Dracula's Guest (2008) 1080p YIFY Movie

Dracula's Guest (2008) 1080p

Dracula's Guest is a movie starring Amy Lyndon, Wes Ramsey, and Andrew Bryniarski. Based upon Bram Stoker's short stories, Dracula's Guest follows the story of two young lovers, Bram and Elizabeth, who are forced by her father, the...

IMDB: 3.00 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Horror
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.57G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 83
  • IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 16 / 26

The Synopsis for Dracula's Guest (2008) 1080p

Based upon Bram Stoker's short stories, Dracula's Guest follows the story of two young lovers, Bram and Elizabeth, who are forced by her father, the Admiral Murray, to take a one year probation from their relationship in order to determine whether their love is true. Meanwhile, the Count Dracula is in London searching for a new home and coincidentally, or not, comes across young Elizabeth at the train station after she's run away from home and her father's overbearing ways. Dracula, though, proceeds to kidnap her and take Elizabeth to his castle where he waits for her father's arrival to settle an ancient dispute. Meanwhile, Bram' friend Malcolm sets out to inform Bram of Elizabeth' kidnapping but he soon falls to Dracula's evil ways. And, upon finding his best friend dead Bram sets out across Europe to rescue his true love.

The Director and Players for Dracula's Guest (2008) 1080p

[Director]Michael Feifer
[Role:]Wes Ramsey
[Role:]Andrew Bryniarski
[Role:]Kelsey McCann
[Role:]Amy Lyndon

The Reviews for Dracula's Guest (2008) 1080p

Bad accents, storyline and actorsReviewed bysmordantVote: 1/10

Wife has this playing on Fear Net, have to say I loves me a good Dracula movie, but this is far from good, down right awful.

Being a Brit in the US I get fed up of Americans trying to sound English.

Another reviewer mentioned the guy playing Stoker having a lower English, Cockney accent, he is actually speaking in an Irish accent which shows someone did some research as Bram Stoker was Irish.

The rest of the accents and acting were really bad and the actor playing Dracula was a bad choice, he looked comical rather than dark and brooding as you'd expect.

I don't necessarily expect a scary movie to scare the life out of me to enjoy it but when it is cringe-worthy to watch it is just comical in a bad way.

If only there were zero stars...Reviewed byicer_roseVote: 1/10

I really tried to give this movie a chance, I really did. I am a fan of cheesy horror flicks, especially if they involve zombies or vampires. However, I've seen high school video projects that are more entertaining than this waste of time. The sets, costumes, and actors were all sub-par to the extreme. "Dracula's castle" was just an old and not very large house. The plot was complete rubbish and had no relation to the actual "Dracula's Guest" story by Bram Stoker. I tried fast-forwarding through the boring parts, but that left me almost skipping through the entire movie. Furthermore, making Bram Stoker a character, and a rather weak character at that, was a horrible idea. I wouldn't be surprised if Bram Stoker himself came back from the dead to prevent any more people from watching this film. Do not waste your time or money on this garbage.

You mean this is a professionally made film?Reviewed byminlinVote: 2/10

I watched this on the FEARnet website, for free thank goodness. If I'd paid money to see this thing I'd have been quite ticked off. I seriously thought it was a fan-made film, something a group of amateurs had done for fun. Or maybe a student film. Then I found out it was released by Lions Gate. Seriously?! The plot was confusing and incoherent, much of the dialog was sappy and the 'acting' by most of the cast was atrocious. I gave it a 2 because it did make me giggle a few times, so I guess it could be considered slightly entertaining. However, it wasn't amusing enough for me to recommend it even as 'so bad it's good'. Don't waste your time.

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