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Finders Keepers (2014)

A divorced mother of one is thrown into turmoil when her young daughter becomes obsessed with an evil doll left behind by the previous occupants of their new home.

IMDB: 4.47 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Mystery
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 85
  • IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 
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The Synopsis for Finders Keepers (2014) 720p

A divorced mother of one is thrown into turmoil when her young daughter becomes obsessed with an evil doll left behind by the previous occupants of their new home.

The Director and Players for Finders Keepers (2014) 720p

[Director]Alexander Yellen
[Role:]Patrick Muldoon
[Role:]Jaime Pressly
[Role:]Tobin Bell

The Reviews for Finders Keepers (2014) 720p

Reviewed byAaron ConroyVote: 1/10/10

This film is so painfully awful. Basically, a family is murdered bytheir son who is possessed by a doll. 5 years later a divorced motherand her 9 yr old daughter move in. The kid finds the doll and then thisabsolute lazy joke of a film starts.

In short, both parents are going through a tough time with the divorceand now their 9 year old is throwing tantrums and being the mostirritating rude child you could imagine. The daughter in this movie isjust a brat, plain and simple. The director wants you to feel sorry forher but she screeches her way through an hour and half that I'll neverget back.

There is a rinse and repeat in the film about 10 times. In short,everyone the little brat comes into contact with whether directly orindirectly, verbally or visually, she kills them. Well the doll killsthem. So anytime someone appears on screen that's not her mother,father or Tobin Bell who is wasted in this movie by having 2 scenes asa child psychiatrist, they are gonna die. Some of them, under the samecircumstances as people earlier in the film. Honestly it is laughablehow both parents after finding out about at least a dozen murders don'tdecide to something other than stare in disbelief at their annoyinglittle psycho daughter.

Save yourself the time and watch any other horror you come across

Reviewed byyeltzmanmattVote: 7/10/10

My hopes were not too high before watching this but I was surprisedthat it is actually pretty good.

It's a familiar tale, family move into a house with a horrible historyand bad things happen. We have seen it all a hundred times but thanksto a good cast and some nice directing this still manages to satisfy.

There were a number of well handled tension filled scenes that provethat horror isn't and shouldn't be all about the gore. Although it'sfairly predictable I still felt pretty tense at times watching it. Thecast all did a good job but a special mention must go to the littlegirl who plays the young daughter Claire ( Kylie Rogers) who isgenuinely chilling as the possessed girl.

For a small budget horror film this is a good film and is certainly ona par with many of it's higher budgeted rivals.

Just so dull...Reviewed byrebeccalucyVote: 2/10

Could have been a good idea if it was executed better. The doll looks creepy but leaves the question of why any child would go near it? It's kind of a plot hole that the Mother even let her have in it in the first place.

Furthermore, the child actor is really unlikable and bratty. The mother allows her to get away with awful behaviour, it makes it so hard to identify with her or have any sympathy. Most of the acting is either okay or horrible. There aren't many good uses of cinematography or lighting either. Settings that are used are also dull, just another spooky house.

A good point is the idea of the doll controlling the girl, they get kinda creative with how it effects her. But I would say skip this boring horror!

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