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Door to Door (2002)

A man with cerebral palsy is determined to become a salesman.

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The Synopsis for Door to Door (2002) 720p

Bill Porter, a man afflicted with cerebral palsy, is desperate to find a job despite his condition. He uses his sense of humor, determination and winning spirit to convince a manager to hire him as a door-to-door salesman for Watkins, a supplier of household items and baking products. Porter walks several miles every day on his sales route, eventually working his way into the hearts of his customers. This film is based on a true story.

The Director and Players for Door to Door (2002) 720p

[Director]Steven Schachter
[Role:]Kyra Sedgwick
[Role:]Kathy Baker
[Role:]William H. Macy

The Reviews for Door to Door (2002) 720p

Patience and PersistentReviewed bymagicp167Vote: 10/10

Bill Porter was a man pretty much everybody knew and loved on his little neighborhood. They never really noticed him until he was gone (retired). He meant a lot to people's hearts and minds. All he would say is that he's just a salesman trying to pay for the rent. But we know he's a lot more than that. And I believe this movie, does a great job at showing how nice of a man he is. William H. Macy does a terrific performance as the salesman Bill Porter. And him and Steve Schacter did a great job together. This story has warmth, love, and yes even tragic in it. So, see the story of a different kind of hero. And visit Bill Porter's website at if you have any cleaning troubles or anything. Just give it patience and persistent.

Reviewed by ([email protected])Vote: 10/10/10

William H. Macy strikes gold in this wonderfully done film. Not only wasMacy the star of the story he was also the co-writer andProducer.

This is the story of Bill Porter, a door to door salesman for the Watkinscompany, who has cerebral palsy. The story takes us from the early 1950'supto the late 1990's and shows us the life of this salesman and all thepeoplewho he has met and affected, for over forty years.

Bill is a loveable, funny, caring, and sympathetic character who theviewercannot help but fall in love with.

The story is well worth seeing and will leave you in tears at times, andlaughing right up until the end. I highly recommend this wonderfulfilm.

Viewers hint: Keep your eyes on the tree!

The most awesome Salesman ever!Reviewed byRuthlessGoatVote: 10/10

Move over Joe Girard. Have another snort of Oxyclean, Billy Mays. Alec Baldwin, for you and your BMW, F**k You, that's his name because this guy (Wm. Porter) pounded out his route on foot and was the most Ruthless Salesman of all time. William H. Macey , in a magnificent tour-de- force, plays this real-life Salesman who sold Watkins Products for 40 years, mostly door to door on a 7 mile route in Portland Oregon. What a route this was too, as every home on these hilly streets seemed to have cathedral steps in front as well. Why this is important is that Bill Porter was significantly disabled, crippled with cerebral palsy as well as having a horrible speech impediment. He was also scary-looking enough to send children running from the door in fear.

Know your territory? This was a well-known slogan in the musical Music Man, but Bill Porter OWNED his territory,working it so hard, consistently and furiously that upon the death of one customer it was discovered that she had a virtual Watkins warehouse in one of her bedrooms. J.R. Watkin's top Salesman had the tenacity of a General Patton and the stealth of a komodo dragon when it came to getting orders for stuff like spices and laundry detergent, goods that could easily be obtained more cheaply at retail outlets. How tenacious was Bill? He was already crippled and had been run over by a bus, but he was pitching Double-Strength Almond Extract to his hospital roommate, who was in a body cast. There is no question in my mind that the next shipping day there would be cases of extract sitting next to the dying man's bed because Porter was just that driven to make the sale. Until his death, this guy was ALWAYS CLOSING.

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