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Drone (2014)

Drone is a movie starring Brandon Bryant, Zubair Rehman, and John Bellinger III. The documentary is about the covert CIA drone war. Through voices on both sides of this new technology, the film reveals crucial information about the...

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The Synopsis for Drone (2014) 720p

The documentary follows people on both sides of the drone technology. The unique access to drone victims in Waziristan is juxtaposed to drone pilots who struggle to come to terms with the new warfare. The film covers diverse and integral ground from the recruitment of young pilots at gaming conventions and the re-definition of "going to war", to the moral stance of engineers behind the technology, the world leaders giving the secret "green light" to engage in the biggest targeted killing program in history, and the people willing to stand up against the violations of civil liberties and fight for transparency, accountability and justice.

The Director and Players for Drone (2014) 720p

[Director]Tonje Hessen Schei
[Role:]Mark Mazzetti
[Role:]John Bellinger III
[Role:]Zubair Rehman
[Role:]Brandon Bryant

The Reviews for Drone (2014) 720p

Interesting but nothing newReviewed bydonmn763Vote: 4/10

This is an interesting documentary but hardly groundbreaking. We've been debating American policy on using drones for a decade or more. This documentary does very little to answer any questions. We hear from soldiers, citizens, business leaders and policymakers who are either opposed to drone use or favor it. It simply puts pictures to a debate we've been having for a decade.

The most interesting and perhaps the most important question is left totally unanswered: If not drones then what? More troops? Do nothing? If you're looking for answers, this is not the documentary where you'll find any.

Excellent award winning documentaryReviewed bynovicmelissaVote: 10/10

This is truly a masterpiece of a documentary tapping into a topic so many in the US are afraid to touch on. The drone operators that have been speaking out against the drone program in the aftermath of the DRONE documentary, have done so risking their own safety. Many have been harassed online, and attempts have been made to discredit them. DRONE is not only credible when it comes to sources, it also features the first drone operator to actually tell the truth about the drone program and how it is destroying the lives of young operators lured into the serve-your-country-blindly trap. The documentary is well balanced when it comes to objectivity, and has been awarded several awards like the Norwegian Amanda for best documentary, Cinema for peace award for Most Valuable Documentary of the Year, Amnesty International award, and others. There have been many attempts to discredit both the film maker and the operator. That only strengthens my belief in what is revealed in the documentary about the drone program.

Orwell in Our WorldReviewed bynatgra-33564Vote: 9/10

My students just finished reading Orwell's 1984, and I always require them to write a documented research essay afterwards which compares Orwell to our modern world. This documentary demonstrates clearly how nations have a continuous, unending pursuit towards weapons development and more destructive technological armaments.

The movie also touches on the connections to Stanley Milgram's obedience experiments of 1961, which, of course, is very fitting.

One moment of the documentary that has me especially incredulous, however, is when a drone manufacturer, Andy Von Flotow, attempts to play off his innocent intent to create drones for the sole purpose of helping tuna fisherman catch more tuna. He claims he could not sell a single one, but fortunately for him the military purchased thousands of his drones after 9/11. No business man is going to invest hours and tens of thousands of dollars into a product unless he is certain he has a buyer. This guy must think the world is full of idiots.

I strongly recommend this educational military documentary.

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