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Driven (2001) 1080p

A young hot shot driver is in the middle of a championship season and is coming apart at the seams. A former CART champion is called in to give him guidance.

IMDB: 4.55 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 116
  • IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 5 / 6

The Synopsis for Driven (2001) 1080p

Talented rookie race-car driver Jimmy Bly has started losing his focus and begins to slip in the race rankings. It's no wonder, with the immense pressure being shoveled on him by his overly ambitious promoter brother as well as Bly's romance with his arch rival's girlfriend Sophia. With much riding on Bly, car owner Carl Henry brings former racing star Joe Tanto on board to help Bly. To drive Bly back to the top of the rankings, Tanto must first deal with the emotional scars left over from a tragic racing accident which nearly took his life.

The Director and Players for Driven (2001) 1080p

[Director]Renny Harlin
[Role:]Til Schweiger
[Role:]Kip Pardue
[Role:]Sylvester Stallone

The Reviews for Driven (2001) 1080p

Not necessarily an arthouse masterpiece, yet nowhere as bad as its rep.Reviewed bymoonlightreflectionsVote: 8/10

It's been often mentioned by other reviewers that the art of the cornball must have been engineered by Sylvester Stallone; it's just as often forgotten that true tripe goes unwatched merely because it does not go into wide, national release. So guess which movies always receive the worse rep?

Having watched the trailer and anticipated this movie for a while, I knew exactly what to expect beforehand: your typical good guy vs. bad guy, fight for glory, 'win-all-lose-all final confrontation' fare. Surprisingly, I encountered something that attempted to be a little more profound, and while it doesn't exactly hint at the meaning of existence, it explores a facet of human relationships which not many other movies in this genre have touched. The movie's tagline, "Welcome to the human race," does a nice job of encompassing all that this film discusses.

The peculiar thing about the entire setup is that, unlike all other movies in this genre, there are no defined lines. There is no good guy, no bad guy; simply a race for perfection that alludes to the way that most of us wish to live, though the path that we take is an altogether different matter. It's difficult to pick up on, but if enough attention is paid, the idiosyncrasies of each of the characters in this movie speak far more than what their dialogue brings to the table.

Where the film falters, and causes most of the audience to misperceive its message, is in its presentation. It's frenetic, loud, and highly distracting; and yet, tremendously appealing to this particular viewer. The speed with which the director cuts between shots, pans, zooms, spins, spirals, etc., go hand in hand with the feel of the sport in general, and is indeed very creative -- but it is hard to keep up with what's going on. How are we supposed to know what each character is feeling when the scene cuts away before the dialogue is even finished? How are we supposed to be even able to recognize what's happening on the screen when we're not given more than a two-second break between blaringly obtrusive rock songs? Once again, the movie alludes to the sport itself with the commercialization of its soundtrack. And while highly kinetic, and emotionally involving at times (the opening scene with the media was brilliantly executed for a Jimmy Bly point of view), it's just hard to...keep track of everything.

But in the end, the main reason anybody is going to watch this movie for is the racing, particularly the accidents that take place at excesses of 200 miles per hour. And it delivers pretty admirably, truth be told. There are a lot of interesting camera positions and perspectives to make you feel a part of the race, and the special effects could be considered top-notch. Kudos to whoever decided to not give the CG cars and items the cheap, laughter-inducing fluidity of movement that's to be found in just about any other movie with computer graphics (though there were a few scenes with this effect). It's not necessarily realistic, and a little simplistic on the artistic scale, but it reaches a satisfying level of subtlety--and at times, it's fascinating to see some of the things that can be done.

The film is not without its clichés, it sometimes forgets about or fails to discuss a few of its plot points, and the women appear to be portrayed a little 2-dimensionally. But when the crew is watching the race or practice runs from the movie's dramatic camera angles on their small overhead monitor, you simply don't care. The movie takes itself seriously, but it's also intended to be fun; it's merely up to the viewer to interpret how they wish to take it. The first time, it may be a little difficult to swallow, but with subsequent bites, you begin to grow accustomed and appreciate its distinct flavor.

Here's hoping that Stallone sticks to it for a while longer. I'm hungry for more.


Replace the 'n' in the title with an 'l'Reviewed bypicknmixVote: 7/10

It's hard to know where to begin with Driven. As a lover of films and motor sport this manages to insult me on two levels at the same time. Not only is it an abysmal film, which drags out the sorts of cliché's that they didn't think would fly in 'Knight Rider'. The washed up older driver, the young stud, the bitter crippled ex-driver. PLEASE! If not being a script most four years old might reject isn't enough, its also taken Indy car racing and decided its a 'backdrop' and ignores virtual all technical and practical aspects of it for the sake of convenience. So what you have here is a racing film, for anyone who has never watched racing and an action film for people who think very poor CGI slow motion crashes are cool. Anyone who wants to see acting as such wasn't even considered. It was supposedly originally written as an F1 racing story, presumably once F1 had seen the script they chose not to be associated with this moronic enterprise. As far as the cast is concerned, it has to be said that Stallone has made some exceptionally bad choices in recent years regarding movies, and this is yet another. Burt Reynolds always looks to me like his about to crack up - because no on in their right mind would pay anyone to give such performances. The younger drivers all seemed to have come from the 90211 clone farm where they are given blank expressions and stupid hair styles. Bettering them all is Estella Warren, who gives the sort of line delivery which makes the puppet cast of Thunderbirds seem like they were members of the Royal Shakespeare! Is their anything good about Driven? Yes, it convinced me that I won't watch another Stallone movie unless it has five Oscars beforehand.

Reviewed byPat ScopellitiVote: 1/10/10

This movie is stunningly bad. Not just a poor movie. This is a waste ofmoney. A waste of time. A waste of an opportunity whose time may notagaincome for decades.

Note that I did not say a waste of talent. Of that there was none. Theacting is unbelievably wooden. Think back to the first Star Trek movie.Yes, that bad! Burt Reynolds in particular is incrediblyunderwhelming.

The writing is unimaginably worse. Something a sophomore would write, thentoss away. There is no depth to any character, situation, or scene.Whatever you see on the screen is it. There is nothing more, and not evenmuch there. Everything seems to have been shot in onetake.

Things happen for no apparent reason, then are immediately forgotten. Racescenes seem to be a mad mix of green laps, crashes, yellows, with nopatternor logic.

Oh, did I mention logic? Please check it at the door because this filmexhibits virtually none.

We almost got tossed. You see.. since the film absolutely sucked, wereverted to the only thing left for a bunch of guys to do at a lousy movie.We started counting sets of hooters. The unofficial count was 41. Therulewas that to be counted the female could not be in a starring role, but hadto be photographed just to show off her chest, just to get the movie tothenext scene.

Thank you Bernie Ecclestone! Thank you for not getting involved in thismess. One of my friends mentioned that CART management must have been nutsto have themselves portrayed as poorly as this waste of film showsthem.

This film makes "Days of Thunder" appear to be fine art.

Hell, this film makes "Death Race 2000" appear to be fineart!

I want to write Warner Brothers, not to demand a refund of my money (yeah,if I had paid), but more to demand a refund of the two hours of my lifethatwere wasted by this lox.

Dude.. this movie sucks.

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