Freedom or Death! (2015) 1080p YIFY Movie

Freedom or Death! (2015) 1080p

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The Synopsis for Freedom or Death! (2015) 1080p

"This is what freedom looks like", exclaims a protester, gesturing at rubble and burnt out cars surrounding her. She stands in Maidan Square, the main square in Kiev and the epicenter of the violent Ukrainian Revolution. Beginning in 2013 as a peaceful protest against the corrupt and Russian-backed President Yanukovych, the Kiev demonstrations erupted into a violent revolution after a brutal police crackdown. Damien Kolody ventures to the front line of the uprising to explore its origins and its potential consequences for the people of Ukraine. With meticulous journalistic rigor; never before seen archive footage and candid interviews with those driving the revolution, his remarkable film exposes the shocking truths behind this definitive moment in European history. As the people of Ukraine go to war to define their future, Kolody witnesses first hand the shocking brutality of both sides, and the increasingly violent involvement of Putin's Russia in dictating the course of the ...

The Director and Players for Freedom or Death! (2015) 1080p

[Director]Damian Kolodiy

The Reviews for Freedom or Death! (2015) 1080p

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE HEADLINESReviewed bybdshandorVote: 10/10

Young film Producer Damian Kolodiy has managed to capture the feeling of despair and helplessness of the protesters on Kyiv's Maidan, while at the same time conveying a sense of the hope and dreams for freedom they were seeking. The horror of professional SWAT teams firing into crowds of innocent protesters becomes seared tin the viewer's mind forever. Mr. Kolodiy deserves great credit for personally visiting the Maidan and risking his life to record the truth of what he saw and experienced. It is a lasting tribute to the 100 or more persons who died for the Freedom of their young Nation.

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