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Frisco Jenny (1932) 1080p

The San Francisco earthquake shakes up the life of Jenny, a madam who gives birth to an illegitimate son and gives him up to protect him.

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The Synopsis for Frisco Jenny (1932) 1080p

The Director and Players for Frisco Jenny (1932) 1080p

[Director]William A. Wellman
[Role:]Louis Calhern
[Role:]Helen Jerome Eddy
[Role:]Ruth Chatterton

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Greek tragedyReviewed bySnoopyStyleVote: 7/10

It's 1906 San Francisco. Jenny Sandoval (Ruth Chatterton) wants to marry piano player Dan McAllister but her father, the saloon keeper, refuses to allow it. An earthquake kills both men leaving Jenny with her unborn son. After a deadly incident, she is forced to give up her son Dan for adoption who would grow up to become the district attorney. On the other hand, she becomes a successful madam of crimes and supporting Dan all his life. An ironic twist of fate leads to a tragic reunion of mother and son.

This pre-Code drama is a real Greek tragedy. It's a compelling story if somewhat classical. The earthquake has some fun action but it could use some bigger stunts. I would like for something more intimate in the story. It's a bit melodramatic. It's a soap opera in its way. I'm still a sucker for a poetic tragedy.

A very dramatic look at life.Reviewed bycaptainron49Vote: 10/10

This is a tale of poverty born of disaster and the will to overcome that poverty by very questionable means resulting in extremely dire consequences, protecting the innocent, then facing the justice system for misguided and illicit criminal actions all in the name of "trying to do the right thing." Because of her will to survive to feed her baby, Jenny's life takes an ill fated turn that results in society becoming her judge, jury and executioner for her seemingly heroic actions. In the end, she takes her secret to the gallows, but only for the love for her beloved son. All traces of that love and devotion are lost forever, yet her undying love still remains a shining tribute to her extreme devotion to motherhood.

The Madam version of Madam XReviewed byblanche-2Vote: 7/10

Give the great Ruth Chatterton credit for continuing to play leading roles in films into her forties. It's easier to do that today but back then, with Joan Crawford not even being walked to her car when she left MGM at 40, it wasn't so easy. People always say, well, that's not true, those actresses worked. Really? Did they work like Harrison Ford works today? Clint Eastwood? Or were they playing character parts that weren't leads and starring in B, black and white movies?

Chatterton here stars in "Frisco Jenny" from 1932. After the San Francisco earthquake, she and her baby are left destitute. She becomes the boss of a thinly-disguised bordello and rakes it in. During a soirée one night, her friend and partner Steve (Louis Calhern) catches someone cheating him at craps and kills him. Jenny helps him cover it up and winds up in prison. He bails her out.

Hearing social services is going to take the baby, Jenny's housekeeper takes her to her family in Chinatown. Steve advises her to let the child live with friends of his who have money and will be good parents. She relents.

When the heat cools off, a few years later, she decides to take her son and move to Europe. But when she meets him again, he doesn't know her and wants to stay with his parents. She can't bear to take him and make him miserable, so she gives him up.

She carefully monitors his growing up, and even is an unseen hand in helping him. Years later, their paths cross again.

Ruth Chatterton is excellent as Jenny, a strong, loyal woman who is unapologetic about what she has to do to survive. Former matinée idol Louis Calhern gives a polished performance as Steve. Donald Cook plays her grown-up son.

Similar in many respects to Madame X. Directed by William Wellman, who gives the film extra flair.

A great film in which to see Ruth Chatterton.

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