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Fan (2016) 1080p

Fan is a movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, Carolina Main, and Shriya Pilgaonkar. Gaurav develops an obsession with a movie star who looks just like him. He goes to Mumbai to meet his idol, but he refuses to grant him five minutes of...

IMDB: 7.10 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 2.30G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 138
  • IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for Fan (2016) 1080p

Gaurav a boy from Delhi is a die hard fan of Bollywood superstar Aryan Khanna. He comes to Mumbai to wish his idol on his Birthday, but over there things got worst and Gaurav's obsession turned himself a man who wants to create chaos in Aryan Khanna's life.

The Director and Players for Fan (2016) 1080p

[Director]Maneesh Sharma
[Role:]Shah Rukh Khan
[Role:]Sayani Gupta
[Role:]Shriya Pilgaonkar
[Role:]Carolina Main

The Reviews for Fan (2016) 1080p

Incredible Performance by the King of Bollywood "Shah Rukh Khan"Reviewed bynitinhellthesequelVote: 10/10

The Movie contains high drama and involves a Spine chilling performance by SRK. Not only does he perform the role of a superstar but also performs the role of a Loving fan Gaurav. The plot revolves around love for his superstar which changes to obsession and finally hate. The chase scenes are breathtaking and the character of Gaurav goes wild in our hearts. Emotions run high as the movie reaches its end. Viewers come out of the Hall content and speechless. SRK has shown off his incredible acting skills and there is not a word the critics can say about his performance. The movie is a must see don't waste your time and watch it in a theatre near you. :)

If SRK's life was a song the title would be "The comeback kid"Reviewed bysabyasachidas-41682Vote: 8/10

I was 9 years old when Pardes and Dil Se flopped, every critic, every layman said, he is finished, and then he made a stellar comeback with Devdas. Chennai express, HNY, Dilwale all were commercially successful but SRK was losing his fan base as these films made little justice to his talent and stature. Again articles started floating through out social and print media"Is SRK's career over???". The answer was out on 15th April when FAN hit the screens. SRK has made a comeback and how. "FAN" by all means is a content driven theme, but make no mistake FAN is a average film but it is a brave film. You laugh with Gaurav, you cry with Gaurav, your heart melts when he says"Rehn de, tu nahin samjhega". Fan is an exhibition of acting and skills displayed by SRK or should we say the "Comeback Kid". They say he is stereotyped, they say he doesn't experiment, who would have had the courage to do a RA-One, though not a great film but at least an experiment at something better. No Doubt FAN was a brave move and one that has paid off. Only SRK and only SRK could have acted in a film like FAN, after all nobody loves SRK ore than himself. With few interesting projects up his sleeve fan could just be the comeback vehicle SRK was looking for. Now coming to his performance, SRK is simply brilliant in both the characters played by him, he is contagious as Gaurav and everyone could find a bit of themselves in him. He was a delight on screen, absolute magic. More often than not when SRK plays himself he tends to overdo it but this time as ARyan Khanna he got it just right, that look, that controlled aggression, that Dilliwala toughness, every thing was evident. As some body said "Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom", the rock bottom was landed on SRK but he has come back with a stunner. People who still don't understand the real SRK or the actor in him --"Rehn de, tu nahin samjhega"

Fan Review: .........Just left speechless!Reviewed byPrashast_SinghVote: 10/10

Movie : Fan (U/A)

Rating : 4.75/5

This year's first biggest and most praised film was AIRLIFT starring Akshay Kumar. The success of that film might have encouraged many actors to try something offbeat, but it seems that our SRK is the first one to try among other actors after Akshay. In his recent action - drama - thriller FAN, SRK gives what we call perhaps the best performance any actor can ever give. Besides, it's not just a film that relies totally on him and his stardom, but also on several things like a powerful script, execution, and everything a perfect film has.

FAN, to be honest, is something no one has ever seen not just in case of SRK, but even in case of regular Indian films. Even AIRLIFT had a couple of songs, although they were melodious and didn't hinder the screenplay. But here, FAN doesn't have even one single song at all! The only scope for music is visible in the emotional scenes and the action sequences. This is, believe me, a huge plus point apart from the performance of SRK.

Though his last film to impress me the most was RA-ONE (2011), (I LIKED DILWALE TOO), this is his second most impressive film. Besides, another thing is that apart from RA-ONE, I had not seen any film on the first day of its release. Luckily, FAN is the second film I have seen on the first day of its release. This added to the much of my excitement and praise towards the film.

Shah Rukh Khan, or SRK, as we call him, gives the best performance in his career so far. He is extremely amazing in the emotional and action sequences, and there isn't any doubt that this performance can even bring to him various best actor awards. In my opinion, this is a national award winning act. Since everyone knows he plays two roles, it isn't a spoiler that he rocks in both the roles, although the role of the fan is the most impressive. Other actors are good, although there's only SRK to talk about.

The script and screenplay of the film are quite close to everyone's lives, and this to helps to connect with the film. I realized that during the emotional scenes, I too went emotional and felt some tears in my eyes. This is a film which everyone must watch, not just SRK fans, but even those who criticize him the most.

The technical aspects are top notch. The action sequences of this film are engaging and well shot from beginning to the end. There is no scope for the usual masala fare as almost every SRK film used to be till now, except a few. The editing is quite sharp and there's hardly a dull moment. The film comes with a strong message for everyone, especially the youth. Besides, despite of a UA certificate, this is completely a family friendly film, and can be watched by each and everyone, along with the family.

Overall, FAN is something truly out of the box; it begins with a smile and ends with tears. If you are a true cinema enthusiast, then forget everything and just watch this film. This film doesn't only teach how one should live with one's own identity, but also teaches how every film should be.

Yes, when I left my seat, I was quite emotional.

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