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Flashback (1990)

In 1989, clean-cut FBI man John Buckner is detailed to escort heavily-bearded Huey Walker back to jail for offenses dating back to his days as a celebrated hippie radical. After Walker ...

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The Synopsis for Flashback (1990) 720p

In 1989, clean-cut FBI man John Buckner is detailed to escort heavily-bearded Huey Walker back to jail for offenses dating back to his days as a celebrated hippie radical. After Walker dupes Buckner on the train he falls into the hands of a couple of well-meaning refugees from the 60's, the two men with apparently nothing in common find themselves on the run together. But appearances can be deceptive.

The Director and Players for Flashback (1990) 720p

[Director]Franco Amurri
[Role:]Dennis Hopper
[Role:]Carol Kane
[Role:]Kiefer Sutherland

The Reviews for Flashback (1990) 720p

Reviewed by ([email protected])Vote: /10

Huey Walker(Hopper) is an hysterical character to watch in this film as ahippie who is very Abby Hoffman like. He is arrested by John Buckner(Sutherland), a tight-assed, republican, FBI agent. What is supposed to beasimple task of transporting a prisoner turns out a harder job thanexpectedfor Buckner. As they make their way from San Francisco to Spokane, theyencounter many obstacles. From a kind hearted prostitute to a crookedsheriff to a Haight Ashbury leftover played brilliantly by the everwonderful Carol Kane (Scrooged, Taxi). Watching Walker and Buckner try toout smart each other is fuuny as hell, and chemistry between SutherlandandHopper is great. You see the geninue friendship between them. The funniestscene, of which there are many, is when Walker is down on his knees,covering his face in mud. Buckner instucts him to then put one hand in theair and one on his heart and sing "Mammy". The humor however is nothingmorethan a vehicle for the true meaning of this film : You Can't Change WhoYouAre or Where You Come From. That message is perhaps best expressed in thelines:

Buckner:So you're a phony?Walker:Yeah so?Buckner:Just like me.

I give this movie my highest rating: 10 stars!

* * * * * * * * * *

better than i expectedReviewed bymaverick-69Vote: 6/10

this film had all the makings of a pretty boring film. it turned out to be much better than i thought. keifer sutherland plays a straight man, with an intresting past which when revealed. turns the story around. dennis hopper plays his well as usual. and keifer continues to amaze me for playing the "nice" guy. diffrent than his usual killer role he usually plays. overall a good film. worth catching on cable. hopper plays a hippie on the run that's caught and sutherland is the FBI agent in charge to bring him to spokane to serve his jail time. they get as far as oregon, and that's where sutherland's escort goes bad. hopper escapes and sutherland is confused for hopper by a cop wannabe senator. after clearing that up , then comes the chase , capture and....well you should see the rest on your own. it has some great twists. enjoy

Brilliant!!!!Reviewed bykcelectronicsVote: 10/10

Cold Hard Reality and a Gentle Freer Time, clash in this Gem and I wondered what happened to all the Hippies, did we really "Change the World"? Just sit back and watch, the end is well worth the wait! I did have a tear in my eye, about midway through when they are watching the "Home Movie" were we ever that young and "Free" no pun intended.

Moves along quite well even though it does seem a little silly in places, but when the credits roll this film will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

The sound track is well chosen with a mix of old and new (for the 1990's) Even if we don't get to hear Dennis sing "MAMMY" LOL

Well acted and the casting was spot on.

And the "bus speech" is thought provoking! listen!

Watch it, Go on you know you want to? Colin

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