Eyes of a Thief (2014) 1080p YIFY Movie

Eyes of a Thief (2014) 1080p

A father with a dangerous secret searches for his daughter.

IMDB: 6.50 Likes

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  • Run Time: 98
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
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The Synopsis for Eyes of a Thief (2014) 1080p

A father with a dangerous secret searches for his daughter.

The Director and Players for Eyes of a Thief (2014) 1080p

[Director]Najwa Najjar
[Role:]Suhail Haddad
[Role:]Souad Massi
[Role:]Kal Naga

The Reviews for Eyes of a Thief (2014) 1080p

No simple "boy meets girl" in Occupied PalestineReviewed byRed-125Vote: 10/10

Eyes of a Thief (2014) is a Palestinian film written and directed by Najwa Najjar. Kal Naga is played by the Egyptian star Khaled Abol Naga. Kal, a water engineer, has spent ten years in an Israeli prison. He returns home to find that his wife is dead, and his daughter is missing.

With bitter determination, Kal tracks his daughter to her most likely location, and believes he has found her under the care of a woman named Lila (Souad Massi). His daughter is a tough, no-nonsense young woman. She is portrayed brilliantly by Malak Ermileh. The acting of all three leads was excellent.

What we all want is for Kal to marry Lila and live happily ever after with his daughter and his new wife. This isn't Hollywood, this is Occupied Palestine, which isn't a place where a happy ending is guaranteed from the start. The plot has twists and turns that we don't expect. You'll have to see the movie to find out what they are.

We saw the film at the excellent Little Theatre in Rochester, NY. It was shown as part of the wonderful Witness Palestine Rochester Film Festival. After the movie, there was Q&A with Khaled Abol Naga via Skype. Naga is perfectly fluent in English, and his remarks were very helpful. Even though he's not Palestinian, he understands and sympathizes with the Palestinian people. Every woman I spoke to admired his looks--comments ranged from "drop-dead gorgeous" to "impossibly handsome." The good news is that he can also really act.

This film will work well on the small screen. Watch it on DVD or BluRay if you can't see it in a theater. The movie has a modest IMDb rating of 6.9. It's much better than that.

An Excellent movie for sureReviewed bysamijayousiVote: 10/10

In this well written and directed excellent movie, Najwa Najjar avoids to a certain extent the temptation to get involved in the typical political debate between Israel and its foes as the drama centers around a man (starring the famous Egyptian actor Khaled Abu Naga), whose one life target after spending long years in prison becomes nothing other than finding his missing daughter. As the story does not forget to include a sweet and innocent touch of romance, this excellent piece of art which depicts the day by day life under the longest military occupation in modern history, also tackles many issues that Palestinians face as they try to move on with their lives under military occupation, be it the shortage of water supplies that the Israelis control, the need for jobs, or the existence of collaborators among them as well as underground resistance fighters, let alone a fact that many westerners seem to miss, that the Palestinian people are Moslems and Christians !!. Anyone who watches "Eyes of a Thief", will not only learn a thing or two about life in the occupied Palestinian territories, but will definitely find himself enjoying a very good movie.

Najwa Najjar works = amazingReviewed byaaal1994Vote: 10/10

I'm sure it's going to be a great film as Najwa Najjar is the director i think she is from Nablus we saw her previous film "pomegranates and myrrh" and for this film she's working with "Abo El Nijja" hes a great actor I'm sure it's going to be a great film Wish to see it in Amman cinemas or Cairo cinemas. As the Palestinians film deserve more than the got i mean a lot of films won Oscar, can , academy and much more awards as they are such a great films but on the Arab TV , channels or cinemas we can't see them. I think you should work more for the support from Arabic channels Best of luck Najwa, and best of luck to all Palestinian directors and actors.

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