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Full Contact (1992)

In an effort to get his buddy out of a gambling debt, Jeff agrees to join forces with Judge in a weapons heist. The job goes bad and Judge betrays Jeff. Jeff plots the ultimate revenge on Judge and his followers and it is a question of whether he can follow through with his plan.

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The Synopsis for Full Contact (1992) 720p

In an effort to get his buddy out of a gambling debt, Jeff agrees to join forces with Judge in a weapons heist. The job goes bad and Judge betrays Jeff. Jeff plots the ultimate revenge on Judge and his followers and it is a question of whether he can follow through with his plan.

The Director and Players for Full Contact (1992) 720p

[Director]Ringo Lam
[Role:]Yun-Fat Chow
[Role:]Simon Yam
[Role:]Ann Bridgewater

The Reviews for Full Contact (1992) 720p

Typical story, great actionReviewed bymovieman_kevVote: 8/10

To help a friend who's heavily in debt to a loan shark, Jeff (Chow Yun Fat) joins up with the gay villain, Judge (Simon Yam), for a weapons heist where he'll be double-crossed by who he thought was a friend who joined the gang with him. This wouldn't be an action film if he were to simply let bygones be bygones of course, so he plans a mighty vengeance against all who betrayed him. This is pretty standard revenge movie stuff, it's saved, however, by the great action scenes as well as well as Yun Fat's performance (excellent as always, well at least before he made the jump to Hollywood who always seem to make amazingly great foreign movie star into lesser than what the can be)

My Grade: B Mei Ah

DVD Extras: Theatrical Trailer; and Trailers for "Swordsman 2" & "Treasure Hunt"

WOW!Reviewed byShotokan_TigerVote: 9/10

A truly incredible film. Chow Yun-Fat has to be one of the greatest action stars ever. And Ringo Lam's camera work was top notch. The action sequences were second to none. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of action.

Bad-ass Hong Kong best action crime 90's movies from Chow Yun-Fat my second favoriteReviewed byNightmareOnElmStreetFanVote: 9/10

One of Chinese Hong Kong best action crime movies from the 90's. With Hard Boiled (1992) it is equal. Xia dao Gao Fei aka Full Contact (1992) is an action crime thriller from Ringo Lam who directed three movies with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Full Contact is the ultimate Chow-Yun Fat / Anthony Wong second collaboration. They worked together on Hard Boiled, I love both of the movies, I have no problems watching it. It is bloody, it is revenge film and HK finest action pure bad-ass flick from the 90's. The movie is only for action junkies, if your one of them I recommend to see this movie.

Chow-Yun Fat plays a criminal name Gou Fei who rescues his best friend Sam Sei (Anthony Wong) from Loan Shark in Thailand. Gou Fei is a bad-ass with gun, knife and his bare hands. He saves his best friend and they flee the city. To earn some money they team up with Sam's cousin Judge (Simon Yam) and his gang for a heist. The heist goes awery wrong because Judge betrays Gou Fei and kills his best friend Chung (Kin Sang Lee). In a gun fight with fully explosion, Gou Fei survives but he is shot by his best friend Sam Sei and left for dead in a burning house. Gou Fei escapes from the dead, nurses him self and wows revenge against Judge and Sam Sei. Mona (Ann Bridgewater) Gou Fe's girlfriend/fiance believed that Gou Fei was killed. When she learns the truth that he is still alive they don't get back together and she leaves him and Sam too.

To me one of the most bad-ass best action movies Chow-Yun Fat did. It is my second favorite action movie from Chow-Yun Fat. Full Contact is better to me than Bullet in the Head (1990) and Face/Off , both John Woo movies. In Bullet in the Head, 3 best friends run away one of them because gready and betrays them and left them for dead. The survivor goes on a revenge spree and after his ex best friend and kills him. In this movie Gou Fei forgives Sam Sei and he does not kill him, he lets him live. Gou Fei is a decent character Chow-Yun Fat playec. Simon Yam plays maniacal Judge. I think Judge was gay I don't think he liked girls. He become sworn enemy of Gou Fei. Judge's gang members are: Deano (Frankie Chan) and Lau Ngang (Bonnie Fu). In the heist Judge and his gang stole weapons. Gou Fei and Sam Sei stole weapons back and Gou Fei suggest a trade weapons for $10.000 to Judge. Of course the trade goes in an explosion and bloody pistol duel.

In the club you have an excellent fantastic gun battle between Gou Fei and Judge. Gou Fei fires at Judge with his Taurus PT92 pistol and you see bullets flying, hiting the mirrors. Judge fires with his FN Model 1910 pistol back at Gou Fei. Just like Hard Boiled it has insane action stunts, practical effects a lot of gun fire and duels no CGI or anything. Honestly I would put this film over A Better Tomorrow trilogy, Face/Off, and Bullet in the Head. Face/Off borrows heavily the scene in the night club with bullets flying at eachother and the duels John Woo heavily copy scene from this movie in which Travolta / Cage fiers in the mirror and you see slow motion bullets exchange that is in this movie. You see a lot of automatic weapons and they ere used well. (In one point on motorcycle you see Chow-Yun Fat firing with his pistol on Judge's thugs hiting many of them.)

The finale showdown between Judge and Gou Fei is bad-ass at least it was more entertaining than Bullet in the Head. It was well executed and delivered. It at least wasn't 2 hrs long movie like Bullet in the Head. Would love to get this movie on DVD someday. I forgot to meantion Bonnie Fu was gorgeous and sexy hot beautiful babe. She was gorgeous hot babe as Lau Ngang. The movie has good soundtracks, it is fast paced and it is not overdramatic like was Bullet in the Head.

Full Contact aka Xia dao Gao Fei (1992) is a insane bad-ass action crime movie from Hong Kong. It is Rated -R bloody and violent from the 90's love action movies like that.

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