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A portrait of

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  • Genre: Biography | Drama
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  • IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 
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The Synopsis for England Is Mine (2017) 1080p

A portrait of and his early life in 1970s Manchester before he went on to become the lead singer of seminal alternative rock band .

The Director and Players for England Is Mine (2017) 1080p

[Director]Mark Gill
[Role:]Jessica Brown Findlay
[Role:]Jodie Comer
[Role:]Jack Lowden

The Reviews for England Is Mine (2017) 1080p

One for the fansReviewed byMike BakerVote: 8/10

At last, a musical biopic that doesn't throw in cheap references, nor equally cheap laughs, and instead gives us a sober, realistic and not always warm character study of the formative years of one of Britain's best loved singer-songwriters. But be warned - if you have no interest in Steven Patrick Morrissey, indeed if you have a passing love for the band and aren't too bothered in learning how he came up with the lyrics that he did, then much of ENGLAND IS MINE might not do a lot for you. This film is definitely one for the proper fans, and for those of us in that position it's a real treat.

Lots to love about this one. Jack Lowden might not look a lot like Morrissey but he gets across very well the sense of alienation and perpetual disappointment that surrounds our hero. He's bored and unfulfilled with every aspect of his life, feeling like there's something more out there and yet too shy and not forthcoming enough to go after it. That lack of belonging is something many young people experience - I know I did - and Morrissey is kind of the Dean of that time in life, and Lowden nails it. His friendship with Linder (fantastic Jessica Brown Findlay) shows him finding a rare kindred spirit, and he reacts to the lost chance of success he arrives at briefly with Adam Lawrence's Billy Duffy by doing what we would all like to and retreating to his bedroom.

The period detail is excellent - you get the vision of late 70s/early 80s Manchester as a bit of a dive, crammed with lost souls and angry voices, from which Morrissey feels entirely apart. Lovely touches, like the cracked, single pane windows upon which rain hammers, add to to reality.

The choice of musical numbers is another bonus. There are no Smiths tracks, given the tale essayed here takes place before the band was formed. Instead we get the 1960s songs that heavily influenced the group's sound, and that's a real bonus. The era before the Smiths existed really feels like another place, another time, bereft of something that they ended up filling. One nice bit of detail, the local venue that exhibits posters for an upcoming Duran Duran concert while Morrissey and Marr (Laurie Kynaston, not in it much) start hammering out the more localised and altogether grittier music and lyrics that would eventually form the Smiths, a great snatch of visual storytelling that the film stuffs in.

And if you aren't interested in that, there's the gallows humour of young Mozzer to enjoy, an acerbic wit that would put people off and yet find expression in his words put to Marr's tunes.

Tedious... as it should be!Reviewed byZkot PenVote: 8/10

My criteria for movies:

Do I believe the characters? Yes.Do I care about the characters? YesDo I believe the story? YesDo I care about the story? Absolutely

I struggled a little through the first half of the movie, finding it tedious, slow, and a little difficult to become engaged in. As I watched, however, I realized that this is Morrissey we're talking about -- someone whom one of the indie/alternative radio stations in America constantly referred to as "Miserable Morrissey". Very slowly, but surely, everything began to make sense in Morrissey's environment and how his experience shaped him into one of the great lyricists of pop music: No way out of the drab working class existence, with a local music scene that says nothing to anybody about their lives, and simply a unique person trying to fit in to a type-cast world. From that backdrop, Morrissey finds some semblance of salvation in poetry and music, friends and family.

I suspect the low IMDB score -- currently 6.1 out of 10 -- may in part be due to the slow pace and the fact that Morrissey almost never smiles. But that's what's so good about the movie -- in the final analysis, it makes me a believer.

The Smiths-less soundtrack is excellent as is the cinematography, the latter adding to the gloomy, grey, drab feel of life in Manchester and its working class. The poetic element, where Morrissey and his friend frequently practice their poetic chops together complements the soundtrack perfectly well.

"England is mine" has its flaws here and there, but nothing so significant as to tarnish a very good, captivating movie. 8 of 10.

It is really boringReviewed byGordon-11Vote: 7/10

This film tells the story of the life of the young Morrissey, before he made is famous in the bank The Smiths.

The film is really boring. Nothing much happens. All we see is a very shy, socially awkward young man who refuses to talk to people. I can't see from the film that he is passionate for music. I can only see the passion for writing. There is little to engage or captivate the viewers. There is not even much music in this film either. The three scenes where posters of Oscar Wilde are seen may insinuate that he is homosexual, but this subplot is so undeveloped that it might have been better just to have skipped it.

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