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First Position (2011)

A documentary that follows six young dancers from around the world as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world.

IMDB: 7.61 Likes

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The Synopsis for First Position (2011) 720p

First Position follows six talented young dancers (ages 9-19) from five continents as they prepare for a worldwide ballet competition that could transform their lives overnight.

The Director and Players for First Position (2011) 720p

[Director]Bess Kargman
[Role:]Joan Sebastian Zamora
[Role:]Rebecca Houseknecht
[Role:]Aran Bell

The Reviews for First Position (2011) 720p

Reviewed byfoleymichael60Vote: 8/10/10

This documentary takes a little time to pull you in but it succeedsnicely. A little patience is required but it is worth it !

I like most people expected to be bored senseless with this but insteadI now appreciate classical dance much more.

This is because director Bess Kargman pays attention to the sufferingshard work and devotion and lets not forget beauty of what these youngpeople go through and what they do.

She lets us see the toll ballet takes on these kids emotions and feet.Yes I said feet. Bruised bloody feet. And all the emotional strain aswell.

Watch for the African girl who dances with a bad ankle and it is justnormal for every one around her and nobody tries to dissuade her!

I could empathize and feel the dramatic as the competition nears andjudgement is made in the various categories.

I gave this documentary 8 stars. But it might as well be 10 because itdid hold my attention about a subject I had no interest in whatsoever.I didn't want to see it. For shame. I am glad I spent the money on thisfilm.

I was going to see an other film for the second time because theEmbassy in Waltham has $6.00 Tuesdays.

When there's a new film showing? What a waste!

Reviewed byRed-125Vote: 10/10/10

First Position (2011), directed by Bess Kargman, is an excellent filmabout young ballet dancers. For reasons I can't understand, as I writethis review, the movie carries an IMDb rating of a dismal 6.2. How canthat be? Did the viewers who rated it "1" see the same film I saw?

The movie follows seven young ballet dancers as they prepare for, andthen compete in, the prestigious Grand Prix competition. As pointed outin the movie, many physical activities in which people participateinvolve natural movements for which the human body is well suited.

Catching a baseball, swimming, or climbing a rope are not easy, but ourspecies has the natural physical capabilities to do these things.Ballet dancing, especially en pointe ballet dancing, is not a naturalactivity for us. We simply are not constructed to (literally) walk onthe tips of our toes. The feet have to be trained and remodeled toallow this activity to take place. And, of course, not only do balletdancers dance on their toes, but when they are doing this they aresupposed to make their movements elegant, graceful, and apparentlyeffortless.

Although male ballet dancers don't dance en pointe, their movements arealso extraordinarily difficult. One young male dancer shows us his"foot stretcher," and tells us, "It hurts a lot."

So, serious ballet dancing requires physical traits that areextraordinary, dedication so that ballet becomes central to your life,and the capability to absorb physical pain that would be "cruel andunusual punishment" if it weren't voluntary.

Director Kargman has put together a documentary that takes us insidethe lives of these young dancers. We meet their coaches, theirfamilies, and their judges. Also, of course, we go to the Grand Prixwith the dancers, and we learn whether they succeed or fail.

I thought the movie was honest, creative, and balanced. These youngpeople are not "regular kids who happen to take ballet." They arededicated, passionate, and fanatically determined to succeed. FirstPosition brings us into the world of ballet training, and allows us tomake our own decisions about the wisdom of encouraging your child todance and compete at this level. It's a great film. Why does it havesuch a low rating?

Reviewed byjdesandoVote: /10

First Position takes a front row in my line up of competitiondocumentaries. It's exceptional because it doesn't overdo its reverencefor ballet, nor does it play on a natural sympathy for youngcompetitors from 9 through 19 years old. It would be easy to fawn overyoungsters who have only two and a half minutes to persuade judges thatthey are the best among hundreds of ambitious artists.

It keeps the tension of the race to the finals of the Youth AmericaGrand Prix while it invests just the right amount of time with sixselected dancers, some of whom fortuitously go to the finals and win,if not the gold , then full scholarships to dance academies, not a badsubstitute at all.

The camera follows, as is tradition, the endless practices with thedemanding coaches, but this time both principals and teachers seem toenjoy the process as much as the awards. There's respectful, low keycamaraderie among all the competitors, coaches, and parents that isunusual for these contests and documentaries about them.

The range of contestants is the believable, not hyped part I liked somuch. While cheerful ten year old Jules Fogarty clearly isn't intodance or the competition, sixteen-year old Joan Sebastian Zamora willearn a top spot at the Grand Prix finals in New York because he caresjust enough. Such is the way ambition should work out in the best ofall possible worlds.

Best of all the dancers, for me, is 11 year old Aran Bell, whoseambition is matched by his awesome talent with a litheness only adancer years older could have. Michaela, originally from Sierra Leone,is the most surprising talent, given the horrors she has seen and thephysical challenges she must overcome.

Director Bess Kargman, following six contestants for over a year, doessimple magic with director of photography Nick Higgins, sometimesforsaking the competition footage for the more intimately personal,with arguably limited results when the winners are announced as we wantto agree with the decisions. More time on stage might have enlisted ourcooperation.

A case could be made for the superiority of the ballroom dance Mad HotBallroom, poetry team Louder Than a Bomb, horse racing's First Saturdayin May, or spelling bee Spellbound because they concentrate on theintensity of the actual competition and open up criticism of thecontest itself. No such negativity appears here, a weakness for thosewho would like the reality of disappointment and hurt to extend beyondMichaela's sore foot.

But for me, it's nice to be relaxed as we hope these young competitorsstill are.

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