For the Love of a Child (2006) 1080p YIFY Movie

For the Love of a Child (2006) 1080p

For the Love of a Child is a TV movie starring Peri Gilpin, Teri Polo, and Maria del Mar. In the 1950s, two actresses set up a charity home for "orphans" (children who were purposely abandoned and shunned because of their mixed...

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The Synopsis for For the Love of a Child (2006) 1080p

In 1959, support from US troops based in Asia and later from the States enables two actresses to start a charity for mixed-race 'orphans' who are locally neglected as outcasts. Thus originates Childhelp, which later runs multi-disciplinary centers for abused or neglected children in the States. Among them is bright Jacob Fletcher, whose stepfather, a lawyer, terrorized him into utter trauma and reclaims him shortly after 10 months in jail. Jacob's peers have distressing stories of their own, but competent, devoted staff helps most of them decisively on the former farm, using animal therapy.

The Director and Players for For the Love of a Child (2006) 1080p

[Role:]Maria del Mar
[Role:]Peri Gilpin
[Role:Director]Douglas Barr
[Role:]John Pyper-Ferguson
[Role:]Teri Polo

The Reviews for For the Love of a Child (2006) 1080p

Moving, yet blandReviewed byp-stepienVote: 5/10

Nothing really to get excited about in this movie. The movie retells the true story of Childhelp International and the two women who founded it. Jumping from the past to the present we are shown how the foundation came to be and how it flourished since then.

The origins aren't really too heartwarming and you can't help to think that it lacked real heart to it. Maybe a different form of presenting the motivations of the women who created Chlidhelp International would be in order.

The main segment of the film however can at times pack a wallop. It shows abused children, that are taken in by Childhelp, with various horror stories behind all of them. The organisation gives them a chance to find peace and in the future maybe hope for a better living. It's shocking in as much as all of it seems to be based on real life stories. The storytelling however is lacking and weak with the acting below par.

Nothing really to get excited about, but it is a decent watch and definitely not a waste of time.

Loved it - a "MUST WATCH"Reviewed bysbarayVote: 10/10

It touches you... Shows you the real world... Shows you that there is a lot of crap going on around the globe, where poor, helpless, innocent, orphans and children are being tortured, molested and abused. And then it shows that there are those amongst us who would spend their entire life fixing this! This movie has surely stirred me... and I will definitely watch it again. The acting is great, I would want to know what became of the lady in Japan though. The scene that brought a tear in my eye was when Michael's back was shown, and it read "Bad Boy" (which was made out of scars). And then again, when Jacob's shirt was removed, and we could see the Iron marks...

The love of children.Reviewed bydy158Vote: 8/10

Based on the book written by Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson ('Silence Broken'), this TV movie chronicles how both Sara and Yvonne went all the way to help kids who had been neglected.

The TV movie began with a young boy Jacob who tried to hide away from his abusive father as he tried to call the help centre. Though Jacob's father eventually found out where his son was, the help centre eventually managed to trace where the call was from. It was later known that the centre was managed by both Sara and Yvonne.

After Jacob was being brought to the centre, Sara and Yvonne reminisced about the time when they performed back in Tokyo and the event which changed their life. The two ladies knew after their encounter with the homeless kids on the streets of Tokyo that helping neglected kids was something they can do.

The movie changes between the current times and the time when Sara and Yvonne trying very hard to push their cause across to the relevant authorities in the country to some of the cases in the movie like especially two children by the name of Laura and Michael other than Jacob.

Sometimes it's just scary to hear and watch of cases of child abuse. But then it's just true that there are always such cases out there. The TV movie can really pull the heartstrings.

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