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Doula (2022) 1080p

After the sudden death of their midwife, an L.A. couple hire her son to be their live-in doula.

IMDB: 6.11 Likes

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  • Language: English 5.1  
  • Run Time: 105
  • IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 
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The Synopsis for Doula (2022) 1080p

After the sudden death of their midwife, an L.A. couple hire her son to be their live-in doula.

The Director and Players for Doula (2022) 1080p

[Director]Cheryl Nichols
[Role:]Troian Bellisario
[Role:]Arron Shiver
[Role:]Will Greenberg

The Reviews for Doula (2022) 1080p

Refreshing, unapologetic, witty and beautiful.Reviewed bycarlapr-92464Vote: 10/10

This was a pleasure to watch, it was funny & smart and yet beautiful. What a cool film. Just what women need now : an unapologetic witty character that teaches importance on body autonomy via her birth plan & how to stay wild through it all.

Painful to get through this movieReviewed byester-896-449187Vote: 2/10

This was so painful to get through that I seriously considered not finishing it. Giving it 2 stars only because technically there is nothing wrong with the movie. Creatively, on the other hand, this is one big disaster. Horrible performances, extremely annoying characters and script that tries so hard to be funny all make this project one big waste of your time. There are so many scenes that I wish were just cut and left on the cutting floor or never even made it past the first draft. Sorry, wish I could say anything nicer. This was just very uncomfortable to watch and made little to no sense throughout.

Why, Chris Pine, why?Reviewed bytrinaboiceVote: 2/10

THINGS I LIKED:I adore Chris Pine, so as soon as I found out that he produced this movie, I wanted to see it. DOULA marks the first feature film produced by Chris Pine and his new production company called Barry Linen Motion Pictures, produced in association with Vacation Theory and Universal Pictures Content Group. Producer Chris Pine adds, "Making Doula was a dream come true. It's written by one of our best friends, directed by one of our best friends, starring a bunch of our best friends. The film was a ton of fun to make and we hope audiences see that when they're watching it." In real life, Chris Pine has appropriately hairy and manly arms, but in this movie, they're SUPER hairy. Two of the characters in the movie mention it. Ha ha

Troian Bellisario plays Deb. She's the real-life daughter of Deborah Pratt, who plays Deb's mother. Deb's character is super obnoxious and has a terrible potty mouth.

The film shows the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy, as well as the toll it can take on relationships.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE:Most of the movie was a slog to get through, mostly because I didn't enjoy spending time with any of these people. None of the characters are very appealing. Some are downright annoying.

So many scenes could have been edited completely out.

Why don't people lock their bedroom doors? Seriously.

The movie makes doctors look like quacks.

TIPS FOR PARENTS:Kids will be completely bored. So will some adults.

The very first word we hear is an F-bomb. After that, there are plenty more, as well as other kinds of profanity and crude language.

Talk of prostitutionYou see an unmarried couple go at it in bed with skin and sound effects.

A woman masturbates.

People smoke weed, including a pregnant woman.

People get drunk, including a pregnant woman.

A woman flips the bird.


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