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Downsizing (2017)

A social satire in which a man realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself to five inches tall, allowing him to live in wealth and splendor.

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The Synopsis for Downsizing (2017) 720p

"Downsizing" follows a kindly occupational therapist who undergoes a new procedure to be shrunken to four inches tall so that he and his wife can help save the planet and afford a nice lifestyle at the same time.

The Director and Players for Downsizing (2017) 720p

[Director]Alexander Payne
[Role:]Christoph Waltz
[Role:]Matt Damon
[Role:]Hong Chau

The Reviews for Downsizing (2017) 720p

Original, But Poorly ExecutedReviewed byKJ ProulxVote: 6/10

From Sideways, to Nebraska, to The Descendants, and even Paris, je t'aime, I've pretty much loved everything that I've seen from director Alexander Payne, making Downsizing one of my most anticipated films of 2017. Having heard so little about the film aside from its concept, I went into the screening fairly cold. Sadly, the film doesn't have a whole lot more to offer than its brilliant concept and exceptional first act. I must admit that I left feeling disappointed, thinking they could've made this a better movie in many ways. When a film has so much promise and doesn't exactly deliver on much of it, I feel as though many people would be let down by that. Here is why I believe everyone should see Downsizing, despite it being slightly too mediocre as a final product.

In this dramedy, which also in part a social satire of its own genre, Downsizing follows a couple who believes their lives would be better if they were to shrink themselves and be transferred to a new world called Leisureland. This place exists to conserve the Earth and save the environment, by these shrunken people needed much fewer resources. With multiple meanings to the title, this is a concept that sounds incredible on paper but doesn't exactly translate into that great of a movie. Throughout the first act, I found myself immersed in this world and couldn't wait to be taken on its journey, but I soon found myself losing interest when political and religious elements began to take over. This is a movie that could've done so much more with its premise.

Without giving anything away, there are many characters that come in and out of this film in a heartbeat, pretty much leaving them in the dust, when in reality they were actually interesting and added a layer to the overall story. It felt as though Alexander Payne wanted to focus so much on the idea of the Downsizing concept, that he sidelined quite a few characters along the way. His films have always been about characters, and while Paul (Matt Damon) and Ngoc (Hong Chau) share some great chemistry throughout this film, it's hard not to wish that all of the characters throughout the first act were present throughout the entire film. This was a very curious issue I had while watching and definitely upon reflection.

As soon as you're brought into this other world that has been built for those who shrunk themselves over the years, you will find yourself kind of transfixed at how interesting the visuals are and how well the comedic aspects come into play, but what you don't expect is for the film to take a dramatic turn and really have you thinking hard about the world we live in and whether or not certain lines of dialogue are true about society in general. This is an eye-opening film in that regard and the third act is incredibly ambitious, but I just don't think it really sticks the landing that it strives to achieve.

In the end, this is one of the most original ideas I can recall in recent memory, but an idea doesn't make a film great. It's the film itself that needs to win you over as a whole, and Downsizing just didn't do that for me. On many accounts, this is a very impressive movie from a technical standpoint and it takes risks that I didn't expect it to, but the risks it takes will only work for a few audiences members that can relate to it.

This is a movie that promises a lot and tries to deliver on all of those promises, while also shoving in side plots that make this film too emotionally complex to really be invested in the satirical aspects by the end. I wish this film went through a few more rewrites, because there is a satirical masterpiece of a movie in here somewhere, but it's just not the product that you'll be seeing in theatres soon. Downsizing is worth your time in terms of originality, but I wouldn't get your hopes up on it being a favorite of yours.

So disappointing!Reviewed bystlblewVote: 5/10

This movie was so so many ways. With so many strong, media-hyped and highly anticipated films coming out in the 2017 holiday/end-of-the-year season I feel cheated that I chose to see Downsizing over other contenders. I thought the premise was fresh and imaginative but then, less than half-way through the movie, the whole story line took took a sharp turn. The 'charm' disappeared and the characters, along with the plot, seemed to sail off in an uncharted direction. (Before the movie ended I was already thinking of the recent 'disastrous' fate of the film MOTHER!) The whole literal downsizing idea had so much more potential than to be turned into another Hollywood message film to the audience.

Nothing to look down at.Reviewed byGrumphyVote: 8/10


There seem to be people who care about people and people who don't want to understand people. The latter are bigoted and small at the same time. They are blind for what they want and what they want is insignificant. So without much further ado.

The story is not about what you think it is about. If you haven't seen it yet. Not going into detail because spoilers abound and this one is worth watching the first time without knowing nothing about the film. Helps to avoid unnecessary expectations which seems to trouble some of the viewers. Suffice to say the story is original, witty, funny and heart warming. If you've liked Alexander Payne's earlier work, you will most definitely enjoy this one as well. Dialogue is borderline genius at times. If not.

Acting wise I'm not sure if Matt Damon was the best casting choice, because contrary to his profession (in the film) he can come across a little too stiff or wooden at times. the if it is intentional, perhaps a lesser star (not to say smaller) would've been better. And while being the biggest star, he is undeniably shadowed by his co stars. Then again Christopher Waltz just shines too bright. Wonder how many watts Waltz is? Sorry.

Visuals are charming. Camera work is solid and helps to forward the story, editing organic and smooth with little to complain about. Occasional issues with the scale ratios in comparison with actors/objects and the background are secondary and dismissible. Special effects are mostly very well done and explosions, funnily enough, are second to none.

Sound helps to carry the atmosphere and situations. Emotionally it's not necessarily a roller-coaster, but it has its own spectrum that vibrates mostly in the humorous zone. Slightly damp or teary eyes are not improbable.

The film could've gone in so many directions, but I am really pleased with the route Payne took. Human relations are kind of his thing and I think that some of the negative reviews are really blown out of the proportions (see what I did there), just because they wanted it to be a different kind of film. I figure most people just wanted to see small people doing small people stuff and that would be fun because they're small, but that is a very limited way of looking at things. Payne paints a bigger picture. I guess some are just too small to grasp that.

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