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Drive, He Said (1971) 1080p

Hector is a star basketball player for the College basketball team he plays for, the Leopards. His girlfriend, Olive, doesn't know whether to stay with him or leave him. And his friend, ...

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  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Run Time: 95
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The Synopsis for Drive, He Said (1971) 1080p

Hector is a star basketball player for the College basketball team he plays for, the Leopards. His girlfriend, Olive, doesn't know whether to stay with him or leave him. And his friend, Gabriel, who may have dropped out from school and become a protestor, wants desperately not to get drafted for Vietnam.

The Director and Players for Drive, He Said (1971) 1080p

[Role:]Michael Margotta
[Role:]William Tepper
[Role:]Karen Black
[Role:Director]Jack Nicholson

The Reviews for Drive, He Said (1971) 1080p

Member of the castReviewed bycbljsteersVote: 1/10

As a member of the cast, I was a member of the band at all the basketball games, I would like to let the world know after being in the movie, that we were not allowed to see it since it was banned in Oregon. This was due to the producers and the director breaking the contract with the University of Oregon where it was shot. Seems that the U of O sign was shown. While we were shooting, we were allowed to eat several meals with the cast and production staff. Mr Nicholson was quite memorable for being one of the most ill-mannered men I have ever met. Quite a time for a young 20 year old. BUt certainly not what campus life was really like in the late 60's and early 70's despite what Hollywood may think. Trombone player from Oregon

Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 3/10/10

Fashionably fragmented, yet infuriatingly half-realizedcharacter-study, an examination of the different personalities of twocollege roommates: a talented but undisciplined star basketball player,and a pot-smoking, womanizing rabble-rouser. We never learn why theseyoung men are friends. They may share confusions about the world andtheir places in it, but they don't seem to have anything else incommon. Making his directorial debut, Jack Nicholson--who also co-wrotethe screenplay with Jeremy Larner, based upon Larner's book--doesn'tintroduce us to the characters with any clarity, nor he does shape thescenes to help us identify with anyone on the screen. There are somevery decent performances here (particularly from newcomer WilliamTepper in the central role), but most of the picture is unformed(perhaps intentionally), sketchy or unsure. Bruce Dern plays thehard-driving basketball coach, Karen Black is the older, married ladyTepper is having an affair with, and Michael Margotta is Tepper'swayward friend (in an off-putting, over-the-top performance). Nicholsonfails to set up the sequences with any particular flavor, preferring (Iassume) to let the character interaction dominate the film's tone; hisscript is no help either, and as a result it is unclear whom we'resupposed to sympathize with. Small, random moments do work (asupermarket fight between Tepper and Black, Dern visiting Tepper in hisdorm-room, all of the scenes set on the court), however the entirethird act of the picture is an excruciating mess. Hoping to juxtaposean all-important b-ball game with a sexual assault, Nicholson shows nostyle at his craft (nor does he earn points for chutzpah, as hisstaging of these events is squashy and ugly). When a director goes outof his way to humiliate his actors, one has to question his motives indoing so. Perhaps if "Drive, He Said" ultimately made some sort ofpowerful statement in the bargain, audiences could forgive thefilmmaker for his lapses in judgment and taste. Unfortunately, theperplexing closer is as dumbfounding as is much of the rest of themovie. *1/2 from ****

Reviewed byMichael_ElliottVote: /10

Drive, He Said (1971)

** (out of 4)

Jack Nicholson's directorial debut is a confussing mess but here goes.The film deals with a troubled basketball star (William Tepper) who'scaught in an affair with a teacher's wife (Karen Black). The onlyperson trying to make him go straight is his coach (Bruce Dern) butoutsiders keep stepping in the way. The film was also co-written byNicholson and most of the blame can start right here. The film is allover the place and it seems there are enough story lines for at leastfive other movies. There's also a subplot with a friend who's trying tododge the draft, which goes no where and leads to some pretty over thetop, wannabe serious moments. The one thing going for the film are somepretty good performances, although it appears Dern is trying to give aNicholson impersonation. Nicholson's direction hits a few good notesbut in the end this seems like something that would have only beenshown on TV. Needless to say it's never gotten an official release onhome video.

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