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Don Juan DeMarco (1994)

Don Juan DeMarco is a movie starring Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, and Faye Dunaway. A psychiatrist must cure a young patient that presents himself as Don Juan, the greatest lover in the world.

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The Synopsis for Don Juan DeMarco (1994) 720p

Well-respected psychiatrist Dr. Jack Mickler is only 10 days away from his retirement. A week before he is due to leave, he encounters a young man who attempts suicide--would be a pretty straightforward case except the young man claims to be Don Juan, the fabled Spanish nobleman and world renowned seducer/lover of woman. Despite original hostility from his co-workers, Jack manages to persuade his associates to put the youth in his care for 10 days after which the youth will undergo an evaluation to be either released from psychiatric care or sent to a mental institution. However, as the 10 days progresses, Dr. Mickler and the other staff become gradually drawn into to the young man's exotic world of love, passion and pleasure as he recounts his story to them. Whilst doing so the man's philosophies and zeal for life and love begins to revive Dr. Mickler's somewhat passionless relationship with his wife, Marilyn as well as challenging his own views and ethics to the point where both he ...

The Director and Players for Don Juan DeMarco (1994) 720p

[Director]Jeremy Leven
[Role:]Faye Dunaway
[Role:]Marlon Brando
[Role:]Johnny Depp
[Role:]Géraldine Pailhas

The Reviews for Don Juan DeMarco (1994) 720p

Exceptional Romance spiced by witty comedic dialog worth its 10Reviewed byjeromec-2Vote: 7/10

Every movie reflects its times. This one is certainly no exception. The mysteries of courtship have reduced to awkward teen-age comedies or sexual romps where the sex has little or no relevance and even less lust.

So much of the wonder of this film is derived from its fantasy. As long as we think its fantasy, we do not have to ask how accurate it may represent our reality. In other words this film wisely avoids what is and focuses on what should be. Or maybe what was.

The movie opens with Don Juan DeMarco (Johnny Depp) walking with purpose and in the full costume of an 18th century cavalier (complete with a cape). He goes into a restaurant. There he finds a beautiful young woman waiting for her dinner companion (who is late). Don Juan begins to talk to her. He takes her hand, and noticing her knuckles (a word of cacophony if ever there was one) and delivers an ode, which celebrates the perfection of that part of her hand. His words are smooth and his delivery flawless. His sincerity cannot be questioned. She succumbs to his charm. After a seduction (he would not have been concerned if he had failed), he announces that he is now ready to kill himself! Talk about tongue in cheek.

He is set to do it when Marlon Brando enters as the wonderful Dr. Mickler/ Don Octavio De Flores who is hoisted up to where Don Juan is by a Cherry Picker that he has trouble getting into. Don Octavio immediately talks Don Juan down by accepting whom Juan thinks they both are. That's the wonderful beginning.

In the next 10 days, Don Juan tells Don Octavio, a series of tales that reminds one of Scherezade. In the meantime every woman and one of the men besides Don Octavio (a really tall muscular masculine type named Rocco) come completely under his spell and they all listen to their hidden romantic side.

Don't confuse Don Juan DeMarco with the Decameron. The movie is not really about sex, seduction, or relationships between men and woman.

I may be wrong, but I think it is a yearning. It is a cry for something better that we all want for ourselves. What woman would not want to have notice taken of the effort she has gone to make herself as good looking as she can? What man would not like to have the skill to make a woman believe what he says about her? What man does not secretly wish he was so deeply committed to something (women in this case) that his words would convey his deep feelings effortlessly? Furthermore that his commitment was pure and truthful? That it was not a line? We cannot look at these questions in a movie without covering them with something like fantasy. The ideal is so unappealing. We want instant gratification.

I have thought about this for a considerable time and have come to the conclusion that a woman could never accept what I have written without thinking it was masculine crap. If cornered I would agree. But before I did, I would point out that Don Juan was a poet whose verses are life. He believes what he says: it is his ultimate truth. Seduction and sex are really quite secondary. Finding perfection and conveying it is primary.

