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[Director]Spiro Razatos
[Role:]Leo Rossi
[Role:]Cynthia Rothrock
[Role:]Corey Haim

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Worst writing since 'Cool as Ice.' (spoilers)Reviewed byvertigo_14Vote: 3/10

Good lord, I've got to stop wasting my money on movies from the post-1989 catalog of Corey Haim (except for Prayer of the Rollerboys, which was a decent surprise). This being, of course, yet another film in which those not so overly nostlagic will realize that Corey had hit rock bottom and would never recover.

Fast Getaway is the light-comedy adventures of a team of father-and-son bankrobbers. After a disagreement among their gang of four which included a clueless doofus and a black belt blonde, Nelson (Corey Haim) and his dad decide to rob banks alone. Only Nelson's dad expects it to be temporary, wanting his son to go legit so he can end up in law school or business school (the man has no clear idea of his expectations as to which graduate school track he expects his son to take other than whatever will allow an easy transition into white collar crime) much to the chagrin of Nelson, who loves the life of easy money. But, the team are not as invincible as they think they are when they're busted for robbing a bank in a squat town in Utah around the same time a stranger to the past enters their lives as does their scheming former partners.

It has all the depth of the notorious 'Cool as Ice' "action" film (ranked as one of the worst 100 movies on IMDb), and about as much of the same cheesy writing. I particularly enjoy the scene in which Nelson and dear old dad, trying to escape from the police by anchoring over a bridge, plunge thousands of feet straight down into shallow, rocky rapids and live to tell the tale...completely unscathed, mind you. Or, the finale in which brave Nelson is being dragged from a truck while holding onto a chain link fence that neither eletrocutes him or gets too hot to hold as it is scraped across the pavement for miles. Nor, does it flip with the sharp turns of the truck and the lack of support by his weight. And, I especially cringe at Corey Haim's half-concocted Italian-American accent that reared itself during random moments, not to mention his terrible array of slang, especially in many of the references to women.

Recommended for anyone who can watch any number of Corey Haim's early 90s disasters and actually find them enjoyable.

Corey HaimReviewed byArthurJimboVote: 5/10

This film did not work on many levels. Its been covered on other previous reviews. I would have to agree, and that is why my rating is a 6. There is nothing more aggravating than a movie with big gaping holes in it. Especially in regards to some of the action sequences being absurdly unrealistic. In most cases, these things ruin a film. Not so in this film! Its just not the type of film for some reason that is ruined by such things. Go figure. In my opinion, This films strengths lie in the talent of its lead and the fun that I had as an audience member who was able to suspend his disbelief. Mr. Haim completely makes this possible.

I rented this movie because I've always enjoyed Corey Haim. Im a child of the 80z so... I think his performance as an actor in this is magnificent! Im an actor myself and let me tell ya, it isn't easy! An audience member may think its easy because all they see is the finished product. But the mark of a good actor is that they make it look easy! The work involved is very painstaking to say the least. There are so many moments where Corey plays the love, humor, mischief, etc... Actors don't play those things on screen very well generally speaking. What a rare talent! I give Mr. Haim a 12 out of 10 here. The movie. A 6. Peace and Love and you will be missed Corey Haim.

This entire movie was a fast getaway.Reviewed byAaron1375Vote: 7/10

A rather entertaining (to me anyway) Corey Haim movie from 1991. It is a movie that is fast as the pace is fast as is the run time for this picture. So you do not have to invest a whole lot of time in this adventure, but to me it was a fun adventure. There is a gang of criminals that plan their heists to perfection. Everything is split second timing and the getaways are also to the letter. Well there are four members in this gang and as so often is the case there is a split as certain members get greedy and think they should get a bigger cut. So off goes two of the members leaving Corey Haim and his dad's character on their own and you find out quickly that the female and other guy in the gang are not nearly as effective without the other two. The brains of the outfit is the Corey Haim character and without him the other two are lost, so near the end of the film they kidnap him and force him to plan heists for them. The film is rather good, the cast is rather funny. Corey is good as the brains and I thought the guy playing his dad was rather good too as I loved the scene where they were falling off the bridge. Cynthia Rothrock plays the female of the gang and as I usually do not care for her in other movies she is okay here. She usually takes on this super guys in movies and once I saw a movie where she gets hit by this humongous guy dead on and she barely flinched, sorry not going to happen. She may be good at karate, but if she were to be hit as hard as it was depicted in that movie she would be unconscious on the ground. Here though she only takes on normal dudes and I figure she could handle them. There would later be a sequel to this film, but I did not enjoy that one at all.

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