, etc.

Why did I watch it? Cary Grant. I'm curious about his range, and his being corralled into this kind of vehicle. I'm guessing he was partly interested in helping the war effort, and partly under contract. And you know what? He's great. He plays it straight, and he's smart, confident, warm, complex. If you like Grant, you might like this movie just for that reason.

Another thing to say overall: it gets better as it goes. The set up in the first half is a bit obvious and sometimes stiff or slow. But there is a medical emergency which is pretty great, and then there is the general operation in Tokyo Harbor. It's all dramatic and well done by first-time director Delmar Daves. Yeah, it's got a lot of dated script to wade through, but the best of it is great war stuff best remembered for its context.

Reviewed byMatthew Ignoffo ([email protected])Vote: /10

With all the stir over Bruckheimer and Bay's silly PEARL HARBOR action ride,you might want to see some more realistic and gritty war films. Among themshould be the historical retelling of Pearl Harbor in TORA! TORA! TORA! andthe Doolittle raid in THIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO.

The Doolittle raid would not have been possible without the scouting job ofthe submarine that snuck into Tokyo bay to guide the plains in over thecity. This film gives a rousing account of that mission as well as abeautifully done propaganda job to keep the troops and folks back homeenergized during the war.

The film still stands up well as a genuine action adventure. Definitely amovie for those who enjoy great film.

Effective, WWII-era submarine filmReviewed byrobb_772Vote: 8/10

This is a rare World War II film, actually made during the war itself, that never descends into simple propaganda. Director Delmer Daves and the three screenwriters must have been knowledgeable of that era's wartime operations and proceeds as the film seems highly realistic and never stretches credibility for a minute. The gritty film is tightly plotted, and the pace never flags despite the lengthy runtime. The entire cast is exceptional, and the film even manages to avoid much of the ugly racism that often mars many other war-themed movies form this era. A somewhat unusual film for lead actor Cary Grant, cast very much against type, and the commanding actor pulls it off with great aplomb.

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