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Gas Pump Girls (1979)

Gas Pump Girls is a movie starring Kirsten Baker, Linda Lawrence, and Sandy Johnson. June and her friends take over a service station formerly run by her uncle. They perform every trick in the book to attract the customers.

IMDB: 4.64 Likes

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  • Run Time: 86
  • IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Gas Pump Girls (1979) 720p

June and her friends take over a service station formerly run by her uncle. They perform every trick in the book to attract the customers.

The Director and Players for Gas Pump Girls (1979) 720p

[Director]Joel Bender
[Role:]Rikki Marin
[Role:]Sandy Johnson
[Role:]Linda Lawrence
[Role:]Kirsten Baker

The Reviews for Gas Pump Girls (1979) 720p

GAS Pump GirlsReviewed byfloydster3Vote: 4/10

I was 14 and lived down the street from where this was filmed. I used to walk by the filming everyday on my way home from school. The actors (yes ,Kirsten) were very cool and took the time to talk to the local kids. In fact, Kirsten told me that the name under consideration was Super Duper Garage at the time. The Pyramid station across the street was actually built just for the film. They built it and tore it down right after the filming. The city is actually not Sacramento as is thanked in the credits, but Del Paso Heights. The station is located on the corner of Arcade Blvd and Marysville Blvd. The scene where they ride the motorcycles down the street was filmed farther down the same street the station is on near where it crosses El Camino Blvd. Overall it is a pretty crappy film (4), but for those that live by the shooting location it is now the only and probably will always be the only movie ever shot in the city. Nostalgic to say the least (9). Good times.

A Corny, Low-Budget Film with a Couple of Redeeming FeaturesReviewed byUriah43Vote: 4/10

This movie begins with 3 members of a local motorcycle gang known as "the Vultures" playing a trick on some high school students during their graduation. Later that night a man named "Uncle Joe" (Huntz Hall) has a mild heart attack and as a result cannot operate his local gas station because of it. Fortunately, his niece, "June" (Kirsten Baker) comes up with a plan to invite her high school friends to help run it while Uncle Joe is recovering. What none of them realize however is the extent at which a new service station across the street has ruined Uncle Joe's business. And the owner of the new gas station, "Mr. Friendly" (Dave Shelley) has no intention of allowing anybody to interfere with his profits. What Mr. Friendly doesn't count on is the ingenuity of June furthered by the Vultures when they decide to join her team. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this is the kind of grade-B film which could have only been produced in the 70's with the music, hair styles and everything else clearly standing out. Yet in spite of the obvious low-budget, extremely simple plot and poor acting, the movie itself wasn't too bad all things considered. What I found most enjoyable was that the humor was so basic and corny that it was actually funny--in a weird sort of way. Likewise, having a couple of cute young actresses like Linda Lawrence (as "Betty") along with the aforementioned Kirsten Baker certainly didn't hurt either. That said, while this film clearly isn't a good picture by any means, it wasn't that bad either and because of that I have rated it as just slightly below average.

Extremely lame titillation comedy...Reviewed bydwpollarVote: 7/10

1st watched 12/13/2009 – 1 out of 10 (Dir-Joel Bender): Extremely lame titillation comedy with hardly anything redeemable that I can think of. A lame idea, with a lame cast, lame songs, and even lame in the sex appeal department. The basic storyline is about two rival gas stations – one falling apart and owned by the uncle of a recent high-school grad(played by Huntz Hall of the bowery boys fame). The other newer station – is making the bucks and the young girl feels sorry for the uncle after he encounters some health problems and gets her tight-clothed girlfriends and their bozo boyfriends along with the local thugs to bring it back to life. Of course, there are a few bare breasts and the typical teenage pranks you'd expect in this kind of a movie but there's also a song and a dance number!!(oh, boy?) Of course, the tight-clothed girls save the day--- kind of, before it's all over. Why MGM studios financed this piece of trash is beyond me, but I guess they were trying to cash in on the teenage sex comedy craze of the 80's. This has to be one of the worst even of that group – believe it or not. I just hope those involved with this have better things to remember themselves for besides this. Well, I guess Huntz does as one of the bowery boys.

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