Don Juan is well worth your two-hour investment. Perhaps it will connect you to what you yearn for and the truth everyone seeks.

A girlfriend put it best: "Johnny Depp is sex on a stick in this movie, you have to see it!"Reviewed bybeachbabyusaVote: 7/10

"Don Juan De Marco" is really the ideal romantic comedy. It's so adorable! The best part is definitely the star, Johnny Depp, which the name should speak for itself but as long as I'm writing... sexy, sensual, mysterious, and amazingly charasmatic. His accent is wonderful and his mannerisms draw you in. Not to mention his eyes...

Then there are the monologues he goes into that make all of us women wish that there was a "Don Juan De Marco: How to Make Love to a Woman 101" course for all boyfriends/husbands/one night stands to take. His descriptions of sex that many men would turn into vulgar vocabulary lessons nobody ever wanted to hear instead are romantic and sweet. Really, we know that we can't expect all guys to live up to a written character that was actually designed to be the greatest lover the world has ever seen... but who's concerned with reality when they're watching Johnny?

How this got by with a PG-13 rating, I do NOT know, but who's complaining! I definitely have a feeling this movie was geared towards female audiences, and for once the sex scenes highlight the guy! That's where the "sex on a stick" part comes in. Yummy!

I love movies that answer everything, and the end to this movie is perfect. It's too good to be true, but that's ok. It's unbelievable, but that's alright. If you're cynical, or if you're, well, a straight male... then this movie probably isn't the best for you. If you're a Johnny Depp fan, or, well, a straight female... then this is definitely worth checking out. But bottom line, its romantic, entertaining, sexy as HELL, and just plain fun.

unabashedly amorous and sweetReviewed bysaska-3Vote: 7/10

DON JUAN DEMARCO lives in the comedy section at my local Blockbuster. I suppose that is the best place for it; it does not suffer under the weight of its psychiatric-evaluation plot device, is exultant and exhilarating, and includes some truly laugh out loud funny lines.

For the most part, though, DJDM is a romantic fable with lessons not just for men (about how to seduce a woman touching nothing but her hand, for example), but for women as well (about how romance can exist in our everyday lives, even if we never encounter Don Juan).

Johnny Depp plays Don Juan DeMarco, the world's greatest lover - a 21 year old man in Queens, NY when we meet him. He has nothing left to live for and climbs to the top of a billboard to await a worthy adversary who will end

his life. Instead, he gets a somnambulistic psychiatrist on the verge of retirement (Marlon Brando), who convinces him to come down and promptly commits him for observation.

In tone, the film is similar to CHOCOLAT (which also stats Depp) and LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE; its environment of a psychiatric hospital where the young Don Juan must prove his sanity reminds me of the grandfather in A PRINCESS BRIDE. It gives us a point of reference in our own world and prevents the unbridled romanticism of Don Juan's monologues from getting out of hand.

No man other than Depp could sit squarely in this modern-world fishbowl and deliver the lines of Don Juan. He insisted on working with Brando on the film, but he outshines the cinema icon in every shared shot. His physical beauty is less important than his utter sincerity - a sincerity so convincing that even my "I hate chick flicks" husband can watch with a straight face and come away in a better mood.

As Don Juan says, "there are only four questions of value in life: What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for? What is worth dying for?" By the end of the film, he has proven his point: "the answer to each is the same - only love." Not that the story answers all of its own questions...

Is Don Juan a pathological liar and a schizophrenic? Is he troubled but sincere? Does Brando's Dr. Mickler really get conflicting evidence from Don Juan's family, or has he slipped into a daydream fueled by his desire to recapture the part of himself Don Juan represents? No matter how many times I see the film, I end up believing *in* Don Juan, even if I do not *believe* him.

DJDM gets a 7 in spite of being one of my favorite films. The reason: Brando can be nearly intolerable at times, but Depp picks up his slack. Highly recommended to romantics of all ages - one of the sexiest movies in my collection, despite its PG rating.

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