Eighth Grade (2018) 720p YIFY Movie

Eighth Grade (2018)

An introverted teenage girl tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth grade year before leaving to start high school.

IMDB: 8.25 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Size: 792.78M
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 94
  • IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 8 / 188

The Synopsis for Eighth Grade (2018) 720p

In his feature film directorial debut, comedian Bo Burnham deftly encapsulates the awkwardness, angst, self-loathing and reinvention that a teenage girl goes through on the cusp of high school. Given that the 27-year-old stand-up comic achieved fame as a teenager himself through YouTube by riffing on his insecurities, he is uniquely capable as the film's writer and director to tell the story of Kayla, an anxious girl navigating the final days of her eighth grade year, despite creating a protagonist w female instead of male. Like Burnham did more than a decade ago, 13-year-old Kayla turns to YouTube to express herself, where she makes advice blogs in which she pretends to have it all together. In reality, Kayla is sullen and silent around her single father and her peers at school, carrying out most of her interactions with her classmates on Instagram and Twitter. Her YouTube videos are a clever narrative tool that provide insight into her inner hopes and dreams, much like an ...

The Director and Players for Eighth Grade (2018) 720p

[Role:]Jake Ryan
[Role:]Emily Robinson
[Role:]Elsie Fisher
[Role:]Josh Hamilton
[Role:Director]Bo Burnham

The Reviews for Eighth Grade (2018) 720p

A True Work of ArtReviewed byfilmmakertophermcleanVote: 10/10

I've seen literally hundreds and hundreds of movies. Nothing has ever come close to how this movie made me feel. I've never felt so truly connected emotionally to a film, beat by beat, as I did watching this work of art. I've also never seen something that so thoroughly and brilliantly spoke about anxiety and the issues related to it. Bo Burnham proved with this, his first cinematic offering, that he is truly an artist and one of the great voices of his (and my) generation.

UnderwhelmingReviewed byemmawatts-05514Vote: 5/10

With all the rave reviews, I was expecting Eighth Grade to become one of my favorite movies. However, it fell incredibly short of my expectations. The main character was extremely annoying, the plot was dull and slow paced, and the overall movie was cringey to say the least. While the film touched on a plethora of coming of age themes, none of them were wholly original or ground-breaking. Overall, Eighth Grade comes across as a movie catered to film critics instead of a relatable coming of age film for all ages to enjoy.

Painful to watchReviewed byjohnmaullVote: 6/10

I saw this movie at the SFFILM festival. It had the potential to be a really good moving about the awkward years during our early teens (middle school) but unfortunately it was poorly written and there was little humor in the movie. As a result, it was 90 minutes of watching a teen in uncomfortable, awkward situations without the levity that this type of movie needs. I sat there waiting for it to be over.

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