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Distant Drums (1951)

Distant Drums is a movie starring Gary Cooper, Mari Aldon, and Richard Webb. After destroying a Seminole fort, American soldiers and their rescued companions must face the dangerous Everglades and hostile Indians in order to reach...

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The Synopsis for Distant Drums (1951) 720p

Navy Lieutenant Tufts accompanies scout Quincy Wyatt into the Everglades to rout the Seminole Indians who are threatening the early settlers in Florida. When the command is forced to run, Wyatt and Seminole Chief Oscala square off in an exciting climax.

The Director and Players for Distant Drums (1951) 720p

[Director]Raoul Walsh
[Role:]Gary Cooper
[Role:]Ray Teal
[Role:]Richard Webb
[Role:]Mari Aldon

The Reviews for Distant Drums (1951) 720p

Formalaic story but told wellReviewed byautobeneluxVote: 9/10

Good sets and use of the everglades.Cooper is once again the ipitome of what a hero should be ,underplaying ,but shows what a superb cinema actor he was by seemingly doing very little but conveying through facial and body language all that is necessary. Good filmic acting is so different from the stage and this man had it!

First wilhelm scream!Reviewed byericstevensonVote: 8/10

This movie would be forgotten by most audiences if not for the fact that it was the first film to use the Wilhelm scream, the most popular sound effect in movie history! It's odd, because I know I heard it twice before the alligator scene. Anyway, how does it work as a movie? I admit to not seeing many Gary Cooper films. I'm just not into Westerns. What I love about this film is how beautiful it looks.

While everything's color now, this was made when color films were rare and it really does look amazing. The story is that a cowboy is fighting in the Mexican-American War and has to fight hostile Indians as well. It was even a nice history lesson as I forgot that President Zachary Taylor was a general. It was kind of personal as I live in Florida. I've never been to the Everglades, though. While not great, it's worth watching. ***

"Objective Burma" as an eastern western.Reviewed bytmwestVote: 6/10

Niven Busch wrote such great stories as "Pursued" and "Duel in the Sun", so when you see his name on this film you expect something unusual. What you get instead is "Objective Burma" on a different time and location. Also Max Steiner's music is not at its best, nothing to compare with what he wrote for "They Died With Their Boots On". The good things here are the color cinematography showing the wild Florida Everglades, the underwater fight, Cooper's performance, and specially the sensual beauty of Mari Aldon. Where "Drums" differs from "Burma" is with this very good inclusion of the feminine element. The romance between Cooper and Aldon, with their different points of view about "holding a grudge" saves this film from boredom.

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