Five Easy Pieces (1970) 1080p YIFY Movie

Five Easy Pieces (1970) 1080p

A dropout from upper-class America picks up work along the way on oil rigs when his life isn't spent in a squalid succession of bars, motels, and other points of interest.

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The Synopsis for Five Easy Pieces (1970) 1080p

Robert Dupea has given up his promising career as a concert pianist and is now working in oil fields. He lives together with Rayette, who's a waitress in a diner. When Robert hears from his sister that his father isn't well, he drives up to Washington to see him, taking Rayette with him. There he gets confronted with his rich, cultured family that he had left behind.

The Director and Players for Five Easy Pieces (1970) 1080p

[Director]Bob Rafelson
[Role:]Karen Black
[Role:]Jack Nicholson
[Role:]Billy Green Bush

The Reviews for Five Easy Pieces (1970) 1080p

OverratedReviewed bycminj2001Vote: 4/10

I don't know why everybody speaks so reverently about this supposedly hidden gem. I recall that this was something of a hit. It played for about six weeks at the famous Hellman Theatre. Jack Nicholson and Karen Black were big 70s breakout stars and they both sold tickets. That being said its a bad movie. Just being realistic is not enough to overcome a lack of storyline. Oh it's so realistic that it is just about miserable people acted boorish in a cold damp miserable locale. Its OK as a curiosity piece but don't expect to get hooked by the story. Just when you are wondering if the story is ever going to start the picture ends and you feel ripped off for the time you put into the movie. When we blocked out all the wretched style excesses from the 70s we should have burned these celluloid documents as well.

Excellent Period PieceReviewed byBenjaminBufordBlueVote: 7/10

Five Easy Pieces stands out thanks to a great performance from Jack Nicholson and Karen Black, as well as a great screenplay that refines the rebellious ideas of the times that were prevalent in movies such as Easy Rider. It takes those themes and makes them relatable to a broader audience, and avoids diving into to weird of places like the commune in Easy Rider. The insecurity and uneasyness of Nicholson's character adds more depth and another connection between the audience and the film.

The film has some truly great scenes like the diner scene, and the piano on the highway scene. The camera work is also great and underrated. Some great camera work is most noticeable in the instances of the the hitchhikers, and also the sunset scene.

Underrated film, one of Nicholson's best.

No Change 35 Years LaterReviewed byJCBarVote: 5/10

I saw this film when it first came out, and at the time didn't understand the critics' raves and whatnot. Thirty-five years later I decided to see what a callow youth missed (as he viewed it in a drive-in with his own Lucky Lager between his knees). I'm sorry to say that I have not learned much ? the movie still seems one of the most overrated 'classics' designated as such.

The scenes do not move smoothly; the locations are what, where? Texas? California? How does he get between the two locations so fast in one of the early scenes? How is the meeting with the two tarts arranged? Other scenes' inclusions are hard to understand - why the one scene with his friend's arrest, and the later one with the intellectuals in his family's home? Just so he can defend his girlfriend and shout at a particularly pompous one, and then go chasing after his brother's girlfriend? Which brings me to - why is this guy seen as charming? He is basically a condescending (to both 'classes' he associates with) hedonist, bored with whatever he chases after. By the end of the film he has learned nothing; except to find another way to humiliate a person who is absolutely dedicated to him. Which can be all right ? after all the film doesn't have to be about a wonderful person ? but the film could be accepted more easily if it showed these actions in a more coherent, logical manner. And I know the arguments about 'life not always being coherent or logical', but I think films can be.

I also remember rave reviews 30+ years ago concerning the performance of Helen Kallianiotes, playing a hitchhiker. The second time around the performance just comes off as mannered, obnoxious, and unnecessary. Her appearance simply acts as a vignette used as a setup for the famous restaurant scene, which itself appears just to be a setup so Nicholson's character can humiliate yet another 'blue collar' type on his way to 'finding himself'.

I found most of the scenes somewhat boring ? and most of the angst portrayed as affected and unconvincing. I'm somewhat uplifted to find that possibly I wasn't as callow a youth as I thought; worse yet however, maybe I'm just as callow as an old man

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