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Dying Young (1991)

After she discovers that her boyfriend has betrayed her, Hilary O'Neil is looking for a new start and a new job. She begins to work as a private nurse for a young man suffering from blood ...

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  • Genre: Drama | Romance
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  • Run Time: 111
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 
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The Synopsis for Dying Young (1991) 720p

After she discovers that her boyfriend has betrayed her, Hilary O'Neil is looking for a new start and a new job. She begins to work as a private nurse for a young man suffering from blood cancer. Slowly, they fall in love, but they always know their love cannot last because he is destined to die.

The Director and Players for Dying Young (1991) 720p

[Director]Joel Schumacher
[Role:]Julia Roberts
[Role:]Campbell Scott
[Role:]Vincent DOnofrio

The Reviews for Dying Young (1991) 720p

Reviewed byIrisheyes0717Vote: 7/10/10

To put it simply, the opening third of this film is intense. Quiteintense. Campbell Scott's Vincent is a tortured young man who onlywants to live enough to prepare himself for death. Julia Roberts'Hillary is essentially her Vivian from Pretty Woman (I hope everyonewho sees this film is as unimpressed as I was with the shamelessallusion to Pretty Woman when Hillary steps off the bus in -- gasp -- ared suit), but it suits the film well. But the passionate acting fromRoberts, yes, but mostly Scott absolutely rends one's heart. WhenHillary declares that she thought "this guy was going to die," theaudience is right there with her. Scott's performance is so rare and sospecial during these opening minutes because he is not self-pitying. Heis aware of his disease, and he's trying to fight it. He's beyondemotional pain, and as he struggles through the physical pain, we startto feel it too. By the time Victor announces that his treatment isfinished and he's ready for a vacation, the audience is ready for onetoo--it's really too much to watch a character we're instantly soattracted to come so close to death so many times.

However, with the change of scenery comes a change of momentum. This isnot surprising considering how emotional the opening third of the movieis--I'm not sure any movie could sustain that degree of intensity forthe length of a feature film. Sadly though, the couple's time in thebeach house becomes, as one critic put it, a kind of music video whichfeatures long shots of "endearing" moments between the two maincharacters. I would have liked to see more *real* discussions,interactions, etc. between the two than the endless close-ups of theirpretty faces. The townsfolk are superfluous--essentially they're stockcharacters, cut-outs of real people that serve no real purpose in thefilm. Vincent D'Onofrio's Gordon is the most confusing character ofall. He seems to have some sort of flirtation with Hillary, but this isnever developed, explained, or resolved. A shame, as it could haveadded more drama to a section of the film that was sorely lacking inany sort of dramatic effect.

The ending of the movie isn't bad, but it never quite recovers themomentum of the earlier section. However, I find that no matter howmuch I dislike the middle part of the film, I keep thinking about thefilm as a whole, and really really liking it. If you're prone to it,this film will probably make you cry. If you're not interested intears, it's still worth watching because at the very least it will makeyou appreciate how lucky you are to not be going through what Vincentgoes through--not having to make the decisions or sacrifices he makeseach day.

I recommend watching it at least once and forming your own opinion.

Reviewed byAnita ([email protected])Vote: 10/10/10

I bought this video in a sale for only £2.50 and although I knew it hadJulia Robert in it, I thought that maybe this was going to be another"Firehouse" which.. Well did nothing for me. I turned the video on, lied onhe sofa and cried! Very few movies ever make me cry, this being one thathasnever failed to every time I have seen it.

Hilary O'Neil is hired as a nurse when Victor Geddes' father goes away onbusiness. Eventually, Hilary becomes more than his nurse, she becomes, inmyopinion; His reason for living. This movie is a powerful and moving storyofone man's need for love and a woman's need simply for ajob.

Definitely one to watch!

Reviewed bypheonix2029Vote: /10

As someone who has seen this movie numerous times, I can honestly say thatthis movie isn't for those people that are looking for a "Happily everafter". This movie is as realistic as a movie about such a subject(Cancer)can be. But the best thing about this movie is the relationship that thecharacters have. The actors, Julia Roberts as the hired nurse and CampbellScott as the very sick young man are excellent and believable in theirrolls. If anything this movie brings out the fact that he has a short timeto live, how he chooses to live his life is what this movie is about. Thestory ends in a way which WE the viewer choose the path we want to see it.If you want a happy ending you can say that they left together and he wascured, BUT if you are realistic and are aware of how many lives cancertakesyou know that they had their time together and eventually he dies. "Youdon't know when you are going to die, nobody does. But we have now, solivewith me Victor. Live with me--Hillary(Julia Roberts). Those words arethe basis of this story, to live the time you have, live for the day. Ihaverecommended this movie to many of my friends and I am doing so here andnow.A must see.

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