DragonHeart: A New Beginning (2000) 720p YIFY Movie

DragonHeart: A New Beginning (2000)

An orphaned stable boy befriends with a young dragon named Drake and with the help of others help him learn how to fly and fight and protect himself from a ruthless knight.

IMDB: 4.54 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 84
  • IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 
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The Synopsis for DragonHeart: A New Beginning (2000) 720p

When Geoff, an orphaned stable boy (Chris Masterson), discovers Drake (voice of Robby Benson), the world's last living dragon, he realizes that his dream of becoming a knight in shining armor can now come true. Together, they soon face challenges that turn them into heroes. But caught up in the excitement of their new lives, Geoff and Drake fail to see the hidden dangers that surround them.

The Director and Players for DragonHeart: A New Beginning (2000) 720p

[Director]Doug Lefler
[Role:]Rona Figueroa
[Role:]Harry Van Gorkum
[Role:]Christopher Masterson

The Reviews for DragonHeart: A New Beginning (2000) 720p

Tale of a boy and his dragonReviewed bya_chinnVote: 4/10

Okay kids fare about a stable boy who befriends a young dragon. The dragon is voiced by Robby Benson, who's certainly no Sean Connery, who did the voice of the dragon in the original film which I've never actually seen, although Benson did do the voice Beast in Disney's animated version of "Beauty and the Beast" so maybe he does have a bit of cred. This film is not a big budget film by any measure, but it's not exactly a cheap low budget production either. Outside of Benson, there are no real name actors, but the special effects are all good and the writing and direction are also competently done, which is more than I was expecting from a De Laurentiis production. I think what was most strange about this film is who exactly was the target audience? It's PG-13 for a fair amount o violence, so it's not exactly a kids movie, but I'm not exactly sure that teens or even pre-teens would be all that interested in a corny tale of a boy and his dragon. Oh well, it kind of works and is passable enough of entertainment.

Reviewed byBoba_Fett1138Vote: 6/10/10

This actually is a worthy sequel to "Dragonheart". OK it misses themagical atmosphere, good special effects and cast but it still is amovie worth seeing.

Good things about the movie are the nicely choreographed fightsequence's and the pretty solid and satisfying end fight. Also themovie provides some successful comical moments.

Still there are some major flaws in the movie. The story itself aboutthe prophecy is quite weak and silly and it's hard to tell at times whoare exactly the bad guys, due to some poor casting and bad storytelling. Some of the scene's were also edited poorly together. Thespecial effects are far from the best ever but also far from the worst.They look acceptable enough.

Robby Benson (best know for voicing the beast in Disney's "Beauty andthe Beast".) wasn't exactly the best choice to voice Drake, he's boringand makes some of the dialog sound silly. Overall the acting is prettysolid by the rest of the cast, of unknown actors.

With some more work on the script, this movie could have been reallygreat. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a third "Dragonheart" moviebeing made.



Reviewed bycolvinsartVote: 6/10/10

I was saddened by such a low score on this film when I looked it up.Obviously it doesn't hold a finger to the original, but it's notterrible. I've seen much worse.

I saw this when I was 11 or 12 and really enjoyed it. I was at the time(and still am) a huge fan of the first film. I felt this one wasn'ttrying to match it though but more or less show the story to a muchyounger audience.

The acting was decent over all, not anything special but not terrible.I liked Chris Masterson as a young orphaned stable boy. As a kid Icould relate to him because of his desire to fight and become a knightbut not being able to.

Over all the effects are not great, but it was basically done on a TVbudget. The dialog wasn't really that good, but it didn't bother melike other films have.

I think this is a great companion to the first one in the fact that itcan re illustrate the power of kindness and love to children. Don'texpect the original film, but sit down with your children and have somefun with them!

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